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Never A Dull Moment

Posted on 29 Feb 2020 @ 8:07pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Commander Terry Walsh

Mission: Sentience
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: MD 2 || 1100 hours

Harvey had never seen her more excited. He'd always admired Doctor Kij--Jayla's--talents, especially her ability to practice medicine. She'd first came aboard nearly two years ago, and since then she'd proven herself to be an invaluable member of the Black Hawk's crew. She'd even saved Harvey's life on more than one occasion, and especially after he'd been shot point blank by Commander del Rossario in his own Ready Room. It was a miracle he'd survived, and that was entirely to her credit.

She'd also been one of the few to help him break out of his ten-plus-year prison that he'd locked himself inside after Alison's death. The herculean task had been a group effort, and credit for that certainly belonged to several. For those, along with other reasons, that Harvey had been given no choice but to put her desires above both his own and those of the crew. An opportunity that she could not refuse had opened up, and she'd jumped at the chance to take it. Harvey didn't want to see her go, but he would have been foolish to stand in her way. Just a few minutes ago, she, and Senior Chief Rylan, departed the Black Hawk via shuttle just as suddenly as they'd given the Captain notice of their orders.

Reality had set back in, and Harvey had realized the full gravity of the situation. They were now without a Chief Medical Officer. He'd already known from his time working with Admiral O'Connell at Gamma Command that medical staff was in short supply in the Gamma Quadrant. The Black Hawk was the only ship in the sector that had managed to launch with a full staff, and finding replacements would now be extremely difficult.

He now had to look within, to find someone to hold them over until qualified personnel could be sent through the wormhole, a process that would last at least two to three months. In order to make the best decision, he'd summoned Commander Walsh to the Ready Room. From his time in the Squadron, Commander Walsh was no stranger to personnel transfers and replacements. But he'd only had the chance to work with pilots, and this would be a good experience for his new Executive Officer.

Terry had received the summons and was on the turbolift headed for the Ready Room. Still brand new as the Executive Officer and he was already understanding what his dad had meant when he used to say 'Semper Gumby, Always Flexible.' When he stepped onto the Bridge, he quickly made his way over to the door and pushed the chime. Did he have to push the chime now? Eh, maybe it was still a good idea to do so.

"Enter," Harvey called out, sitting on the couch, with a padd in hand. Given the gravity of the situation, he needed to find a moment of comfort before diving headfirst into the murk.

Terry walked in and let the doors swish close behind him. He noticed Harvey on the couch and spun one of the chairs around to face it before sitting down. "Another busy day ahead?" he asked.

Harvey chuckled, knowing how much Terry didn't realize how loaded that statement was. Instead of providing a verbal reply, he leaned forward and handed Terry his padd.

Terry accepted the device and read through it. "Doctor Kij's transfer orders? What the...." He looked up from the padd, "I was just in Sickbay yesterday talking to her. She was going over the new scanner and my scan results. We were both pretty amazed at it all. But, so sudden. Did you have any heads up from Command?"

"Not a bit," Harvey replied, shaking his head in unison with the lack of confirmation. "The opportunity was too good to pass up, and she had to leave immediately to catch her transport. She was on a shuttle no less than five minutes after giving me the padd. I also approved a transfer for Senior Chief Rylan since the two have been very close for a while."

Terry sat back in the chair and tapped the back of the padd on his fingertips. "Huh, seems to be a lot of that happening lately...opportunities too good to pass up. I never knew about her and the Senior Chief, though. But I can see why you'd approve his transfer, them having been close." He handed the padd back to Harvey. "We're already out of dock and I suppose another shuttle could get to us. But it'd mean we'd have to slow down and delay our arrival. Well, for Command to try to find a replacement."

Harvey leaned back on the couch, sighing as he did. "And therein lies our problem. There's a shortage of qualified medical personnel in the Gamma Quadrant. Until a few minutes ago, we were the only ship with a full medical detachment. Replacement officers won't be coming for at least a couple months."

"Oh, that's not good at all," said Terry. "Let's hope we don't need anymore soon. You know, I thought transfers and such were bad in the squadron. I didn't realize there was so much of it throughout the ship." He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly. "So, if I remember right, there's an assistant?"

"Doctor Milo," Harvey confirmed. "He was my first Chief Medical Officer, actually. One of the first people I met when I took command of the Akira. He, uh... He wound up transferring off the ship to an operation on Teplan. He then moved around a bit and actually had a brief stint as a Commanding Officer. When he came back aboard... I could tell he wasn't the same person I met a couple years ago. Though his position dictates he's next in line for medical, I can't say for sure if he wants it."

"Sounds like there's a story behind his first transfer off of your Akira. At any rate, if you have reservations, those should be taken into consideration," said Terry. "And if he doesn't want it when he's offered, no harm no foul. But then, who would be next in line?"

"That's a good question." Harvey sighed as he considered what few options they did have. "One issue at a time, I suppose. Shall we call in Doctor Milo and see?"

Terry sat back in the chair. "One at a time then." They might not even have to worry about that. "Absolutely. Let's call him in."


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