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Posted on 17 Nov 2016 @ 5:01am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Elizabeth Marion & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Razmena
Timeline: MD 10 || 2000 hours

Two hours after they boarded the station, it was time to meet up at the Ennis Restaurant Captain Geisler had indicated on a map. With the information he'd learned in the last couple of hours, Harvey had decided a different venue was in order, the Karemma establishment they'd learned about just after coming aboard.

After all, what better place would there be to gather intel than an establishment operated by a member of the very species they'd been greeted by when they arrived in this universe.

Harvey was certain Joey and the rest of security would condemn this action as idiotic and asinine. He, however, had already sworn to get his crew home no matter the cost. It didn't matter to him if he died here or faced a court martial upon return. At least his crew would die in a place where it mattered.

For now, he and his team stood just inside the restaurant waiting for the other team to arrive. A table for eight had already been requested.

Joey didn't think the idea was idiotic or asinine at all. In fact, to her, it was a pretty good idea. She didn't know what kind of information the second team had gotten, but she knew what their team did. Maybe that combined with anything they'd learn here would be enough to get all of their people back in one piece. Swallowing a lump in her throat, she glanced over to Harvey, then turned toward Ricardo and Allen. Her voice was low, but left no room for argument. "If things go south while we're here, you two get Harvey and the others out of here safely."

Ricardo entered behind Joey and Harvey and kept his mind open and his mouth shut. So far, the away team had been lucky for the most part with the exception of the Founder, but he was more than content that no one was out to actually kill them or sell them into slavery. He stood near the doorway to keep an eye out for the other team and wished for the millionth time that he wasn't just an empath, but he made do with what he did have. "You got it," he gave a nod to Joey and looked to Miller.

Miller grinned and tossed his head back. "No problem," he said. Allen continued grinning and looking around the room, waiting. Getting out of there might not be too bad. Getting off the station, that was another story.

Jayla made her way to the place in question with the rest of her group. They hadn't learned much. She felt like they could have learned more if only she'd known the right questions to ask. So far, all they'd really learned of importance was that one shouldn't cross the Confederation and she supposed they could have guessed that without being told.

As they approached the restaurant, she spotted Ricardo first. "Ricardo," she called, voice only ever so slightly raised to get his attention as they reached the door.

Ricardo gave a nod to the Doctor as she and the other came in, then waited for the requested table to open.

"Jayla. Elizabeth," Harvey greeted the two senior officers on the team as they arrived. "How'd you do?"

Thatcher came up from behind, pleased to the rest of the other team intact. She nodded to Lt. Corwin but didn't interrupt the Captain as she continued to keep her eyes on their surroundings.

Lieutenant Marion shrugged slightly at the question from the Captain, "We only got a small amount of information, I'm afraid. I did manage to get us some supplies that will get our replicator stock back up, but beyond that, I didn't manage to get too much from my endeavor. Jayla had a bit more luck, but I'll let her explain what she found out."

Before Jayla had the chance to make her report, an attendant appeared beside Harvey. "Your table awaits," he informed them. The Captain nodded to his team, an indication he wanted them to follow. As they all stepped inside, it was easy to see that the place was occupied. Boisterous laughing and the sounds of gambling and fellowship could be heard from every direction of the three-leveled establishment.

The attendant lead the group to two empty round tables. "Unfortunately, our tables don't seat more than four," he informed them.

"It'll do," Harvey replied before anyone could make a protest. His eyes continued to wander the establishment in order to fully assess his surroundings. Finally, he turned his attention back to the team. "Have a seat guys. I'll go order the first round of drinks." He then nodded to Joey, whom he hoped would understand it as a signal to follow him.

Instead of settling down at one of the tables, Joey nodded her head and joined Harvey. She quickly surveyed their surroundings, taking note of who was where and what they were doing. Being here had her on edge, but she hid it well. Her priority was to put all of that behind her and keep the man next to her safe. She wasn't worried about the others, and that was simply because she had faith in the abilities of those in her department. They didn't train for nothing.

