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Shakedown orders

Posted on 27 Feb 2020 @ 11:33pm by Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant Jennin Rhula & Lieutenant Zayna Ryler & Ensign Aidan Crehan & Ensign Denyse Alessandro & Master Warrant Officer Karyna Fordyce

Mission: Sentience
Location: Science Lab 1
Timeline: Departure

Arjin had asked some key scientific officers to gather and co-ordinate the shakedown tasks that were given to his department.
He was sitting at a joined central console, waiting till they arrived.

Denyse, better known to some of her former colleagues as Spider Woman, came in with a PADD in her cybernetic left hand and gave a nod to the Trill Chief of Operations and waited for orders. "Sir," she said respectfully.

Aidan came in, PADD tucked under his arm, and settled in at a console. He characteristically dipped his head to his boss, "Sir." He then turned to the other person in the room and nodded, adding a smile. He hadn't met the interesting looking young woman before and surmised that she must be part of the new transfers. "Ensign Aidan Crehan, Alien Archaeologist and Anthropologist. Welcome aboard."

Denyse smiled at the tall man. "Ensign Denyse Alessandro, Xenoarachnologist."

"A pleasure to meet you," he said.

Zayna knew about the meeting, but got caught up doing a report. Great, assistant chief running late she thought to herself as she slipped into the room. "Sorry. Got lost in reports." She noticed she knew almost everyone in here, but not quite. "Lieutenant Zayna Ryler, assistant chief."

When he'd gotten the summons, Rhula had seriously considered ignoring it and heading to his medical lab. He'd been halfway there when he remembered that Kij was on duty. Even though answering the summons to the primary science lab still meant dealing with a Trill, it was a better alternative than spending more with the Chief Medical Officer.

He slipped into room and waited quietly in the corner.

After the others had arrived, Arjin started with the meeting.

"As you are all aware off.", he commenced, " The Black Hawk has recieved multiple upgrades. Our department has been charged with monitoring and testing some of them. Our main objective is to see what the extent of our new sensors is. Provide with possible places that can give the system a challenge for its limits. Attain and compare results with the old data. And see if we can still further upgrade its efficacity."

He quietly stood before continuing. "Our second task will be to test Hasa." He pushed a sensor on the console to make it appear. It came out this time in the form of an Andorian Male

Having been briefed on only the first part, knowing they'd have to test the sensor upgrades, Zayna was curious about the Hasa. She smiled when the Andorian Male appeared, "I had wondered about this system. Did they say what types of tests they want us to run?"

"In which case we are using the Hasa. What its added value is. Recomendations on when or not to use it due to it draining on power.", Arjin replied.

"What's it capable of, Sir?" Denyse asked.

"Well it is not like an EMH. It is only a holographic extention of the same old computer we know. It does not have a personality. But it can lend another pair of hands if needed. We will have to find out when its use is a bonus and when not."

"Extra pair of hands, but also a drain on power. Maybe once we test it for a while, we would be able to cut down on the power drain. Especially in an emergency." Zayna looked over the information she had on Hasa. "Would the lab be the best place to run tests maybe? At least while we are still waiting for actual launch?"

"The lab, or any other space you are working in.", he replied.

"As far as the HASA, will it always appear as an Andorian?" asked Aidan. "Is it programmable so that each crewmember can add their own preferred holographic apparition? If that's the case, there should be more concerns than simply the power drain. Does it have personal preferences that can be set for images? If it appears based on those who summon it, then I have already found a flaw. For you are nowhere near an Andorian," the El-Aurian said to the Trill Science Chief.

Arjin smiled. "It has multiple forms it can show itself in. And yes. It normally appears based on who summons it. But you can ask it to come out in another form it knows. I asked it to appear in its present form. As for being able to program it into something else than what is available right now. That I do not know."

"If there is a group of us, it'll likely appear based on who called it, just like now. I do agree, however, we don't want to put too much programming into it." Zayna walked over to the current Andorian-HASA and looked it over.

"Agreed. For now we are asked to observe and report. Not program or change anything."

"Then there is another matter that has to be dealt with as soon as possible. Science labs 7 to 10 on deck 14 are all malfunctioning. Measurements keep falling outside parameters. We need to fix that. Make sure to work together with Engineering and/or Ops on this."

Zayna frowned, having not yet heard about the malfunctions. "Sounds like we have our work cut out for us."

Arjin then turned to face both officers present who had kept mostly silent. "Then there is an issue with a possible Bio Hazard in Lab 5. I would like you Lieutenant Jennin and you Ensign Alessandro to look into that."

"What sort of bio-hazard? It's most likely an issue for environmental systems to examine," Rhula offered.

"It has to do with containment of multiple of the samples. For now there are measures taken, but the situation has to be re-assesed and properly cleaned up.The Captain asked during our briefing to make sure everything was dealt with. Since your expertise is both in Science and in Medical, I would like you to co-ordinate this.", he replied.

"Labs seven through ten?" Denyse asked as her eyes went wide when it dawned on what the Trill had said. "My lab is in seven. Are the containment fields still up?"

Arjin frowned. "Yes, the containment fields are up in lab 5, Ensign. To prevent the Bio-hazard to spread. Why would they have to be up in lab 7? We need to find out why the measurements are off and how to fix that in labs 7 to 10. Please pay attention."

"Not five," Denyse said. "I said seven and if the measures in seven are off, then there's a breach in my biolab!"

Rhula snorted. He hadn't met Ensign Alessandro yet, but anyone who went toe to toe with a Trill was alright by him. "Maybe the vermiform wriggling around in there has short-circuited your comprehension," he said to the Science Chief. "You said that there were malfunctions in labs seven through ten. The Ensign seems to have something going on in lab seven that needs to be in containment. If lab seven is malfunctioning, this is a problem. At least to some of us."

Understanding where Denyse was coming from, knowing what was in that lab since she helped unload it, Zayna brought up a readout of the containment fields. "Alessandro, your fields are still active. I have nothing going in my lab yet, so if they start to fail, pull power from mine for the time being."

He then remembered the Ensign's specialty. She was right to be concerned. But the Bajoran's comment prevented him from apologizing. Luckily Lieutenant Ryler had followed trough.

"That is why I want both of you to look into the bio-hazard threat.", he stated towards Alessandro and Jennin. "Lieutenant Ryler. If you would be so kind as to work on the malfunctioning labs. Take any team you need and if you need help from Engineering or Ops, let me know." He then turned towards Ensign Crehan."Ensign, I want you to work with me on finding the best areas to test our new sensor reach. Any more questions from anyone?"

Zayna shook her head. "I'll work on a list of officers and reach out to them."

"Understood sir," Denyse said after casting a grateful glance at Zayna for offering power from her lab if she needed it.

Aidan dipped his head. "Of course, Commander." There were multitudes of places they could test the new sensors, but there were only a few that would really give them a serious challenge. Hopefully some of those were near to their route.

Is this performative mess over yet? Jennin wondered. He had actual work to do; sitting around listening to the Trill pontificate was not a valuable use of his time.

"Good. Then lets get started.", he added.


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