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Departmental Visit: Intel

Posted on 12 Mar 2020 @ 9:41pm by Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Joey Geisler

Mission: Sentience
Location: Intelligence
Timeline: MD 1 || 1320 hours

With the visit to Sickbay under his belt, the Executive Officer headed to Intelligence. Terry had no idea what to expect here as he'd never had a reason to visit before. He was sure there would be analysts and the like, but what would security within the department be like? Would he have to pass through some kind of scanner? If it could even be seen. Would he have to give his authorization code? So many questions that would have answers in just a moment. Terry walked up to the doors, not knowing if they would open or request something.

The doors parted for him without incident, but that was because the Chief of Intel was making her way out of them, only stopping short when she realized there was someone standing on the other side of the door. Joey blinked once, then twice before turning her eyes to the face of the individual. "Commander Walsh?" She asked in a state of mild shock. A hand went to her chest to where her heart was thumping as a result of being startled. "I... I apologize. What can I do for you today, sir?"

Terry chuckled a little. "Sorry to startle you like that. And no need to apologize. I'm just making those departmental visits I mentioned in the briefing this morning. You know, seeing how things are your getting on with the new tech and upgrades...stuff like that. And because I have a lot of new responsibilities, one of which is to familiarize myself with what I've inherited."

Joey offered him a smile. They'd interacted only once before when she'd been given some of Kelly's artisan chocolates, and nothing good had come from that meeting. "Please, come in," she said, stepping aside to allow him access into the Intel complex. "This is your first visit here, isn't it? And, I feel I should let you know in order to gain access in the future, you'll need you access code. Only senior staff, Intelligence personnel, the CO, and as the XO, you, are allowed inside without express permission."

Terry stepped inside. "It is my first visit and I appreciate the heads up about the access." He took a quick look around and then turned to Joey. "Also, if you have any requests, personnel or otherwise, I'd be happy to take them and give them a look over. So, care to me introduce me to your secret squirrel department?" he added with a grin.

"Of course, Commander. We'll start right here," she said, gesturing around the main center that was currently being manned by a single Intelligence member. "This is the analyst center. This room is normally manned by a single person during normal operational hours. In the event of an emergency, all members of Intelligence will be here. As I mentioned before, it's highly secure for obvious reasons, even to senior staff with the exception of you and the Captain, and those who work within the department."

Terry looked around. "It's a pretty amazing place you have here. Where are the other members of Intelligence during normal hours if one person can man this area? Or is only person here because you need some more personnel?"

The Intel Chief shook her head as she took him to a set of doors off to the side of the analyst center. "Our department is a small one, Commander, and is only composed of ten total. There's my position, the Assistant Chief, Senior Analyst and Analysts, and at the moment, we're completely full," Joey stated as she walked inside. "This is my office. When I'm on duty, and not on the bridge, this is usually where I can be found. As for the other members, since we're such a small department, we rotate shifts. Sometimes, I'll even split them."

Terry looked around the office and nodded. "Well at least I know where I can find you when you're on duty and not on the bridge. But I didn't realize Intel was such a small department. Well, as far as personnel. This group plays a pretty important part in the overall scheme of things."

"Intelligence does play an important part, as you said, and considering all of the sensitive data that's collected and housed in here, I find that a smaller group is better," Joey explained. There were still a few more places she wished to take him on their tour, but this felt important, too. "Should something classified make it beyond these walls, there are only so many individuals that could be responsible for such a leak. And, I personally, would rather only have to go through nine others to find out who did it instead of a hundred."

"Should something classified make it beyond these walls, there'd be a few other things to look into, too," said Terry. "But as you've said, a smaller department makes it easier to compartmentalize information and track down a leak. That said, what kind of protocol do you have in place should that happen?"

Joey knew such a question was coming, and already had an answer prepared for him. "The biggest protocol that's been implemented is a virus," she began. "A tracking virus to be exact. When any information from Intel is accessed outside of the department by someone without proper authorization, it will begin to self replicate and will give the exact location of anyone who attempts to interface with a computer every time."

She paused for a moment to allow the new Executive Officer the opportunity to process that before she continued. "It's unlikely anyone will be able to get around that, but all data is set to be encrypted and scrambled should the person trying to access it outside of Intel not have the proper authorization. I feel I should mention that there are only three members of the entire ship roster that can access anything outside of these walls," Joey spoke. "Those three people are the Captain, the Executive Officer and me."

Terry tapped the side of his head. "See, now that sounds like some Intel thinking right there. And keeping it down to those three keeps things tighter." He paused and took a deep breath. "The Dolmoquor. They had complete control of you and I at one point. That's two of the three that can access vital information and intelligence outside of Intel. After the self-replicating virus, are there containment measures for another Dommie-type infiltration?"

"As of right now, no, but that's something that is being worked on. It's not going to be easy considering how high our clearance is, and in the event we were to encounter more Dolmoqour type species, they'd be able to override just about anything," Joey explained. "However, there might be some way to make it happen, and I assure you that if there is, I'll find it. Though, if you have any ideas, I wouldn't be opposed to hearing them."

"If I come up with any, I'll be sure to let you know," Terry answered. "Good to hear that you're currently working on it, too. I look forward to some kind of update by the end of the shakedown cruise." He turned to Joey and grinned. "I like what I'm seeing so far. And hearing."

Joey nodded her head. He was going to do well as their new Executive Officer. "I'll get with my team and have something to present you before the shakedown cruise is done," she said, offering him a smile. "I'm glad Intel is meeting your expectations so far, and I hope we're able to continue to do so."

"Sounds like a plan," he replied. "So, what's next on our tour?"