Ricardo gave a nod to Miller and Thatcher before he headed over to one of the tables and took a seat that faced the doorway and settled down to keep an empathic eye on the crowd around them. So far, the aliens were merely curious about them, but he knew that could change in an instant.

Allen nodded back at Ricardo and took a seat at the other table. He didn't see any need to have all the Security personnel at one table. They would be better spread out. He pulled out a chair that had it's back to the wall and took a seat, scanning the room.

Jayla glanced between Ricardo and Allen and gave them a grin as she slid into the seat next to Allen. "You two look like a security detail," she said. "Relax and look like you're having fun."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Jayla," Allen replied, a smirk on his face. "Besides, I am having fun. For example, I'm having fun wondering what it would have been like if there had been a place like this at my last duty station. Now that would have been fun." He and K'Lara would have had a blast at a place like this.

"That's better!" declared Jayla, grin widening. Although, to be honest, combined with her current mental state and the persona she had developed for herself, it was a slightly unsettling grin.

Thatcher could see the other security in the room but in some cases because she knew what to look for. She paused for a moment considering her options then she bent to Jayla, "Quietly can you hand me some money, I'm going to see if I can learn anything at the gambling tables but you can't be seen handing it to me. It makes us both a target..." She spoke conversationally, she didn't like how tense the doctor was but trusted Allen to keep an eye on her.

Jayla turned a saucy grin to Thatcher. "Sure," she said. In order to distract onlookers, she reached behind Thatcher's neck with one hand and drew her down into a kiss while she fluidly reached into her bag with the other hand and withdrew a handfull of credits, then, under the guise of just putting her hands on the other woman, she carefully slipped them into her pocket, then pulled away. "Hurry back," she added, giving her a wink.

Thatcher had been expecting her to hand them to her under the table or something else not obvious. What wasn't even in the realm of possibility in her mind was that the trill would grab her by the back of the neck and plant one on. She was so stunned that it was all she could do to blink at Jayla when the doctor winked at her. She muttered something unintelligible as she forced her mind back into operation, she straightened and walked away on a kind of autopilot.

Ricardo shot Allen a look as Jayla kissed their fellow Security officer and grinned, then sat back. "Looks like the evening just got a lot more exciting, huh Miller Time?"

Allen had watched as Thatcher approached and leaned down to Jayla. Then...a look of surprised emblazoned itself across his face, followed by a slight smirk. It was right there, at his table, right in front of him. There was no way he could have missed it if he tried. He looked over to the other table at Ricardo and nodded. "No doubt about it, Baby Face, no doubt about it."

"I've never understood what men find so attractive about two women kissing," Jayla countered, her grin turning back to one closer to her usual one. "And I've been a man several times."

Janell raised an eyebrow at the doctor. The Betazoid's eyes and mind were equally unprepared for Jayla's action. In Janell's case, her surprise was not tainted for displeasure or disappointment. Given the rumors on the ship that she used to be involved with the captain, perhaps that action explained it. A gentle probe with her mind cancelled that theory as she didn't detect any love or passion from the action, though something was certainly hidden from the surface.

What the Betazoid did detect was pleasure from the nearby security guards, as well as some of the aliens around them. "She's all yours, boys," she told Allen and Ricardo before she rose from the table. Janell had spotted a tabe run by Wadi on their way in, so she'd thought she'd check it out. After all, who best would have information besides those around a gamble?

* * *

Thatcher stood against the wall for a few minutes trying to get back into the head space she needed, making a mental note to inform the doctor just how one could quietly hand off a hidden material without...that. She caught her reflection in a mirror and pleased she didn't seem to be reflecting the sun headed for a table of players. They looked to about as reputable as this station had, "Got room for one more?" She asked.

A Wadi, the dealer, looked up at the pink-skinned newcomer. "Ten credits minimum to buy in," he told her. "The more you wager, the more you earn."

