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Unwelcome Home

Posted on 31 Oct 2019 @ 2:02pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael & Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant Commander Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Commander Gemma Alexander & Lieutenant Commander Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant JG Damian Akorem & Staff Warrant Officer William Griffin

Mission: Truth and Justice
Location: Various, USS Black Hawk
Timeline: MD15 || 1745 hours


Over one hundred and twenty Dolmoqour had taken command of hosts aboard the Black Hawk. Most of the security, squadron, and various others throughout the ship were now unwilling vessels for the storm that would soon consume the Gamma Quadrant and the Federation. The bridge had also fallen to the Dolmoqour, and it was now secure enough for the true leader of the Dolmoqour to leave his protective home and assume his rightful place on the bridge.

The turbolift doors opened, allowing Charles along with his Triosian and Boreriri companions to exit. "Excellent work," Charles stated to the Dolmoqour in command. "The next transport cycle should soon engage and we will convert the rest of deck six to our cause before moving to deck seven"

At this point, Camila had secured Djinx with Security restraints on his wrists and ankles as well as stuffing a sock from the dead crewmember that she had killed earlier in his mouth. She tapped her foot when Carmichael and the other aliens came in. "What's the status of Teixeira?" she asked impatiently. "No one has reported finding him. It's like he vanished from the ship."

"Considering he locked Geisler in with you and our brethren, chances are he's cowering somewhere in the bowels of the ship. Waste management, if I had to guess," Joey stated. The Dolmoqour found such an act amusing. The ship's Executive Officer fleeing and hiding somewhere on the ship when he was needed most. She supposed it did work in their favor, though. Him abandoning his fellow crewmen, leaving them without proper guidance during a crisis. It allowed them to bring more of their own aboard the ship, and now, they were in control of the bridge.

"The Executive Officer is of no concern," Charles plainly stated. "We may not be able to locate him, thanks to one of you actually using a suicide tactic to destroy the internal sensors permanently, but he will soon be one of us. What matters is converting the rest of the crew. I believe Djinx there and Teixeira are all that remain of the senior staff, and as long as they are separate, they cannot do us any harm."

Damian's voice spoke out. "With the internal sensors beyond repair, I can activate random forcefields around specific areas of transit. We won't be able to see where anyone is, but we might detect when one is being tampered with, and be able to triangulate their positions. Maybe keep them apart for a bit longer?"

“Do it,” Charles said with a confirming nod. “Once the fields are up, Lieutenant Di Pasquale can dispatch security to those checkpoints to keep an eye on things.”

The Damian replied. "Consider it done." Using Damian's access codes made this so much easier.

Arjin was fuming inside, not being able to do something to remedy the situation. I was plain to him now, most of the crew were under some kind of influence. Something that had been inserted into their body probably if he had interpreted the behaviour correctly. So he and Teixeira were still unaffected. He would keep his eyes and ears open and when opportunity would present himself, he would try to escape his restraints and find Teixeira himself. For now he just observed further. He actually asked himself why they had not taken him over. Had they overplayed their hand? Where they out of ... 'things'?

"Converting Commander Djinx should be easy enough. He can't resist," Joey pointed out. "Or... we simply keep him as he is and allow him to watch everything as it unfolds."

Camila shook her head. "I don't think we can convert his species. Kij was converted and she went crazy."

"Then we keep him for study," Charles said, looking at the Trill science officer. "Sooner or later, we will have to subjugate the Trill. and we will need to know how to do it. Maybe we'll have to plant a second Dolmoqour on the symbiont?"

"That might work, but the only way to know is to try. Should we use Commander Djinx as our test subject?" Joey asked, casting a glance toward the Science Chief before looking back to Camila and Carmichael.

"Or we could just kill him," Camila said coldly as she looked at the Trill scientist.

The Intel Chief turned her attention toward the Trill. It actually appeared as though she was considering the thought. "Perhaps, but Carmichael is right. We're going to need to convert the Trill at some point, and a live test subject will work better than a dead one."

"We had one. She lost her mind," the Security Chief said.

