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Working late

Posted on 04 May 2020 @ 8:55pm by Lieutenant Zayna Ryler

Mission: Sentience
Location: Deck 8, Stellar Cartography
Timeline: Day after Shakedown Orders

Once again, Miriam had forgotten the time. That was not really unusual when she was so immersed in her work as she was now. She forgot the time, the place the world and poeple around her. So she was still sitting in Stellar cartography working on a project about an eclipsing binary star system. Beta shift had already ended about two hours ago, but since no one else had gotten in Stallar cartography, she was still sitting here, looking at the figures of the two stars.

The ginger-head scientist sat there cupping her chin in her hand watching the two stars as they rotated around each other.

Wandering into Stellar Cartography, cup of coffee in one hand, PADD in the other, Zayna was surprised to see some of the systems up and running. "Who left things running in here...again...overnight..." She grumbled outloud, not realizing someone was there.

Torn from her thoughts and her work by the voice she suddenly heard behind her, she looked around and almost jumped up as she saw the Assistant Chief of Science standing in stellar cartography.
"Oh, erm, Lieutenant," she straightened slightly as she greeted her superior officer. Then she realized glancing at the console what time it was already.
"I am sorry, ... Sir," she started unsure whether she should adress her superior as Ma'am or Sir. "It seems I've forgotten the time."

Putting up a hand, Zay smiled. "Its okay, really. I just didn't expect to run across anyone." She moved over and leaned against a console. "Anything interesting in your late night cartograping?"

"Well, actually... ," Miriam started pointing back to the binary star system that was shown on the screen. "... it's nothing new. I picked a binary star system not that far away that has been well researched and compare them to the data that I get from the scans." She turned back to Zayna. "I wanted to see if stellar cartography is working fine after the refit and the installation of the new systems."

"If it isn't, the people who work in here haven't been telling me things. I do my best to keep things running for the chief. We've had enough hiccups we don't need anymore." Zayna went over and looked at the readings. "I'd say it looks okay."

"Erm, yes, Lieutenant, it does" she confirmed sticking to the rank rather than to Sir or Ma'am. "I heard that other labs still have problems so I just wanted to check myself." She looked at the binary stars that were still shown on the bid screen. "Actually it is supposed to work even better than before... but erm," she paused for a second. "Of course, you know that, Lieutenant." She felt a bit like an idiot. Of course the Assistant Chief of Science would be informed about the improvements.

Zay put up a hand. "Hearing it first hand from others helps. Don't feel bad." She played with a few of the sensor configurations and ran a scan again. "Honestly, I'm glad that the issues are just in the labs. If they were with these systems? We would be in a lot more trouble I think."


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