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Security Briefing

Posted on 17 Feb 2020 @ 7:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Ensign Shay Mitchell & Ensign Sarah Proctor

Mission: Sentience
Location: Security Operations Room
Timeline: MD 1 || 1300 Hours

=^=Attention all Security personnel, report to the Security Operations Room immediately,=^= Camila ordered as she set PADDs down on the tables lining the Ops Center of Security and headed for her half drank cup of Raktajino at the podium at the head of the room. She took a big drink of it and set it down, then pulled up her notes for review until the others arrived.

Ensign Proctor had been busy trying to keep up with her duties and preparing for the field SAR training was taking up a lot of her time but she was handling it with her usual plan of one foot in front of the other until she got there. Fortunately when the Chief's message came through she was at a slow point and was able to make her way over. A few minutes after the request she entered the briefing room and paused, unsure if she should sit down or report in.

Shay secured the console she'd just been working at when word came through from the Chief that all personnel were to report. Must be a briefing, she thought as she rose to her feet and began to make her way toward the Operations Room. There were a few others ahead of her, but when the young woman walked inside, she was a bit surprised to find that the room was still limited on personnel. With a nod to Camila, the young Security officer made her way to an empty seat near Proctor and settled down to see what was going on.

Proctor had ultimately found a seat and glanced up from her PADD when Shay sat down, she nodded politely at the other Ensign.

"I know that a lot has been done in the past few months and that some of you gave your shore leave up for special training, and I appreciate that. That means when the next rotation comes around for shore leave, you'll get to go first."
Camila told her personnel.

That got some cheers of approval before the others calmed down again and waited to see what else was going to be said since the meeting got off to a good start.

"The biggest change to our department is getting twenty-five new personnel, bringing our total up to one hundred and fifty," Camila continued. "That means we can be in more places at more times without having to sacrifice one area for another. The other big change is that we now have drones that are operated from Security and are for the Jeffries Tubes, turbolift shafts, and the corridors."

"Who is going to be operating these drones, and will they be placed outside of critical areas of the ship?" Shay asked. The extra personnel wasn't much of a surprise considering there were more people present than she was used to before the Dolmoqour crisis. "The only reason I ask is because it will help when it comes to patrols by eliminating the need for personnel to be stationed there. Not only that, but if they're being manned by someone within the department, and something happens that requires a physical presence, others can be dispatched immediately."

"Drone personnel have been specifically trained to handle them from here in the Security Complex, Ensign Mitchell," Camila responded. "If any exterior force attempts to take control of the drones, they become inactive and a patrol is dispatched to that location immediately."

Shay nodded her head. "Thank you, Lieutenant," she said, using Camila's old rank. After all, no one inside the room had any idea she'd been promoted yet. "You've answered what I wished to know."

Proctor was quiet, she'd been studying the details on these drones as part of lessening the learning curve. She wasn't entirely sure how she felt about them at first, it seemed to add to the armed camp feel but she could not deny they had many practical applications. Especially in difficult terrain like the tubes. She made notes, listening carefully.

"Lieutenant Commander," Camila corrected Shay, but not in a haughty senior officer way. "They tacked a new pip to my collar at the briefing."

"Then, it seems congratulations are in order, Chief," the young woman stated with a bright smile. Camila was definitely deserving of such a promotion for all she'd done on the ship since she boarded, and even before.

Proctor looked at her Chief's collar and mentally cursed. She was tired but she should not have missed that. She prided herself on her attention to detail. Perhaps she needed to review her training plan to see if she could eek out a bit more sleep. This was unacceptable. "Congratulations Chief." She said sincerely. She always figured Starfleet did not reward incompetence and nothing she'd seen led her to believe the promotion wasn't well earned.

After a few other congratulations, Camila raised a hand to quiet things down again. "Thank you," she said. "We're going to be trying something new in Security, too. At any given time, there will be no less than two Security officers on patrol together anywhere and anytime on this ship. The moment you think your partner is acting off, may be controlled by an outside force, or under the influence of something, report it immediately. Don't draw attention to yourself when you do it, but do it. Is that understood?"

Shay swallowed, finding it hard to focus for a moment. Camila was talking about what happened nine months ago, and though not everyone in the room knew that, she did. It was something she'd never forget. "Understood," she muttered as her mind replayed many different things that happened, and... Allen's death.

Sarah looked somber, she'd read all the reports she had access to by now and was somewhat familiar with what had occurred but she knew her experience was secondary. These people lived it, she didn't want to think about what if it happened to her. Having a plan helped though and she appreciated that much. She was becoming more and more certain as she'd gone through the security files that she may have to use more of these contingency plans than she would have preferred. "Understood..." she said. Having to trust someone with your life while you looked for signs they were under the influence was going to be a difficult path to walk.

"Next, we have a new hologram to test," Camila said. "A Holographic Assistant and Support Avatar. HASA, activate," she ordered. The computer chirped in acknowledgement, then a tall, rugged bald human man appeared in a black uniform and had green eyes.

"Awaiting orders," it said.

"HASA was first activated on Stardate 67001.2 as part of a test bed project installed aboard the USS Black Hawk. This avatar customizes its appearance based upon whomever summons it. For humans, it will generate a human. For Andorians, it will generate an Andorian. The avatar lacks a personality matrix as a result of the adaptability program, but it is directly interfaced with the Black Hawk's computer in order to deliver what would normally be rendered via audio feedback."

Shay arched a brow when she saw the bald man appear. "Wait... are you telling us that the computer can now take on the form of an individual based of whoever summons it?" She asked. She knew that was exactly what she'd heard, but... why? "Who thought something like this was a good idea? There was nothing wrong with the computer we had before."

"It's the same computer in the form of HASA," Camila said. "Basically, it's here to give us a helping hand. Keep in mind that only certain personnel can summon it, so don't get upset if you try and it doesn't appear."

"Seems useful for those who prefer a personal interface but I hadn't thought the need common enough for Starfleet focus on it." Sarah observed interestedly, looking the HASA over. She returned her attention to Commander Di Pasquale, "Chief, It's the same computer so no additional programming other than what allows it to take form?" She asked wondering it if did anything special.

"That's correct, Ensign," the Chief stated.

Sarah gave a 'well alright then' nod of thanks and said, "So no plans for Starfleet to make this more like a hologram member of the crew it seems like then." There was a pause and then she asked her last question, "So if we see a crewmember talking to someone random should we scan first to verify it's the computer, just ask? or will there be another procedure in place?" She asked, knowing she could learn the faces of the crew but knowing the computer could change faces made that a bit more difficult.

Camila looked at Proctor and tried to figure out how to answer when they were almost a thousand people on board the ship. "I don't think that it would matter if it was the computer," she said finally.

"No Ma'am." She said a little embarrassed, she really needed to sleep properly, "I just wanted to confirm we'd just verify identity as needed as standard for crew."

"We don't have to worry about that for now,"the Chief said. "HASA is limited to department heads and Command right now.

Several questions were asked by other Security personnel, including if it could be taken control of by outside forces, but the answer to that was only as good as the ship's computer was at defending itself and the protocols put in place by Starfleet and the Security department.

"Does anyone else have questions or suggestions?" Camila asked.

Shay took a moment to look around at the others before turning her attention back to Camila. She shook her head. "Not at this time, Commander."

"Then dismissed," the Security Chief said. "And get things rolling."


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