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When The Holodeck Fails

Posted on 25 Jun 2020 @ 6:26pm by Lieutenant Dijaat Parker
Edited on on 27 Jun 2020 @ 1:15pm

Mission: Ghosts
Location: Holodeck 1
Timeline: MD3 || 1055

As Dijaat left engineering on the latest call because most of his engineering staff were out trying to fix other issues he wondered what was going on that required his attention. As soon as Dijaat entered the holodeck he immediately got his answer. The program that was running at the moment was this large grassy meadow and there were two junior officers there.

"What seems to be the problem?" He asked them and looked around. In various places he could see part of the hologrid showing through their program. His question was practically useless anyway because at the very least he could see that much of it.

Ensign Jaxca, a Bolian woman, looked at her female friend who was human. "Well you see sir," She said. "This isn't supposed to be a meadow. The program we were trying to run is supposed to be a beach, but something appears to be wrong with the imaging. We were lucky to get the arch to show up, but then so did HASA who assured us this was the beach program."

Dijaat nodded and looked at each of them for a moment, "Okay," He said and immediately called for a new arch to appear so that he could see what was happening. It seemed like several minutes had passed, "This program is supposed to be a beach, but I cannot determine what's causing the malfunction."

At least this was tame so far compared to the tapioca pudding incident that seemed to be plaguing several replicators throughout the ship. "Okay Ensign Jaxca if you'll give me a moment I'll try and clean this up in a jiffy," The half-Romulan stated and set to work.

Jaxca smiled, "Okay," She said and the returned to the towel that her friend was sitting on. "So much for that beach side picnic we had planned."

Matori, a Japanese descended woman, nodded her head slowly. "You're telling me," She whispered back and returned her gaze back to the Romulan. "You have a Scottish accent?" She asked and tilted her head, "Strange for a Romulan to have something like that."

Dijaat was still working when he heard the Ensign speak, "I am half Romulan," He said without looking away from what he was doing. "Something seems to be..." He was biting his top lip as he worked and even stuck his tongue out a few dozen times. The matrix faded away and was replaced with grid.

"Okay..." He muttered as he continued to work and then he heard the screams and looked over to see the two girls bobbing in water. Dijaat was standing on some sort of platform as a huge wave started to slap down on them and he was immediately sprayed with sea water.

Matori managed to swim to the platform and pull herself up before offering her hand down to Jaxca and pulled her up onto the platform next. Both of them were completely soaked, "When I said beach this wasn't exactly what I had in mind," She sputtered while wiping her long black hair from her face.

Dijaat nodded, "I know... I know." He said, however, the situation seemed to go from bad to worse as this large sea monster came out of the water and wrapped the two officers up in these large scaly looking fins. He could hear them screaming, but before he could issue commands he was struck by another huge wave.

Matori was screaming her head off as she was being lifted and thrown around, "Oh my God!" She shouted, "It's... It's Godzilla!" She screamed at the top of her lungs before she was slapped into the water by it. When Matori resurfaced she was still in its clutches, but was sputtering and unable to speak.

Jaxca was being looked at by the monster before she was used to slap at the Romulan officer, "Get it off me..." She shouted, "Get this ugly..."


Dijaat was pulling himself back up onto the platform as Jaxca was used to slap the water creating a really big wave to slam into the platform. He was again in the water, "Computer terminate..." He couldn't finish the sentence, but the computer seemed to respond by producing the biggest wave he'd ever seen in his life.

Apparently Dijaat wasn't alone because when he finally managed to get himself onto the platform again the large eyes of the sea monster had grown even larger. The wave hit knocking Dijaat off the platform for a third time and sent the monster going away. He could hear the two officers sputtering as they came back up to the surface.

"Computer..." He said while gasping for a breath of air. "Computer end this bloody program..." He sputtered as the waves vanished again. Dijaat was soaking wet and couldn't find his tool kit.

Jaxca looked at her friend, "What was that thing?" She asked. "It was like a giant dinosaur looking thing or whatever the human expression is..." She was sputtering as she looked at her soaked clothing.

Matori didn't have an answer for her Bolian friend as she sat there, "It wasn't Godzilla." She managed to say. It wasn't long and a new scene had started to surround them, "Oh now what?" The area turned bright pink and this bizarre music began to play.

Then there were all these dancing cats, "Well at least there isn't water this time?" She asked.

Dijaat nodded, but didn't have time to respond further because the cats were now red eyed and chasing after him while hissing. One of them managed to land on his head all while the sounds of "I'm a kitty cat... meow meow meow..." played.

"Dammit to hell Computer stop this lousy..." He was swiping every which direction and ignoring the two Ensigns who were, by this point, laughing hysterically. Dijaat contended with this new strange scene for a few minutes before it finally faded away. "Computer arch!" He demanded.

The arch had appeared, "Come on let's get out of here before anything else tries to murder us," He said with such a thick Scottish accent that he had to repeat himself again. "The Cap'n' isn't going to like this..." He muttered, "Computer mark this holodeck as off limits by order of the Chief Engineer."


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