Arjin was following the conversation intently. He wasn't showing any emotion. He wasn't afraid either. His Starfleet training and the memories of his Timor host were enough to keep his nerve. They did hold many cards. But not all. They could kill him, true. But he was prepared to. And they seemed to have overtaken many senior staff, but not all. He was still unaffected and so was Kij apparently. And they did not control Teixeira nor the Captain. Maybe they were less in control than they really thought. All he knew was that he and Djinx would try to fight any attempt to control them. It was clear to him also that having been locked away for such a long time had only heightened their individuality and will to be independent. Which meant they worked less well together than Starfleet personel did. 'United we stand. Divided we fall', clearly wasn't their moto. It was more a battle of wills, the stongest prevailing. He would continue to listen, observe and endure what they would throw at him. An opportunity or lack of attention was surely bound to happen at some time. He would take advantage of it when it came.

The one called Damian spoke next. "I agree with her." He looked to the Intel Chief. "Kij may have been the anomaly. At the very least, we need to convert a few more to get an idea if their species can be converted, or removed."

===[Runabout Mississippi]===

Terry was glad that the artifact was on board. He'd have had a hell of a time trying to navigate with mines chasing him. It was difficult enough as it was. Once they were on the other side of the minefield, the brawny Squadron Commander checked his readouts. "On this course, we're going to be coming up on the Black Hawk's port side, aft. And it'll be in about three minutes.

Harvey took a look at the sensor readings. The Black Hawk was indeed maintaining her orbit of Penduli V, and seemed to be doing it quietly. There was no evidence that repairs to the shuttlebay doors had begun, and sensors did show unusual clustering of the crew. "This is odd," Harvey said. "Looks like power is out on multiple decks, and most of the crew has been assembled in muster areas in the saucer section, including deck six. Looks like we'll be encountering a lot of resistance when we beam in."

"Huh, yeah, that's odd," said Terry. "I suppose, though, that if we got to a muster area, we could free more of the crew all at once. But even still, the resistance will have secured the rest of the ship. I'm glad we've got these guys and these guns with us."

Harvey couldn't agree with Terry. While part of him was thankful to have backup, the three Guardians were just an unpleasant reminder that there were no second changes here. "Be ready for anything. We'll be showing up on the Black Hawk's sensors soon."


Damian could still see everything that was going on. He felt the panic subside slightly when his eye saw what the alien within him saw. He heard his prison keeper speak, using his voice. "External sensors are detecting a runabout on course with us. It looks like it sustained heavy damage. Showing 6 lifeforms on it. Unknown if they are us."

Charles frowned. The runabout should have been destroyed by the Guardians, and he knew that not enough of the crew had left to fill that runabout. “Can you identify the life signs?” he asked.

"No, just that there are. The external sensors are not running at their best, and this one was focusing on the internal sensors. Given a few hours, I could probably tell you who they are, but they 3 minutes away. We could look out a window?" He replied.

Charles' frown turned into a scowl. Terrible suggestion that was, looking out a window. He turned to the Boreriri. "Contact Alexander. Scramble the fighters. I want that runabout destroyed."

Starfleet Joey wanted to scream and fight. Enough of their crew had been killed already. There was no need for more, and she had a feeling she knew who was on that runabout. Dolmoqour Joey folded her arms and looked to Charles. "We could convert the Captain still. We have a secret weapon," she said. "This body belongs to his wife, and this..." She gestured to her body's swollen abdomen. "disgusting mass of fluid and tissue are his unborn children. Maybe we can use them to our advantage."

"He's coming back from the Guardians," Charles stammered, pointing at specks of light on the viewscreen. "Search your memories. Geisler will stop at nothing to see to it we are rid from this ship. And despite your... incubating period... if he realizes that its a lost cause, he will sacrifice this entire ship, you, and his spawn, to ensure we're stopped." Charles shook his head. "No. Geisler dies today."

"And what if, by some miracle, he and the others are able to get by the fighters and make it onto the ship?" Joey asked as she folded her arms and cocked her head to the side. The Captain was quite resilient, she knew that based on the memories of her host, and had no intentions of counting Harvey out. Not now. "I'm going to the flight deck, and I think Lieutenant Di Pasquale should join me. Face it... our hosts are trained to handle situations like this. Probably better than anyone on the ship."

"Do it," Charles said without hesitation. "Make sure the Captain does not have a chance to save his ship."

"Lieutenant, shall we?" Joey asked, as she moved over to the weapons locker. Once she had it open, she produced a few phasers and some extra power cells, then tossed a couple in Camila's direction. "Don't worry... Geisler and his lackeys won't even make it off the flight deck." With that, the Intel Chief made her way off of the bridge with a new destination in mind.

