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Operational Statistics

Posted on 30 Sep 2016 @ 5:20am by Lieutenant Elizabeth Marion & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale

Mission: Click Three Times
Location: Operations
Timeline: MD 8 || 0830 Hours

Camila checked the PADD in her hand as she left Security and saw she was due to meet with one Lieutenant Marion, a human female who started out as Enlisted before she tested out to be an Ensign. The former Chief of Security was impressed and looked forward to meeting the woman as she headed to deck seven where the Operations department was located.

When she arrived, the acting Executive Officer straightened her uniform and entered before she looked around for a moment. "I'm looking for Lieutenant Marion," she said. "Is she available?"


Lieutenant Elizabeth Marion stepped off the turbolift that she had taken from the Captain’s Quarters down to Deck Seven. Her path was intermittently blocked by repair crews hurriedly rushing out of various storage rooms and compartments with whatever tools and supplied they were bound to need for their particular duty assignment that shift. Most of the people she passed in the corridor either nodded to her wordlessly or didn’t seem to notice her existence. Liz was happy enough when people did notice her, but had no real issue with the ones that put their mission first.

Rounding a bend in the corridor, Lt. Marion entered the Operations Center of the Black Hawk to find it no less a den of activity than the corridors outside. As Liz began to approach the Master Systems Display to check repair progress, one of the other Lieutenants in the department approached her from the side.

“There’s someone here looking for you,” Lt. Harris muttered in a low tone.

Liz looked around the Operations Center to find the one person wearing a mustard tunic that didn’t belong, “Let me guess, her.”

“Yeah,” Harris nodded.

“Thanks,” Marion said in a dismissive manner before approaching the woman who had come to pay their department a visit, “Did you need something, Lieutenant?”

Camila turned and smiled at the shorter woman. "Yes," she said. "I'm Lieutenant Di Pasquale, the new Acting Executive Officer until we can rescue Commander Teixeira and the Cochrane. I wanted to come down and introduce myself as well as see how things are proceeding."

Liz glanced around the room for a moment before returning her attention to Di Pasquale, "Unfortunately, I haven't been in charge of the department long enough to be able to give you a proper report. The Captain only just told me to keep the place running smoothly while we wait for the Cochrane crew's return. I can tell you how much work we still have left to do before I'd call us sea worthy again, but beyond that..."

"Beyond that, we still need reports to flow in order to get operational statistics so we know exactly where we stand, Lieutenant," Camila said. "While you may not have been in charge of the department long enough, surely you've had time to become aware of the most critical areas. Resource allocation has become a priority at the moment. Where do we stand on that?"

Liz allowed her eyebrow to rise up just slightly in annoyance before she turned and headed for one of several PaDDs on a nearby console. Plucking it from its resting place, Lt. Marion called up the running allocation matrix she had set up.

"Our reserve equipment stores are at about half, give or take ten percent either direction. Replicator matter is approaching levels that I would recommend the implementation of restrictions on their usage for anything beyond mission critical items, and until I can get our duty roster fixed... again..." Lt. Marion threw a disapproving glare toward Lt. Harris before returning her attention to the PaDD, "Our power distribution efficiency is well below what I consider acceptable levels for a ship this size. If this were the Arizona, I wouldn't be worried about the numbers, but a Sovereign-class vessel this is not."

Camila nodded. "Have you taken the material that we salvaged from the Chimera before we scuttled her?" she asked as she made notes on the PaDD she carried. "We brought everything that wasn't bolted down and then we took the bolts. Surely that must compensate on available materials."

"We've managed to burn through most of that to do the critical repairs we've had to make so far. Hull plating doesn't take up nearly as much replicator matter as ODN relays do, and we haven't even really started work on the hull. If we hadn't scrapped the Chimera, we'd already be in the red for both equipment and replicator matter. And I've even cut several corners I wouldn't have otherwise just to conserve where it's possible," Liz pointed out.

Lt. Harris walked up to Lt. Marion and handed her another PaDD, the information it displayed making her face contort in displeasure, "Who's bright idea was this?"

"Mine..." Harris admitted in a low voice.

Lt. Marion rubbed her eyes with her free hand and took a long breath, "How many relays and console exploded because you thought this was going to work?"

"Nine... not counting the one used to make the changes," the male Lieutenant reported.

"For the love of..." Liz stopped herself just short of a rant befitting her father and just waved the man away, "Go find me a repair team and just... disappear."

"On it..." Harris nodded and hurried out of the Operations Center.

Camila listened to the exchange and sighed inwardly. "It looks as though things are keeping you busy, Lieutenant and I won't take up much of your time. When can we reasonably expect to be operating at a minimum of eighty percent efficiency in all areas?"

"If I had all the parts on hand and enough bodies to spare, a day. Sadly, I don't have either so my best guess would be two... maybe two and a half depending on how many more bright ideas are attempted under my nose. But I'll do my best to keep it as short as possible, Lieutenant," Liz remarked.

"That should give us the time before we reach Razmena," the honey blonde acting XO said, "However, don't use all the resources that we have because we're going to need barter and trade items according to what the Captain said in the briefing. Can you think of anything that Operations can contribute for that in the way of resources that may be wanted by others?"

"Most of the things people will likely want from my department would be tools and actual fabricated parts. Biomass and the like is what we'll be looking to get out of them since it's far more valuable in the long run. I can't promise you I won't bring us dangerously close to critical to make sure the ship is in top shape, but I'll try to cut the right corners," Lt. Marion said in response.

"That's all I can ask for," Camila said. "You seem to have your hands full in the meantime. Is there anything that I can to help with from my current position?"

"Nothing comes to mind right now, but if I think of anything, I'll be sure to call," Liz nodded in farewell before tossing the PaDD in her hand back on a console and departing to meet with the maintenance team that Lt. Harris had gathered for her.

"If you need anything, I'm only a combadge away," Camila said and then headed out.


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