Thatcher took a seat and put down the ten, she needed to get a handle on this game first. She was fairly good at many games but as with all gambling there were up and down days. Currently, though she wanted to win, she was more interested in the other players and the dealer but it was too soon to ask even 'table safe' questions. She happened to catch sight of their Warrant Officer at another table and wished she had the ability to read minds. She'd just have to settle for tone and body language, she mentally sighed as she focused on her area.

* * *

Janell approached the Wadi gaming table, amazed at the tall maze-type structure. Around it were a dozen representatives of different species, each cheering and betting on the four pieces on the board. Her mind sensed nothing but excitement, but something was certainly strange. Were emotions coming from the board itself? Janell squinted, her mind honing in on the board.

"The third shap is cleared!" declared the Wadi gamekeeper. "All move along home!"

Instantly, Janell sensed relief from the board as the pieces were moved to what was declared to be the next chap. As the gamekeeper asked for new wagers, she sensed a new flood of emotions from the board. No... she thought as she put all of the threads together. Those were people inside the board! What kind of barbaric game was this?

But, there was something else. A sensation that surrounded her, almost overwhelmed her mind. She sensed determination, greed, opportunity. A knot twisted in Janell's stomach, knowing that she was just one of eight targets of those emotions.

* * *

Harvey led Joey to the bar and stood against it. He had no desire to sit as sitting meant staying. "Eight glasses of your local ale."

The Ennis behind the bar only chuckled. "Usually, you drink one and then I refill. No one goes for eight at a time!"

"They're for my friends back over there," Harvey nodded with a slight turn on his head to indicate where they sat. "They have a tendency to pay for things themselves, but this way, I can get the first round without argument. You know how that goes."

The barkeep scoffed before replying with a nod and going to work on the ales.

To Joey, Harvey turned towards her and said, "Interesting place."

"Indeed," she said, still looking around while they waited for their drinks. Joey turned her attention back to Harvey as she leaned against the bar behind her. "So, what's the plan? Do you want me to see if I can find anything else out?" The Lieutenant spoke with a low tone that only the man next to her could hear unless someone was right on top of them.

"For now?" Harvey asked, knowing his question was absolutely rheotorical. "We wait for the ale. We drink, and we observe. This place is Karemma owned. Just by observing we should get some clues."

Joey spotted some of their people gambling. While this entire ordeal had her on edge, she was glad to see some of their people were able to make use of the entertainment... if she could call it that. "We wait?" Waiting in a place like this wasn't going to be easy, but she'd do the best she could. As far as drinking went, though, she planned to skip that part. She needed to keep her wits about her, and she'd already taken one for the team. Not only that, but they were outsiders here... who was to say their drinks wouldn't end up spiked so they could be captured as well?

"Why wait?" asked the barkeep as four tall Hunters appeared around Joey and Harvey. He'd drawn his sidearm as well. The barkeep hated fights in the establishment, especially since damages always came out of his wages. But, being armed in the midst of an armed crowd only guaranteed his safety. "The boss would like to meet you."

Harvey glanced behind him to see that other Hunters and armed guards had assembled around the rest of the Away Team. They were outnumbered at least two-to-one, and if anyone were to try anything, Harvey had a sinking feeling someone would be shot.

"Very well," Harvey replied, looking at the Hunters who surrounded them. "Someone will have to lead the way." In the meantime, he shot Joey another glance to not do anything. This could go south very easily, but if they had attracted someone's attention, then it was very possible that individual would have the best information of the night.

Yep... this couldn't have been easy. Joey didn't need to be told not to try anything... by the time she'd be able to reach for her weapons, one of the Hunters could easily take her head off. She knew when she was outnumbered, and this was a clear case of that. "I don't suppose your boss would buy us dinner before we're screwed, huh?" And it most definitely was not meant the way it sounded.

Though Harvey saw it coming, he couldn't react fast enough to stop one of the Hunters from punching her. He tried to rush to her aid, but one of the Hunters held him back.

What he did not expect was another Hunter to chastise the one who punched the female. "He wants them unharmed!" the Hunter reminded the others. "Remember your place!"