Camila put on another tactical belt and put the extra power cells im after swapping out the one in her phaser and followed Joey.

"Want me to take us out of range?" Kelly asked Carmichael.

"Not yet," Carmichael noted, sitting down in the command chair. It was quite comfortable, but it still led him to wonder why Geisler stood more than sat. "But, start looking at ways out of the minefield, and past the Guardians. We'll need those solutions soon enough."

"I'm on it," Kelly said as she accessed her hosts memories for the correct course of action and then began to plot various courses through the minefield. "If the Guardians get too close to us, a photon torpedo in the field should take care of them, but I'll wager anything that this host could outfly them with this ship any day of the week."

"I'll keep it on my screens, and patch through to the tactical station." The Damian replied.

'So the plot thickens and things start to go wrong', Arjin thought. 'And now you have to start improvising. Let's see how good you are at this game. Two gone from the bridge already. Let's find out how well you control the bridge.' He shifted to make some noice and distract them some more.

Kelly looked over at Djinx when he shifted around. "Someone stun that spotted freak."

===[Flight Deck]===

Alexander, internally was pissed for she'd lost complete control over herself. What was even more annoying was she couldn't seem to stop her intruder from rifling through her memories, looking for the skills and information it needed to survive. She'd been talking to some of the other converted, they had many more now, when she suddenly tilted her head. Then she straightened, "We have orders. We are to launch and destroy Geisler's runabout. Move!" The command in her voice was unmistakable and she gave truth to her works as she moved toward her craft. Only to stumble briefly as Archer flooded her with more memories then even that one could handle at once, "Keep on and I will kill everyone you know..." she muttered continuing and jumping in her craft. Archer gave her a mental middle finger.

On the flight deck, Aurilia saw Alexander powering up her fighter and powered her weapons up. "Stand down, Archer," she called over the coms as she manuevered her Gryphon in front of the flight deck doors.

"You've got to be kidding me..." Alexander muttered as she scanned through Archer's memories of the other pilot. She didn't think the other would fire inside the Blackhawk but she was literally sitting in the way. And she wasn't a 100% on that not firing thing either, maybe 90% sure? Other infected pilots were climbing into their craft and going through swift pre-flight checks. She glared at Griffin a, "Do something." way. Then opened a com, "I can't do that Moretti." She said uncharacteristically using Tango's last name, not having had a lot of time to get used to the memories in this body. "We've got orders to bring the Captain in safely." She tried to bluff, considering her options.

"I swear by everything I believe in that I'll kill every last person on this flight deck if you try to get by me," Aurilia warned and transmitted her voice outside of the cockpit and over the comms as she inched the Gryphon up and activated her micro torpedo launchers and phasers.

Griffin, or rather the entity that had inhabited Griffin's body sorted through reams of memories, looking for something that would be of use. It took a moment, but it finally came up with an idea. Every fighter in the bay, it discovered through Griffin's mind, had a prefix code that allowed for remote control in the case that the pilot was incapacitated. All it had to do was find the prefix code...

Griffin watched helplessly as his hands worked a maintenance console and began looking through the Black Hawk's database. He roiled and roared, bending all his will to influence the thing that had taken over his body, but to no avail. He willed his hands to still as they found the code and, with the press of a few buttons, connected to the fighter.

"I can destroy it or disable it, which do you prefer?" Griffin's voice, oddly calm and cool spoke to the woman who had provided the new body.

Alexander had been flipping through options, not helped by the fact Archer kept looping helpful memories on how crazy Tango was. When Griffin spoke up with his offer, the entity breathed a mental sigh of relief as Archer cursed. "disable" She said, after all they might still be able to use her "complete lockdown but somewhere else." The other infected pilots were ready now as well and she was eager to get moving.

Elsewhere Galahad, trying to back up Tango, tried to 'quietly' bring his systems online.

Hearing Griffin's voice and seeing him at the console, she locked eyes with Archer and attempted to fire a volley of micro torpedos before her fighter was shut down.

