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Welcome Dolmoqour

Posted on 10 Sep 2019 @ 4:29am by Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh

Mission: Truth and Justice
Location: Flight Deck
Timeline: MD 15 || 1500 hours

Cooper was a bit frustrated. The body she had ended up with was sound but the mind within seemed disjointed. Oh the knowledge was there and experiences the alien needed but the paths to get to them did not always follow logical ones. And this 'Cooper' seemed to have idiosyncratic behaviors that the stowaway would need to be careful to emulate.

One of those being meeting with the head of the pilots on a regular basis, the purpose of which being to coordinate tactical ship and area defense. That was where she was headed now, the pilots had the least infiltration and she hoped to be able to fix that.

Terry was down on the Flight Deck, performing a daily walk-through. He was glad to have gotten word that everyone made it back okay and the squadron hadn't been needed. Well, that last part was with mixed feelings. He came up to a fighter that had been set aside for some Level One diagnostics. He picked up the PADD from the top of the tool chest and began scanning it. Everything looked like it was in order...except for the glaring red icon next to the warp core subsystem on the scan. He handed it back to the Crewman and shook his head. "Get it fixed." And then he walked off to the next area.

Cooper walked into the controlled chaos of the fighter bay. Pulling from her hosts memories, her host who was still radiating a frustrated anger by the way, told her this was normal. Pulling from from same memories the alien tried to move and act as Cooper. A bit harder than one would think as every interaction had to be reviewed because while Cooper was polite to everyone some were friends that she was more relaxed around and some less so. It wouldn't do to be caught out for acting out of season as it were. And unfortunately her host seemed to have a never ending supply of ear worms just to be irritating. Finally she came across Walsh. Her target near, she summoned a smile. "Commander, keeping you busy I see." She said in the hardy tones of Cooper.

Terry looked up at the sound of the familiar voice. "Oh, Lieutenant Cooper," he said. "Yeah, busy enough that our scheduled meeting time slipped up on me. I can take care of this later," he said, gesturing to the rest of the bay. "We have some tactical things to discuss."

Cooper inside was yelling and desperately trying again fruitlessly to do something with her body. She tried to warn her friend and succeeded only in causing DolmoCooper to rub the bridge of her nose who then smoothly said, "I understand, the away mission threw me off too. Lead on sooner we get this done, the sooner I can let you get back to work." She smiled as inside Cooper raged.

He noticed her rub the bridge of her nose. "Yeah, me too. It's been too long since I've had a good night's rest or even some decent nap. Anyway, we can use the office over there. I vote for sooner." Terry led the way across the Deck to the small room that worked for an office for the Flight Deck. He went on in and took a seat behind the desk. "So what have you got for me, Lieutenant?"

"We had some interesting tactical data from the planet that might bear some weight on your deployments..." Sh said handing him the PADD she carried as she stepped to behind and one side of him. Bending as though to look as well. One hand carelessly in a pocket.

"I'm always ready to see anything that might help with deployments and patrols," said Terry. He took the PADD and began studying it. There were lots of things about the tactical data that stood out to him. But he was particularly interested in the pre-industrial parts. "I think that if we need to perform some ground support missions, these steam vents might be useful. I assume they're an exit point for a tunnel of some kind and that they might interlink. If we can target the vents and surrounding area with enough firepower, we could possibly cave in some the underground tunnels and shafts thereby creating...well...tremors and cave-ins. I'd make sure that any of our people on the surface are aware of that first, though. Did we get any scan showing where the tunnels and shafts might lead? Some kind of facility that would provide secondary explosions?"

As he talked Cooper nodded, making sure to keep his attention on the PADD. She pulled a specialized vial from her pocket and popped the lid quietly the real Cooper looked on in horror as her hands and body worked without her. She took the small Alien in one palm and smoothly moved it to his ear as it slithered in she quickly put him in a hold so he wouldn't hurt himself while the transfer occurred.

To say that he was taken by surprise was an understatement. There was the feeling of something slithering into his ear and then Cooper putting him in a hold. The brawny man stood up and started to fight against Cooper. He might have succeeded, too, had it not been for the Dolmoquor worming it's way into his brain. Or at least he thought it was his brain. That's what was hurting; pounding, even. He screamed as the pain intensified and threw his head from side to side. Maybe if he could shake it out... No, that wasn't working. Maybe if someone from the Deck heard him then they would come in. Maybe... Terry was slowly forced into the back of his conscious. His head dropped for a few brief seconds until Dolmoquor took over. Then he lifted his head, "You may release me...Lieutenant." It took a moment for the parasite to grab the man's thoughts and memories.

Sensing the change in him Cooper carefully released him and stepped back. She'd been counting on surprise and speed to aid her as they were close enough matched anything longer would have been a fight. As it was, She smiled in greeting to her new conspirator, "Welcome Dolmoquor."


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