Harvey felt the nudge towards the backroom and surrendered to its direction. He didn't have much to go off of for the moment, but he at least knew a man was waiting for them.

Once she'd turned her head back to face the Hunter that just punched her, Joey brought a hand to the very sore spot and grinned, revealing her bloody teeth. It took everything she had not to spit the blood in her mouth on him, but instead, she turned to follow behind Harvey to the backroom.

Ricardo groaned as the Hunters approached and surrounded the table. "Look, if this is about the cloth shop, I didn't do anything. In fact, I should be the one pressing charges," he said as if they were there about that, even though he doubted that was the case. "In fact, I'll let it go if you leave us in peace to finish our drinks and go."

"I think they just want us to come with them," Jayla said, eyeing the Hunters, expression carefully neutral as she slowly stood from her seat. "Although, they could have asked nicely."

"Sit down," one of the Hunters remarked, brandishing his weapon as he pointed it at the spotted woman. "We are only interested in your captain. You are insurance."

"Captain?" replied Jayla, pretending to be confused to great effect. "What does he mean, 'Captain'?" she asked the two men.

Allen shrugged, "No idea, Jayla, no idea."

Thatcher had see the Hunters move in and abandoned the gaming table, her intention to be to slip around quietly and try to help. She'd just managed to get part way through the room when a heavy hand thudded on her shoulder. She looked up into a scowling face as she jerked her along to near where the others stood. Even now she had options but the sheer number of Hunters verses the members of away team already in custody meant such actions would be unwise. She glanced at Lt. Corwin and the Captain, her guides for any action to better follow their lead. She did a mental count to make sure everyone was currently unharmed and accounted for. They were, well except for Lt. Corwin who was bleeding a bit and giving a smile that was just a little creepy with the blood. Since there was not much she could do at the moment she did what her mother often said to others, "You've two ears and one mouth, I wonder what you're to use more often." So she kept quiet but focused on her surroundings completely, keeping one eye on Corwin looking for a signal to act.

* * *

It wasn't long before Harvey and Joey were secure in the backroom, a rather large and empty office with a single table against the far side of the room. Behind it sat a Karemma, the one Harvey assumed owned the establishment. There was something... familiar about the Karemma though. Harvey just couldn't place it as of yet. Behind the Karemma was a viewscreen, though it displayed statistics about the bar and its patrons. One could easily assume different colors meant different levels of profitability or loss. Harvey was sure that any Ferengi would drool at the sight of it.

One of the Hunters began to frisk Harvey, searching for weapons, and quickly pulled Bertha out of its holster.

All she could do was watch helplessly as Harvey was frisked and Bertha was removed from her holster. She made a mental note to retrieve the weapon by any means before they left. "Don't you dare hurt him!" she snapped, fighting the urge to lunge at the one doing the frisking.

"Hurt him?" voiced the Karemma on the other side of the desk. He remained sitting, though his gaze was fixed upon the two pink skins before him. "I have no intention of hurting him. After all, he's perhaps the most valuable commodity on the station right now."

"Valuable...?" Harvey asked, his face suddenly switching to an inquisitive nature.

"Indeed," said the Karemma. He pressed a button on the terminal and the viewscreen behind him instantly changed to a picture of Harvey.

But it wasn't just any picture. It was moving. Harvey immediately noted his uniformed self, the four pips on the collar and that his surroundings were the temporary bridge. The Karemma writing around the image only confirmed that it was from the Confederation fleet that intercepted the Black Hawk and the Cochrane. Harvey could only assume that the writing on top of the image was "WANTED."

Joey blinked. She knew nothing good was going to come of this. "Wanted? On what grounds?" she demanded, fully prepared to retrieve her weapons and open fire to give Harvey and the others the chance to escape. This didn't make any sense to her.

"It doesn't matter what he did," said the Karemma as he stood and came around the desk. "What matters is that not only is there a sizable bounty on your head, but now I have a chance to get back in the Confederation's good graces and escape the wretches of this space."