Joey arrived on the flight deck half expecting to see the runabout had gotten through the fighters only to discover the fighters were still on board the ship with one blocking the doors. What in the seven levels of hell was going on here? Anger began to boil inside of her. There was little to no chance she'd be heard over the fighters, which meant she'd have to get the attention of the pilots another way. She pulled her phaser and raised it to the air toward the ceiling where nothing vital happened to be, then fired, sending debris clattering to the floor a safe distance from everything and one. It was definitely one way to draw attention to herself and the officer with her.

If the sight of the red uniform wearing officer didn't get Aurilia's attention, the phaser fire at the ceiling certainly did. "Sweet Kingon," she yelped and tried to worm down deeper in her cockpit.

Camila came in behind Joey and approved of her method of getting everyone's attention. She set her phaser on wide beam and covered Joey's blind spots. "Anyone does anything stupid gets to answer to this," she warned. "I use the higher settings for the terminally stupid." She brought the phaser around towards the fighters. "Both of you out of those fighters, now!" she ordered.

Aurilia looked for a weapon, but the cramped cockpit didn't have a spare phaser laying around and there was the matter of Archer, Griffin and the others on the flight deck that were acting weird. She reluctantly popped the canopy and brought her hands out first to show they were empty, then slowly stood up. "Please don't shoot. I'm Ensign Moretti."

"I don't care who you are," Camila said. "Get out of that bird and stand with the others." She indicated a group of converted that she recognized by their facial twitches. "Now!"

The redheaded pilot looked towards Archer's fighter and hoped the crazy bitch didn't decided to blow her way off the flight deck as she climbed out. She swallowed and looked at the group that the Chief of Security had indicated, then swallowed harder and headed towards them.

A security officer looked at the approaching pilot and drew his phaser to make sure the pilot wouldn't try anything. His left eyelid fluttered twice, hoping that the redhead's Dolmoqour would reply in kind.

Aurilia wondered what was going on with half the crew seemingly armed and herding the others around, the screams before they turned quiet and then the Security and Intel Chief seeming to contradict each other. She watched the guy wink at her and sighed. "Sorry. My boyfriend would eat you for breakfast, so no thanks."

The security officer knew what to do now, especially since he was aware that she had not yet become a host. He set the intensity of the phaser upward just so she would hear the action and raised his phaser to make her aware of how serious this was. "Stop right there," he warned her. "Turn around."

"I don't think so," the redheaded pilot said as she eyed the phaser. "I'd rather not get shot in the back by a traitor, so if you're going to do it, do it."

He narrowed his eyes and stepped forward, his phaser still extended. The moment he was within range, he suddenly dropped the phaser, and lifted his other hand, where a Dolmoqour was disguised in his palm. With a quick motion, he brought his hand across, intending to slap Moretti.

Luckily, years at the Academy playing Velocity had taught her a thing or do about not being hit and how to block a hit. She ducked down under the hand that was swinging at her and lunged for the phaser like she was trying to score a point against an opponent. Only my normal opponents aren't armed with phasers, she thought as she hoped she wouldn't die soon.

Despite the fact that he missed, he turned his hand as it passed over Moretti's head and dropped the parasite on her head. He then tried to move away from her in hopes that she would not get the phaser. It wouldn't matter in a moment anyway, for Moretti would not be herself much longer.

Aurilia's hand closed over the phaser a moment before she felt something move against her ear. What did the guy do to her? She tried to yank down the hand with the phaser while bringing her other hand up, but that threw her off balance. She cursed and hit the deck, then screamed as she felt something go in her ear. She rolled and slapped at it, trying to dislodge whatever it was, then she screamed again and her back bucked off the floor and she fell over on her side and screamed again as the Dolmoqour seized her mind and began to assimilate her memories.

The security officer, pleased with himself, turned and nodded to the Chief Intelligence Officer. The remainder of the pilots had been converted to the Dolmoqour cause.

"No! Alexander, you and the others get the hell out of here and do what the hell you were ordered to do," Joey shouted. "Now!"

Feeling useless Galahad powered up his fighter too as if to go with the others. He had no idea what was happening but no one seemed to notice him yet so why not.

"Aye Ma'am!" Alexander replied, "Flight on my Wing" she announced to the other pilots and aiming for the second exit they began heading out as fast as safety permitted. Galahad, still uninfected, attempting to tag along.