"This way, Commander," Joey said, gesturing for him to follow her. They went through the main analyst center and came to another set of doors, then stepped inside. "This is our sensor tie in. Our department is privy to all sensor and probe data, and we have a dedicated section of the secondary computer core. As I mentioned earlier, only certain crew members have access to it."

Terry followed Joey into the sensor tie-in room. "This is a pretty ingenious idea; you guys having your own access to the sensors and sensor data. Do you have a direct and secure link back to Starfleet Intelligence for transmitting any data?"

The Intelligence Chief nodded her head. "Yes, unless, of course, we make our way through a barrier and into another part of space that's cut off from all things Starfleet."

"This is very true. Let's hope that kind of stuff doesn't happen again, either. Of course," he continued, "lady luck hasn't been too kind in that regard over the last year or so."

"No, she certainly hasn't, but I'm with you when it comes to hoping. Although," she paused, hoping what left her mouth next didn't put the big guy off too bad. "I did end up with two perfect little angels. It wasn't how I wanted it to happen, but there are just some things that go way beyond our control."

"That's right," he said. "In the midst of all these repairs the last few months, I'd forgotten about that. Well congratulations, Mrs. Geisler. How are the tikes doing?"

"Thank you," Joey said with a smile. "They're doing well, getting big, and mobile. Nothing seems to be off limits to the hands of curious little ones."

"Oh I bet," he said. "Glad to hear they're doing well and growing. I bet they keep you both busy."

The Intelligence Chief nodded her head as she gestured for him to continue to follow her. While they were talking, there was no reason she couldn't continue their tour. "They certainly do, and I imagine it's going to get even busier once they start walking. We haven't reached that point yet, though, and there's still a little time before we have to worry about that, I think," she said as she escorted him to another room. "This is our communications tie-in. We cooperate with the ship's communications department, but here, we deal with deeper levels of encryption and decryption processes."

"So, this is where you break any unknown codes that are intercepted," he commented. He paused a second and turned to face Joey. "It seems like you're connected with several other departments. Or at least could be if the need arises. Have you ever had to work with the other before and how has that been? Any problems?"

"Aside from the usual when it comes to working with other departments, we haven't really had to yet. However," she began. "That doesn't mean we won't have to in the future. So, as far as problems go, there haven't been any so far."

"That's good to hear," he said. "I'd rather know about them now and be able to fix them rather than hear about it later through other channels."

Joey smiled. "I can understand that, but I assure you there's nothing to tell at the moment. If, and when, there's something to report, you'll definitely be the first one to know. Now, there's one more area left on our tour. The Intelligence Lab. Shall we make our way over there?"

"Alright, sounds good, then," he said. "Of course, Intelligence lab it is. Can you give me a rundown of what happens there while we walk?"

"Certainly, Commander," Joey said as she began to lead the way to their last destination. "Most of our duties in Intel are centered around gathering information, but there are times where more extensive resources are required. Whether it be to observe, disseminate information or simply to decrypt/encrypt data. Those things are all done here." With that, she brought him into the Intelligence Lab that was attached to the Intelligence Center. "While our department is quite small, we've been equipped with everything we need to make sure our jobs are done thoroughly."

Terry watched as data scrawled across the screens and someone was there to decipher it. "I can definitely see how well you've been set-up down here. Starfleet has taken care of your department very well. So, how often do you intercept data that has to be decrypted?" he asked.

"Often enough to keep us on our toes, but not so often that I'd say it's something that occurs on a regular basis," she replied, moving over to one of the screens.

Terry followed her. "Good then. So, what are we looking at here?"

"Extensive observation," the Intelligence Chief answered simply.

He chuckled. "Well I guess that about sums the whole thing up, doesn't it? But, extensive observation of what? Or do I need to be read-in first?"

Joey couldn't help but smile. Of course he'd want a more in depth answer, and Joey had one for him. "I apologize, Commander," she said, still smiling. "I suppose being a smart ass only works in certain situations. Raw data, sensor readings... we scour it all inside this room."

Terry went from chuckling to laughter. "Yeah, I guess it does. Either that, or I need to lighten up a bit. Maybe channel the old fighter pilot some." He looked that the raw data. "You know, you don't realize how much information comes in from sensor scans until you see it set up like this."

"You're right about that," Joey agreed as she looked toward the ship's new Executive Officer. "Now that you've had the chance to see what Intel has to offer, Commander, what do you think?"

"I think I'm glad I was a pilot. And I think I'm glad that there's someone who can grasp all of this," he said. "Maybe over the next few weeks I can read up some more on Intel...get the reports from the last mission and all. I think that'd be a good way for me to add informational to the practical that I've seen today. And I think you're doing a fine job down here, Commander."

"Thank you, Commander Walsh. Intelligence is definitely a far cry from Security, and there are days where things get a bit tough down here, but we don't give up," she said.

"Yeah, and being former Security probably helps you get through those tough times. Not to mention helping the others down here and keeping them motivated," said Terry.

Joey shook her head. "You would think so, but it doesn't, not really," she said as she clasped her hands before her back. "My former Security background does come in handy during certain things, though, like missions off the ship. It all depends, really. However, I will say, it does help me keep a calm and level head."

"Which is a good thing around here," he replied. "Cool, calm, and collective is needed to many times in order to prevail."

"Are there any other questions I can answer for you, Commander?" She asked. "I don't want to take anymore of your time than necessary given it's your first day in your new position, and you likely have a fairly long list of tasks you wish to complete before you go off duty for the day."

"I don't," he replied. "Have anymore questions, that is. It looks like you've got a good grip on things around here. And yeah, I have quite the list of things to do. Thanks for the information and the tour. I think I can find my way out now." He gave her a nod and headed out of Intel for the rest of his day.


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