It wouldn't take a Betazoid to detect a wave of recognition as it rippled over Harvey's face. He'd seen the Karemma's face only twice before, but it was a rather important one. "Don't you mean your father's?" he asked, keeping his stance still.

Kr'ozzu frowned. Obviously this alien knew far more than he ever should. "Where is your ship, Captain? You might be valuable, but it is worth far more than your own life. Is it worth hers?"

Instantly, a hunter pressed a pistol to Joey's back. Another Hunter stood by, ready to fire if she tried anything.

Joey felt the pistol pressed against her back and saw the second one aimed her way. Her options were currently limited. While she was still armed, it'd be impossible to draw even one of her own weapons before she was killed on the spot, and while she was prepared to die, doing so meant they'd capture Harvey and the ship. Neither could happen. She looked to the Karemma and narrowed her eyes on him. "You're not getting him... or the ship. As a matter of fact... you're going to let him walk out of here. Now. Or your day is about to get much worse."

The Karemma chuckled. "You don't have a chance." Looking back to Harvey, he told the human, "Sixty seconds, Captain. You don't give me what I want, she dies. And then we'll bring in another member of your crew and we start this again."

Harvey looked over to Joey. In his mind, there was no option. He couldn't let her die. "If... If I tell you where my ship is, what happens to me?"

"I take you to it," said the Karemma. "With you at my side, your crew will do my bidding. Otherwise, many more will have to die."

Joey looked to Harvey and shook her head. "Don't tell him anything, Harvey. He's former Confederation trying to get back into their good graces. He's going to kill everyone anyway," she said, turning her attention back to the Karemma. With a still bloody teeth, she smiled. "What did you do to piss them off? It's my understanding they'll let just about anyone in that has half a brain cell." She was trying to buy some time... trying to formulate a way out of this.

* * *

Outside, Janell and Thatcher were pushed into seats next to their crewmates. The group was still surrounded by armed hunters. For all of their desire to not attract anyone's gaze, they certainly were the center of attention now.

But, there was something Janell just couldn't shake. He could still sense the Captain and Lieutenant Corwin. From what she could ascertain from their emotions, they were alive, but in danger. There was something else, however. More thoughts of greed and desire, coming from others than the Hunters. She looked over to Ricardo. "Do you sense it?" she whispered.

"Yeah," Ricardo muttered as he picked up the emotions coming from the others. "Nothing is going to come from it, either." He eyed the Hunters around them and the other two Security people, wishing he were a telepath again before he got an idea. Casually, he raised his hand to scratch his chin to activate the subdermal communicator and left it open.

* * *

"My actions are of no consequence here, woman," said Kr'ozzu. "Neither are yours. Only the Captain's matter."

Harvey arched an eyebrow. For a kid who liked asserting power, the one thing he didn't have was a name. Maybe there was a way out of here after all. "Sure it does," Harvey countered. "There's no guarantee turning over me and my ship will fix the relationship you have with your father. How did you betray him anyway?"

The Karemma snarled and punched Harvey in the stomach. "I do not know how you know that!" declared the angry Kr'ozzu. "For someone this quadrant has never seen, you know more than anyone should."

The second Joey saw the Karemma punch Harvey in the stomach, her vision began to bleed red. His actions were not okay by any means, and she was about to prove it regardless of the two pistols pointing at her. She was about to jump into action when more visitors arrived.

* * *

Janell's mind twinged again, sensing those minds were near. Glancing to her left, she saw an army of Dosi enter the bar, escorting a... was that a Tosk? Immediately, she sensed the Hunters around them tense up. In her universe, she knew the Hunters made a sport out of hunting the Tosk. She didn't sense bloodthirst, but she did sense... intimidation.

One of the Hunters stepped in front of the Dosi team. "You are not welcome here."

Instantly, the Dosi all withdrew their weapons as the Tosk quickly disabled the Hunter. "Stand aside," one of the Dosi, the same who was in the bar earlier with Ricardo and Allen, said, stepping forward. "The bounty is ours."