The Dolmoqour piloting Griffin's mind and body ran his hands over the console, quickly disabling the fighter's power, weapons and comm systems. It then took a minute to take stock of the mountain it had inherited. An angry mind, full of rage and despair. A body was showing several signs of not being cared for very well, but was still very powerful for what the Dolmoqour understood to be the limit of human capabilities. "This fighter is in good condition," he spoke to Aurilia, his booming voice calm and cool. "Your host is a pilot. Are you capable of piloting it?"

By now, the Dolmoqour had broken through Aurilia's defenses and accessed the information the young pilot had. "I do and she's a hotel sierra pilot, whatever that means. She thinks highly of her flying skills. And something called alcohol."


"Right on time," Harvey muttered, watching the sensors. Another time, he would be proud of the 325th for their response time and quick action. For now, he would have to settle for dread and place all of his hopes in Commander Walsh that he could get the ship to the collision point. "Phasers are ready. Mister Kemm, please tell me the LRADs are ready, as well as your transporter finesse."

"As ready as they're ever going to be," replied the Kelpian lieutenant.

"Yep, they're trained well. Filthy Dolmoquor have access to some of the best," said Terry. He input some plans for evasive maneuvers while en route for the collision. But he held off using them for the moment. "I have a backup plan though, Captain. Before I left, my Dolmoquor left strict instructions not to launch unless I ordered it. If worse comes to worse, I can try a verbal stand-down. Try and make them think I'm still one of them." He saw the fighters would be on them any minute and got ready for the big dance.

"You can give it a shot," Harvey agreed, despite how uncertain he was that it would work. "Just be ready for them to not accept you."

Terry nodded. "In a perfect world... But then, this Zone is far from a perfect world. Nasty, controlling fish bait." He tapped at the piloting controls again. "Brace yourselves. Any second now."

Alexander lead a team of seven fighters including herself, a very minor thing but she never thought an uninfected would do what Galahad was now doing, so in reality she had 5 other infected besides herself. The poor Ensign was flying in formation trying really hard to thinking blending in thoughts, still wishing he had more information. If he pinged the other fighters they'd know it. He wasn't even sure all were in the weird place Alexander seemed to be in but he did know things weren't adding up and he planned to listen in, waiting for what he didn't know.

"Ryan." She said to another pilot, "Take M'len and Roose into..." She paused trying to find the knowledge, Archer still throwing up mental roadblocks via memory overload but she got there in the end, it was getting easier to deflect. She would have to do something about that though, even a millisecond behind the console of a fighter could be life or death. For now she continued her orders, "Form grid 4 formation, maximum scanning and overlapping fire ranges. Weapons on stand by."

"They've charged weapons," Harvey reported. "Our forward and last functioning rear bank are online, and targets acquired." Looking to Walsh, Harvey stated, "Let's get this over with. Get us to the ship as quickly as possible."

"I'll give her all she's got, Captain," replied Terry. He pushed the runabout as hard as he dared to the Black the coordinates.

"Sixty seconds to shield perimeter," Lieutenant Kemm reported. "Transporter locks are secure for six lifesigns and our destination."

Alexander locked eyes on her HUD watching the shuttle, it was making for them or maybe for the ship she didn't know or much care. It was the shuttle the Captain had left in that was the big part of what she wanted to know. Reactions slowed very slightly by the fact she had to keep pulling memory. This particular ride along was not a pilot herself but was getting faster "Grid vector 45.7 formation. I want to meet it away from the ship." She didn't trust why it was coming on to them like this and instinct had her wanting to deal with this in the depths of space. Especially if they blew it. She knew blowing it inside the Black Hawks shield bubble would be stupid.

The other pilots shifted in a sort of swarm style meant to block and react quickly to hem in an enemy. Weapons firing solutions ready to lock on the shuttle when they got within range as Galahad considered a plan to disable as many fighters as he could before they discovered him or took him out.

"Less than a minute to...." He paused when he looked out the front of the runabout. "What in the world are they doing?! An unidentified craft is less than sixty seconds from the Black Hawk's shield perimeter and they're forming a fighter screen? I swear if they weren't Dolmoquor I'd give the whole lot of them a ripping like they'd never had!" He sighed. "I suppose we could be thankful that they are Dommie and not my regular pilots. If they were, we would have already been in trouble." He turned to the Kelpian engineer. "Time to impact, Lieutenant Kemm?"

"Forty seconds to the shield perimeter," Kemm said, not looking up from the center console in front of the transporter. "Forty-five to impact."

