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Creeping Aboard

Posted on 22 Feb 2020 @ 2:30pm by Lieutenant Zayna Ryler & Ensign Denyse Alessandro

Mission: Sentience
Location: Science Labs
Timeline: January 3, 2390

Once Denyse was aboard the Black Hawk, she immediately headed to the cargo bay where her precious cargo had been transported. She had put up a fuss about using cargo transporters on live specimens but it had been ruled safe and her cargo had spent time in a transporter buffer, then in transit and she had to check on them.

When she arrived there, she immediately checked the stasis seal, then sighed in relief as all the readings came back green. They were still alive and viable, especially Lolth, which was her most prized specimen. Once she was satisfied with everything, Denyse ordered the cargo to be taken physically to the Science labs, then headed up with them once a few enlisted had been recruited to help.

In Science, the Ensign looked around, then headed to tap a chime on a door marked Assistant Chief and waited beside of the cargo pods that contained her research specimens.

Glancing up at the door chime, Zayna realized she wasn't expecting anyone. Setting down the schedule she was working on for the labs and repairs, she sighed, "Come in."

Denyse looked at her cybernetic left hand and wondered if she should cover it with faux skin, then shrugged and entered. "Ensign Alessandro reporting for duty," she said and offered a PADD with her orders on it. The enlisted men with her released the antigrav cart to lower it to the floor so her cargo could be unloaded, then exited.

Having forgotten about checking in the science ensigns that would come aboard before they launched, Zayna gave a smile. "Please come in, Ensign." She glanced over the woman, but didn't question any of the look. She also raised an eyebrow at the cargo. "They didn't seem to thrilled with bringing that stuff in."

"It's understandable, but it isn't stuff Lieutenant," Denyse said. "The specimens in stasis in this cargo contain a very wide degree of species which will shed new light on things. Not to mention one species in particular on this ship that I've only heard rumors about."

"Ah yes, I did hear something about those coming on board. You'll have to excuse the crewmen, they probably didn't know, or..given how my stuff was brought in..didn't even pay attention." Zay nodded to the seat, "Please, have a seat."

Denyse took the offered seat, then retrieved a small tricorder from a satchel and scanned the cargo again. "Thank you, Lieutenant..."

"Ryler, Zayna Ryler. But I don't care too much for ranks unless necessary." She noticed the scanning, "How is your cargo?"

"Fine, ma'am, but I'd really like to get them out of stasis and fed soon," Denyse said. "They get grumpy when their habits are interrupted."

Nodding, Zay got up from her desk and nodded towards the labs, "I think one of those is yours, right? I'll help you bring it and help you get them out of stasis if you'd like."

"You aren't afraid of spiders, are you?" Denyse asked.

Raising an eyebrow, Zayna shook her head, "No, I'm not, but you likely will have to keep all of them in your lab and not let them get out."

"Of course not!" Denyse exclaimed before she put her cybernetic left hand over her mouth. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant. I didn't mean to raise my voice. I would never let any of them out of their habitats. There's one species I have which could kill most of the humans on this ship if it escaped."

"So, warnings for anyone who comes into your lab as well. Do not touch the spiders or anything near them. Explains the specific setup your lab required."

"I wouldn't exactly call most of them spiders," Denyse told her. "They fall under the arachnid classification due to their biology, but that's where the semblance usually ends. Most of them aren't deadly, but Lolth is a special case."

Zay smirked, "Why am I not surprised by names? So, don't mess with Lolth? And don't really call them spiders."

"Not unless you want to be an incubator and food source for its young," Denyse said.

"I'd rather not. I'm all for experimentation but that is a bit much." Zayna gave a small shrug and glanced to the container. "Shall we?"

"We shall," Denyse said agreeably as she got up and moved to the controls for the antigrav cart. "Lead the way, Lieutenant."

Nodding, Zay led the way to Denyse's lab. It wasn't far from where they were at least. There were others setting up in their own lab, but she hadn't set anything up in her own yet. Too much work she came into. Once they reached the door, she typed in the code which she would obviously give to the other scientist and stepped inside. "I think we got this set up as close to your specs as possible."

"Thank you, Lieutenant," Denyse said as she looked around and began to run diagnostics on all the equipment, even though it still looked and smelled new. She needed everything perfect for her specimens and second best and second guess wouldn't do. "Do you think you can help me get them settled?"

"If you trust me with them, sure. And, don't worry, I did the same with the things in my lab, even though it had all been recently delivered when I got on board."

"It's habit that got drilled into me at the Academy, and having living specimens requires extra protocols," the Ensign said.

Zayna nodded. "This much is very true. All the care. And the hope that things don't fall apart if we're in a battle."

The half human woman gave a rueful laugh. "Have you read the mission logs for this ship? It's why I requested stabilizing force fields and everything else to protect my species."

"And they were installed," Zay said with a grin. "I should request some for my things but, I don't have any living specimens at the moment. Assistant chief duties and such. I did figure you wanted them for some reason."

Once everything was done, Denyse turned to the cargo container and released the exterior locks, then entered a code before the top came off. Inside were dozens of small contained stasis fields and one big one. The Xenoarachnologist reached in gently and removed the big one first and set it on the counter. "This is Lolth," she said with a smile.

When she were younger, she would have fled at the sight. But, Zayna went over, keeping her distance somewhat, looking over Lolth. "I see why you said what you did."

"When they implant their eggs in someone via their stinger, they paralyze you and then cocoon you, if you're small enough," Denyse said. "Lolth can encase someone your size in about eight hours."

"Right, I think I'll avoid being paralyzed and cocooned. That doesn't sound like a fun time at all." She watched Lolth for a bit more. "Fun to watch though, especially in a new environment."

"I've heard there were some unusual specimens that have been found on this ship," Denyse said. "Have you heard about them?"

Zayna raised an eyebrow. "In passing? Been too busy trying to get the department organized with the chief. I've been curious about them though."

"It's one of the reasons I fought so hard to be here," the Ensign said. "A previously undiscovered species that has features of two animals that shouldn't even relate to each other in nature."

"I've seen a picture, but that isn't something I'm too interested in. Never was huge on studying animals in that manner. Having a pet? Sure. Maybe not that one though."

"Some aren't meant to be kept as pets," Denyse pointed out. "Such as my specimens. Now to start loading them into their environments and getting them at home."

Zayna went over to a control panel and made sure all of the containment fields were still up. "Looks like you're good from this end."

With that, the young Ensign began to transfer specimen after specimen, one at a time to their new habitats and slowly brought them out of stasis. She went to check the readings, then gave a nod. "It'll be about an hour, then we'll see some real activity."

"Makes sense. New environment, find what they like, and then they can really feel at home." Zayna gave Denyse a smile. "I'll leave you to finish getting settled." With that, she headed back to her office. She'd have to be sure extra power stayed on those fields...just in case.


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