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Sick Bay Stands!

Posted on 30 Oct 2019 @ 4:08am by Commander Jayla Kij

Mission: Truth and Justice
Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: MD 15 | 1730

As soon as the guys went to find an infected for their scans, Abbey pulled the rest of the Sick Bay personnel together to get the doors closed. Manually closing them proved more difficult than they had anticipated, but in the end, they got them mostly closed; there was still room to fit your fingers through, but little else.

“Reckon it’ll do,” shrugged Abbey, surveying the crack between the doors. “At least we’ll have warning before they get in.”

Jayla appeared, carrying several phasers, which she began handing out. “There’s a few more in an emergency storage locker in the back,” she said.

“I thought you hated those things,” commented Abbey, who was already carrying one of her own.

“I do,” replied Jayla, keeping the last one for herself. “But I hate those things more,” she added, nodding towards the door.

Instinctively, Abbey turned to look. There was nothing there, of course; Jayla was merely referring to the Dolmoquor. “You sure you can fire at them?” asked Abbey.

“It’s only stun,” Jayla replied with a shrug. “Nothing permanent.”

“So now what?” asked Rigby, phaser held tightly in one hand, but pointed at the ground. “We just wait until they get back?”

“Find cover,” instructed Abbey as Jayla nodded in agreement. “We don’t want anyone taking us by surprise. Also, be equally ready to treat wounded and fire on intruders. Has everyone got ear plugs?” She glanced around, but everyone appeared to be either nodding or shoving them into their ears. “All right. To your stations, then, and make sure you know where the nearest large object you can hide behind is. Just in case.”

Then followed several minutes of just waiting. Nothing exciting happened, but everyone was tense and jumpy. Several times, someone would gasp, having been startled, and set the whole place on edge for several seconds. Few words were spoken as nobody really knew what to say. The whole ordeal felt like hours until they heard footsteps approaching.

“Hey, what gives?” came a voice through the crack when the doors did not open.

“Whatcha want?” demanded Abbey, approaching the door cautiously.

There was a pause. “We’re from security,”came a second voice. “We have orders to check on everyone and make sure they’re all right.”

“We’re fine,” replied Abbey. “You can move along.”

Another pause and then four sets of fingers appeared in the crack. As the doors slowly parted, phasers came up all over Sick Bay. Finally, two men squeezed through the door. “Whoa!” said the tall skinny one. “It’s okay. We’re not going to hurt you.”

“Ship’s been boarded, mate,” said Abbey, glaring at them over her phaser. “Can’t be too careful.”

“We’re in starfleet uniforms!” protested the short, stocky one.

“So are the boarders,” replied Jayla, a look of pure disgust showing behind the levelest phaser in the room.

Three more security officers had squeezed through the gap. The five of them glanced at one another before one crossed slowly to the nearest nurse and reached up to touch her ear. “No!” she screamed, and knocked his arm away. This seemed to be a cue to the rest, who raised their phasers to level them at the medical personnel.

The first shot came from Jayla’s phaser, stunning the short and stocky security officer and causing just about everyone in the room to freeze for a short second. Finally, Abbey cried, “cover!” and the Sick Bay personnel all dove behind cabinets and bio beds, poking out only to fire at the security officers, who had taken cover behind the chairs and desk in the reception area.

It was pure chaos. Shots were fired back and forth, there was shouting, sparks flying from errant shots hitting machinery and lighting. At some point, someone poked their head out of the lab, pointed something that looked like a small crossbow at the reception area and fired. The projectile caused a small explosion that barely disoriented the security forces. It was enough for the medical team to stun a second one. Abbey tried to work out how many they had left, but it was impossible to tell. There were five down near her. She couldn’t tell if they were stunned or dead, but she tried to remind herself that it didn’t matter right now. Right now, all that mattered was defending Sick Bay against these intruders.

To her right, she could just see Jayla behind an exam table. She caught the other woman’s attention and nodded towards the back, where they could see some nurses trying to get to the weapons locker. Cover them! she mouthed.

Jayla nodded and the two of them began firing frantically at the security personnel. After about two seconds, a quick whoop from one of the nurses confirmed they’d made it to their target and both women ducked back behind their chosen cover areas. Jayla gave Abbey a grim smile and breathed a sigh of relief as others continued firing at reception.

Could they hold off the security personnel until help arrived? Abbey didn’t know. They definitely had more people, but security was trained for this and medical only had minimal training. Granted, security had probably been counting on a surprise attack and had found Sick Bay prepared for them instead. Five against 30- give or take a few- unprepared individuals with minimal training would have been easy. But, against a prepared and determined force that knew one another very well? It was anybody’s game, really.

Taking a deep breath, Abbey peeked out from her hiding place and took a shot at one of the officers, who ducked behind his chair quickly. Whichever god is out there, HELP! she thought.


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