"Forty to forty-five seconds...I can dodge anything they might try to throw at us. You should get everyone ready for an infiltration beam-in, Captain," he said to the man who'd been monitoring the what was left of the weapons system. "Hopefully we won't have to start shooting right away, but you never know." The big man paused for a second before he realized what he'd just said and to whom he said it. "Uh, I mean, I recommend it, Sir."

Harvey smirked, liking the fact that his squadron commander had gone from apologetic and remorseful to commanding and defiant in less than an hour. This could bode well for the crew as everyone was freed. "We're about as ready as we could ever be," he told Walsh. To be sure, he shot a glance back at Kemm.

Kemm glanced up at the Captain in return. He didn't have to provide a facial expression, however difficult it was for a Kelpien to do, to display how he felt about the entire situation. The exposed threat ganglia took care of that. "Thirty seconds," he droned.

Terry nodded. "Right, Sir. Let's get the job done, then." Combat was combat to the old Marine, whether it was in space with fighters or in a ship with people.

"Open fire". Alexander said cursing the error she saw too late as the craft came onward, the fighters continued forward and opened fire as soon as there was a lock. One of fighters got its shots very close to Alexander but she she didn't pay attention to the idiot that fired it as she was too busy dodging. It did throw off her shot, growling she ignored Archer's glee as Alexander bent with renewed determination to the console, caution gone now.

"Shields at forty percent!" Kemm cried out from his console. "Containment fields on the warp core are failing! We're looking at two minutes until a core breach."

Harvey fought the urge to curse and struggled to maintain his composure. It it hadn't been for the beating the runabout took on its first flight through the minefield, the damage probably wouldn't have been that extensive. But, one way or another, the faithful Mississippi was about to have her last hurrah. "Time to perimeter?" Harvey asked.

"Ten seconds!" Kemm cried back.

The Captain kept his eyes fixated out the forward viewport and fired twice from the forward phaser array. The first shot narrowly missed a fighter, but the second shot landed directly on a fighter's wing. Harvey hoped that the wounding wasn't fatal. More of his crew would die today, but he didn't want any of it to be at his hands.

Terry tried to dodge the blasts as best as possible. But there were so many fighters against their little runabout that they were bound to take some shots. Kemm's exclamations after one of the hits confirmed it. Terry shook his head...he'd been in two vessels today that were having a warp core breach. What kind of crappy luck was that?

An indicator on the console told him that those ten seconds had passed. "We're through the shields, Captain. Collision course set for deflector control and standing by for computer controlled piloting."

"Dropping shields!" Harvey shouted, quickly running his hands across the panel as the Black Hawk now filled the viewport. "Now, Mister Kemm!" A heartbeat later, Harvey could literally feel the transporter begin to disassemble his body atom by atom and convert him into energy. The process soon left the Mississippi vacant, leaving her to run on her own power towards the ship's mighty hull.

The explosion, to those who could see and appreciate it, was fantastic. Corroded by the cosmozoan a month ago, the Black Hawk's engineering hull was little match for the battering ram and disintegrated with the collision. The runabout's remaining nacelle tumbled off into the void of space, as did the runabout's remaining antimatter. As quickly as it had begun, the fireball disappeared, leaving behind a gigantic hole in the side of the ship. Around the bend, the mighty deflector dish began to flicker and fade. Harvey's target had met its mark and achieved exactly what it hoped to accomplish.

Now the real fight for the Black Hawk would begin.

In the immediate aftermath it was all Alexander and the others could do to maintain control of their crafts as the energy ripple from the after math blew outward. Systems screamed alarms, HUDS overloaded briefly and for a few seconds it was sheer chaos.

===[Flight Deck]===

Joey was pleased. The fighters would be able to prevent Geisler and the others from making it back onto the ship. That remained her line of thinking until an explosion rocked the ship, sending the infected woman crashing to the floor beneath her. She cursed, able to brace herself from taking any major damage, but the bumps and bruises would smart later. "What the hell was that?"

Camila staggered and fired her phaser when the explosion rocked the ship and hit a Petty Officer in the chest and putting a nice hole in him. She cursed in Italian and looked at the pregnant host of the other Dolmoqour. "Get up," she said, offering her free hand.

Accepting the offered hand, Joey got to her feet. "Find out what's going on."


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