The moment the alien dropped the Hunter who stepped in front of the Dosi, Ricardo knew it was time. He drew his .45 automatic and fired it point blank into the chest of the Hunter nearest him. "Now!" He screamed as he turned and fired at another Hunter.

Thatcher who had been biding her time and watching, saw her fellow security rise up and fire with a mental, "Guess we're doing this..." that was oddly calm, she stood, smoothly drawing her own weapon. Who doesn't search their prisoners? Well she wasn't going to look at gift horse in the mouth as she shifted to catch an area Ricardo wasn't and watch his back as well as try to cover others as best she could. She leveled the weapon and fired. A hunter went down, she'd never actually killed anyone this way before and her mind stuttered a bit but training kicked in and she sought another target, firing again.

Instinctively, Jayla fell to the ground, which was probably a really stupid idea, but there was weapons fire and fighting, both of which she was terrible at. But, something she was particularly good at was pulling people's feet out from under them while she was on the floor. So, glancing up to be sure it was a Hunter's feet right in front of her, she reached forward, grabbed his ankles and pulled with all her might.

Allen drew his weapon and began firing at Hunters. One took a shot to the chest and a couple more in the gut. "Take that! And here's some more!" He took aim and fired two more shots. One landed and the other grazed. That particular individual began running toward him. Allen aimed and fired. Head shot. "Hot damn!"

Once the closest Hunters had been taken out, Ricardo slapped a fresh clip in and turned on the Dosi. "No one is collecting anything!" he yelled as he opened fire on the one he had seen in the bar earlier. "Least of all you, hijo de puta!"

The Hunter hit the ground with a whump! and Jayla saw his boot heading towards her face with just enough time to duck her head. Instead of connecting with her nose, he hit the top of her head. Now dazed and very angry, Jayla rolled onto her back and pulled out two of her knives. And just in time- the Hunter was on her. She had no idea what had happened to his weapon, but assumed it had gone flying when she'd tripped him. She slashed out with her left hand and connected with something solid. She had no idea if she'd wounded him or killed him, but the momentary surprise gave her enough time to wiggle out from under him- she had no idea how.

And somehow, she was on her feet again, but ducked when she heard more weapons fire.

Thatcher grabbed a table that had fallen over, a pretty solid one and rolled it. Giving judicious covering fire, she didn't want to hit an 'innocent' bystander. She angled the table in front of Jayla and other others but kept up fire, dropping a few more but they were over their surprise now and the team was having to deal with return fire from the handful that remained. She heard gun fire but couldn't be sure where it was coming from, her ears were ringing as one shot ran into another. She could only hope the Captain and Lt. were safe as a shot took a fried a chunk of table about 2 inches from the fingers of her right hand as they hung over the lip of the round table. It occurred just she glanced back at the rear doors they had gone through. She dove behind the table to reload and popped up again, aiming carefully.

* * *

In the back room, two Dosi and the Tosk entered. The Tosk immediately took inventory of the situation, seeing the unarmed human doubled over in the middle of the room, and his female companion held at gunpoint. "Surrender the bounty, Kr'ozzu," the Tosk declared. "They're coming with me."

Kr'ozzu quickly flipped Harvey around and put a gun to his throat. "He's mine, Terak. Now leave before I throw you out."

This situation had gone from bad to worse, and there was no way in hell she could stand by idly and let this go any further. People were going to die. With a cry of pure rage, she kicked at the wrist holding the gun to Harvey's throat knowing it was a weak point on the body as well as send the weapon flying. The entire time she reached for the two Desert Eagles holstered at the small of her back and drew them forward, firing as she did.

With Harvey still doubled over, and her arms raised well above him, she wasn't worried about hitting him. The others, though... the shots fired were indeed kill shots. She didn't want it to have to come to this, but they'd left no choice. It was no kill or be killed. "Harvey! Run!" she ordered, grateful for her two semi-automatic weapons. The damage would be extensive to the receivers, but she didn't care, and the commotion from the back room would be enough to draw attention in the front and give the rest of their people the chance to get out.

