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Quarter Assignment

Posted on 18 Oct 2016 @ 9:56pm by Lieutenant Elizabeth Marion & Ensign Kelly Khan

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Operations
Timeline: MD 9 || 1300 Hours

After her shift, Ensign Kelly Khan headed down to Operations with a goal in mind and hoped she wouldn't have a problem with it. She had returned the holo emitters and imagers that she had checked out for her 'assignment' after making sure that they had been cleaned of the recording and images that she had done with them. Now she gave a smile at the thought that went through her mind at what she could have done with them, but shrugged. Real life was far better.

With that thought in mind, she entered Operations and headed to find someone who could help her with her request.

Lieutenant Elizabeth Marion was standing at the Main Operations console in the office, finishing up some last minute items that had crossed her mind following her meeting on the bridge. The compartment was mostly vacant as much of the Operations department had been tasked out and were busy doing what they could to put the ship back to right. Had she not heard the door swoosh open behind her, Liz was about to walk out as well.

"Hello, Ensign," Liz said as she turned to face the person who had just walked in, "What can I do for you?"

"Hi, Lieutenant," Kelly said with a bright smile. "I was wondering who I'd talk to about a quarter reassignment."

Lt. Marion paused for a moment and gave the matter some thought. She hadn't actually gotten around to reviewing the living arrangement requests since she got aboard so she wasn't entirely sure if the woman had made one that had just gotten overlooked.

"Did you already have a request in?" Liz asked, turning back toward her work console.

"No, Lieutenant," Kelly said. "However, I've recently been promoted and I'm still bunking with Cadet Cherno in room zero five dash zero nine five. I had hoped to be moved to a junior officer quarters."

"Oh!" Lt. Marion said, "Well congratulations then. Let me see what we have available for you."

Liz pulled up the Junior Officer quarters listing and noticed that there were several on Deck Four that were free, "How about 0419, there isn't anyone there at the moment."

"Thank you," Kelly said, then thought for a moment. "That's an odd number. Is zero four zero six open? I like to keep things even if I can."

"Let me check," Marion muttered more to herself than the Ensign before replying, "I believe so, yes. Either one would work."

"I would really appreciate it zero four zero six, Lieutenant," Kelly said with another bright smile. "I have a boyfriend and sharing a quarters with someone really puts a kibosh on plans, you know?"

The computer began squealing at her as Lt. Marion tired to make the changes to the room assignments. Liz swore under her breath as she brought up the actual details of the compartment in question. Her face tightened up into a frown when she noticed someone hadn't properly updated the system.

"It looks like someone forgot to properly label it as being closed for repair work. If you want an even room number..." Liz again tapped a few keys before turning back, "Room 0410, that one doesn't look to have any problems."

"Odd number," Kelly pointed out. "Bad luck. Sorry, Lieutenant...I can take it if an even isn't available."

"0410 is the closest thing to even I can offer you," Marion remarked, "And it's not really odd when you think about it. Ten is still evenly divisible."

"Four plus one is five, though," Kelly said. "Besides, and it's nothing personal, but I've heard that Ensign Dzhossen is a bit..eccentric and might beat on the walls or start howling in the middle of the night."

"Um..." Liz said with a sigh, "Will 0415 work?"

Kelly thought for a moment. It was ten doors down from Rocco and the numbers evened out. She smiled and nodded. "That would be perfect, Lieutenant. Do I need to sign off on anything?"

"No," Lt. Marion said as she returned to the panel and made the changes, "I just need to make the approval from here. And... there, you are now assigned to Room 0415. Was that it?"

"That's it," Kelly said. "Thank you again!"


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