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Posted on 18 Feb 2020 @ 3:03am by Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Commander Tivan & Ensign Shay Mitchell

Mission: Sentience
Location: Security
Timeline: MD 2 || 0900 Hours

Camila paced back and forth in her office before she tapped her console. "Ensign Mitchell to the Security Complex," she ordered before going to the replicator for a cup of Raktajino and a green stim tab that she had been chewing like candy for weeks on end. It gave her an added boost to the strong Klingon coffee, and helped her keep doing things non-stop in Security until the end of the shift. She peeled the tab out of the sealed tab, popped it on her mouth and began to chew before taking a drink of her coffee. "Ahhhh..there we go."

Shay, who was talking to a few other members of Security, looked up when the summons came through. "Looks like I'm being paged," she said to the others, wondering what the call was about. The young woman supposed she'd know soon enough, and with that in mind, the Security officer nodded to the others before she turned on her heel and made her way toward the Chief's office. It didn't take long before Shay was standing in front of the door, and after straightening out her uniform, she extended a hand to the panel off to the side to activate the chime on the other side.

The Chief pressed the button on her console to open the door and looked up. "Ah, Ensign Mitchell, please come in. Would you like a coffee or something?"

"No, thank you," she answered as she moved into the office. Okay, so Camila didn't look pissed... Shay thought that was a good sign. However, that didn't mean a whole lot in the grand scheme of things. "What can I do for you, Commander Di Pasquale?"

"I need you to go and arrest Lieutenant Commander Tivan and bring her in," the ombre haired woman said.

Shay's brows shot up. That was the last thing she'd expected to come out of the Chief of Security's mouth. "Arrest... what is the charge?"

"On December third, twenty three hundred and eighty-nine, Lieutenant Commander Tivan did knowingly take and then proceed to smash a bottle of Romulan Ale in my quarters," Camila stated.

"Intentional destruction of personal property?" The young woman asked. She needed to get things clear in her mind before she went off and followed Camila's orders half-cocked.

"That is correct, Ensign," the Security Chief said. "She was going to take it as a way to get me to attend counseling at first, then she threw it down and broke it."

Shay nodded her head. How messed up was it to take someone's personal property and attempt to hold it hostage in an effort to force someone to attend counseling? That was just plain stupid. And breaking it? That was just asinine. Then again, the young Security officer hadn't met Tivan yet. "Do you have a report written already, or do I need to do that?"

"As I'm the complainant, you'll have to do that," Camila told her.

"Noted," the young woman said. "I'll do that, then go see Commander Tivan and bring her in. Is there anything else, Commander Di Pasquale?"

"That'll be all," the Chief responded. "And don't respond to any questions not related to the charge," she added. "Tivan likes to probe and make assumptions."

"Very well, Commander. I'll get right on top of that," She said, making her way back out to the main area. She planted herself in front of an empty console and began to compile a report first, then followed it up with a an arrest warrant. Neither took long to do, but now she needed Camila to sign off on the report before she could make her way to counseling. With that in mind, she was back at the Chief's door with a PADD in hand and pressed the chime's sensor to wait for entry once more.

The door slid open again and Camila looked up. "Ready?" she asked.

"Yes, but I require your signature as the complainant on the report before I can move further, Commander," Shay explained, holding the PADD she carried with her out toward the Security Chief. "Once I have that, then I'll make my way up to counseling."

Camila reached out and pressed her thumb to the PADD. "There you go. All set and good luck, Ensign."

Shay nodded her head and accepted the PADD back, tucking it beneath her arm. "Thank you, Commander," she said just before she turned. Hopefully, this would go smoothly, but for some reason, the young woman didn't think that was going to be the case at all. Still, she had a job to do and planned to get it done.

Unlike the last time she'd parted way with Camila, Shay walked out of the Security Complex and to the nearest turbolift and stepped inside, immediately requesting deck three. It wasn't a long journey up the eight decks she needed to go, and once the turbolift came to a halt and the doors opened on her requested deck, the young Security officer stepped out into the corridor. She was a woman on a mission, and granted she offered a polite nod to those who said hello to her, Shay stuck to the task at hand.

Taking a deep breath, she made her way down the corridor until she came to her destination. Lieutenant Commander Tivan's door. Shay had no idea what to expect from the woman on the other side, but she'd be finding out soon as she reached up to press the sensor. This had the potential to get very interesting.

"Just a moment," Tivan called from within. After a moment, the doors to her office parted only halfway. Her body obstructed the full view of the interior. "Good morning, Ensign," Tivan said dispassionately, eyes noting Shay's collar to ascertain her rank. "I am afraid that I am occupied at the moment with a patient. You are welcome to leave a personal message with the computer and flag it for Counseling." She stepped back, gave a terse smile that was clearly dismissive, and allowed her partially open doors to close and seal.

I figured this wouldn't be easy, the young woman thought to herself as she used her security override code to open the door. This time, Shay walked inside the office and looked to Tivan's patient. "You're going to have to reschedule, I'm afraid," she said just before her eyes moved back to the counselor. "Lieutenant Commander Tivan, you're going to have to come with me. You are hereby charged with intentional destruction of personal property, and will be returning with me to Security."

The patient, a young girl with four hash marks of a senior cadet on her collar, heard what Shay said and screamed.