Harvey didn't listen, not because the sound of weapons fire was a bit more deafening than he thought it would be, but because he was now focused on a new objective. They'd come to Razmena for information, and this Karemma would provide more than he could ever hope for. Knowing that he was valuable, Harvey elbowed Kr'ozzu in the gut to buy him a few precious seconds before diving to pick up the dropped energy weapon.

The Captain raised it and fired off a couple quick shots at the Dosi and the Hunters, landing every shot in a critical area to drop the targets. Leaving the last of the Dosi to suffer their fate at Joey's hands, Harvey picked up Bertha off of a dead hunter and holstered it, keeping the Karemma weapon at the ready. "Time to go," he told Joey, intending to walk right out of the bar and back to the runabout.

Joey quickly picked off the last of the Dosi, landing the critical shots required to do the job. It was then she realized how much her face and mouth hurt from the punch she'd taken moments ago. Out of pure anger and spite, she made her way over to the fallen Hunter that was responsible for her discomfort and spit in his face. "Your shot was good, but mine was better." she said, turning toward Harvey and the Karemma. She wanted to do more than gut punch him, but he was going to be useful.

"Today's your lucky day. You're coming with us, and before you start objecting take a look at what's around you," she said to Kr'ozzu, nodding to the death around them. While the shots stopped in the backroom where they were, more were being fired from the front. "It's not safe for you out there yet. I need to help clear a path before their Security gets here," she said, glancing to the door. "If he moves... hit him again." She didn't want to leave him, but had to help.

"Not safe for me?" Harvey repeated. "I'm the one they want. You could almost use me as a shield. This one on the other hand," Harvey grabbed the Karemma by the collar and dragged him back to his feet, "they'd probably kill him in an instant."


* * *

Out in the bar, Ricardo dove behind the bar as a barrage of shots came his way and took an assessment of his remaining ammo and saw he had three clips left and six rounds in the chamber. Satisfied, he raised up over the bar and shot another Dosi that was aiming for Miller and was rewarded with seeing the alien fall to the floor.

Joey stepped just out of the backroom as she holstered one of her weapons, then began to open fire on their remaining enemies. "Move out!" she ordered as loud as she could. There would be more people coming and soon. Now was the only chance they'd have to get out.

Allen turned and fired at two more who had just entered the room and blocked their exits. He smiled when they dropped and then looked around to make sure the others were on their way out before he left. He didn't want to leave anyone behind.

Ricardo looked at the other members of the away team. "Let's go! Vamanos!"

Thatcher dropped another enemy who was trying to sidle on their right when she heard the order, "Oh thank every god..." Thatcher thought, she gestured to Jayla to get behind her and fired a few more times to cover their movement with the others.

Harvey stood just out of sight behind the open door, holding Kr'ozzu by the collar still, and the muzzle of the Karemma's weapon buried into his back. "Let's get moving," he urged Joey. "Razmena security will be here soon."

"I'll be right behind you," she said, nodding for him to go ahead of her. There were two reasons for her wanting to do it that way. The first... she'd be able to watch Harvey's back better. If the individuals lying around them knew about the bounty, then chances were others did, too. Joey wasn't taking any chances. The second... if the Karemma made one false move, she'd see it and would be able to do something about it.

Harvey nodded to Joey before shoving Kr'ozzu out the door. "Let's go!" he called out to the rest of the team as he fired his acquired energy weapon. He didn't aim at anyone in particular, but was just interested in providing his own cover fire. Regardless of what was happening, he began to push towards the exit. Hopefully, it would be a quick path to the runabout and then off the station.

Ricardo covered a few of the others as they moved out before he took off for the exit himself. He knew that Allen would likely cover the rest, but he was looking for station security and hoped they got out before that happened.

Once everyone else cleared the establishment, Joey followed, keeping her eyes and ears open for anyone that might want to cause them anymore grief. She'd had enough of it lately to last her a lifetime, but that was the kind of thing that came with the career she... and the others... had chosen. It came with the territory, and while most had grown accustomed to such things, it never got any easier. Now... it was all just a matter of how people coped with it.


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