Tivan rose up and positioned herself directly in the cadet's face. "Listen to my voice," she said gently by firmly. "You are safe. There are no more Dolmoqour. The ensign is confused but not infected. No harm will come to you." She snapped her fingers at Shay and pointed toward the door without looking away. "You are safe," she repeated. "Now close your eyes."

"Don't go," the cadet whimpered.

"I said close your eyes," Tivan repeated more firmly, nearly a hint of brusqueness to the command. Her hands returned the cadet to a seated position.

The cadet complied. "Okay..."

"Perform the meditation exercises we discussed," Tivan said. "You are alone in a dark place. Warmth comes, stealing away your fear. Soon, a light appears in the distance, drawing you in. Focus on that light. See what it is."

"It's so dim..."

Tivan smiled. "Yes... and so it shall be until you find what it becomes."

Turning to face the door, Tivan saw Shay had not left and gave her a brazen look of disapproval. "Ensign." She then walked past her into the corridor.

Shay followed Tivan out into the corridor, producing a pair of handcuffs from the tactical belt she wore. "I'm here to arrest you, Counselor. You either come with me now, peacefully, or we'll add another charge. The choice is entirely yours."

"I wonder," Tivan said duskily, "whether or not you even feel your strings, puppet. If there is a better way to demonstrate my compliance, then I do not know it. Come. Let us bring this fracas to completion without needless spectacle." She continued toward the turbolift.

"Keep walking," the young woman ordered as she kept pace with Tivan. If the counselor was trying to bait her, it wasn't going to work. Sadly, Shay had more self control than that. In fact, she opted to keep the rest of their journey back to deck twelve as quiet as possible. However, if the Vulcan woman wished to continue speaking, the young Security officer wasn't going to stop her from doing so.

"I never stopped," Tivan pointed out. "For, you see, there are no strings on me." Any more words, and they would have a counterproductive effect. Tivan contented herself with the silence until they reached the main Security office. Everybody knew not to be distracted by the pawn.

And still, Shay didn't rise to the bait. Was the Vulcan a sick and twisted woman who got her jollies from trying to belittle and demean others? It certainly seemed like it, but it wasn't going to work. "This way," she said, moving down a hallway and escorting Tivan to the brig. It only took a moment for her to get to a cell where an arm gestured toward it. "If you'll step inside, please."

Tivan nodded and stepped inside the brig cell as directed. She would patiently bide her time time until the ringmaster of this little circus production presented herself.

Once she was inside, Shay erected the forcefield and looked to their guest. "I'll let Commander Di Pasquale know you're here. Excuse me," she said, turning and making her way out of the brig. It wasn't long before she tracked down her Chief. "Commander Tivan is in the brig, Chief."

"Excellent," Camila said. "Very good job, Ensign," she told Shay. "Would you like a cup of coffee or something?"

Shay shook her head. "No, thank you, Commander. I have to get back to my duties, but if you require me for anything further, I can push those back a bit longer."

"Then I'll let you get back to it," the Chief said as she came to her feet. "Good work, Mitchell."

"Not bad for a puppet, huh?" Shay asked with laughter in her eyes and a smile on her face. Those comments still didn't bother her. If she were to be classified as such, then the counselor was also. The Vulcan woman was only on the ship because Starfleet deemed it so. In the young woman's eyes, Tivan was a puppet on a much larger scale. Her smile grew as she turned and began to walk away to see to her duties.

With a chuckle at the Ensign, Camila secured her terminal and headed to the brig. "Ah, Commander Tivan," she said. "Are you finding everything pleasant?"

Tivan did not answer right away. Her eyes penetrated Camila's, her lips pert with a curious, partial smirk. "I am still forming my impression," she said at length. And then she resumed measuring Camila with the same quiet and casual curiosity as before.

"We can do one of two things, Commander," Camila said. "Actually, you can since your actions got you here. One, you can pay and replace the bottle that you broke, or two, you can languish here for the maximum term allowed by Starfleet."

If Tivan had heard the ultimatum, she gave no indication save for how her pert lips spread into a frozen rictus. Her gaze remained unbroken on Camila.

"Fine," The Security Chief said as she turned to walk away. "Let me know when you decide to speak."

"Forgive me, Lieutenant Commander." The words hung in the air with a pregnant pause before Tivan continued. "I was merely trying to ascertain whether you are being forgetful or if stress is taking a toll on you."

Camila looked back at her. "I didn't forget a thing about what you did, Commander." Since the Vulcan seemed intent on trying to run another psychoanalysis on her, she continued walking towards the exit.

Satisfied with the answer she had been waiting for, Tivan tapped her combadge. "Tivan to Geisler. Please come to the brig."

There was no chirp to indicate a channel had opened and the Security Chief looked over her shoulder again. "Oh, those are automatically deactivated. You can use the replicator for basic nutritional supplements, but don't expect fancy. Computer, dim lights to ten percent so our guest can sleep." The lights dimmed and she walked out.

This was about to get very interesting, indeed. So much to be uncovered here! Tivan suppressed an elated feeling of excitement. "Computer, notify Captain Geisler of a counseling emergency in the brig."

All that she was met with was silence. No activation of the computer or response other than silence.


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By Lieutenant Commander Gemma Alexander on 18 Feb 2020 @ 6:44pm

Duuuuuuude....*eats popcorn* was not expecting that. Great post!