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The Blowout

Posted on 24 Apr 2019 @ 12:54am by Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Captain Harvey Geisler

Mission: Truth and Justice
Location: Deck 15
Timeline: MD 10 || 1615 Hours

As Joey made her way down the corridor with Rico and Pequeno keeping pace off to one side of her, she found herself grateful to be out of their quarters. She knew she was in the beginning stages of cabin fever, but this far in her pregnancy, she just didn't have a lot of energy to do the things she used to, so she found other ways to pass the time when she wasn't on duty. Her main activity as of late... cleaning. But, there was only so much cleaning one could do to pass time before it became much the chore it was meant to be.

"Do you think we can go to the holodeck for a little while?" she found herself asking her husband as she smoothed a hand over her dress. Joey knew how busy he was, and very rarely interfered when it came to his life as the Captain of the Black Hawk, but today was different. Today, she wanted to spend a little time with him. "We've both been working like crazy lately, and really only get to see one another for a short while in the evenings, so a little time in the holodeck wouldn't hurt, right? If there is any kind of emergency, you can be notified no matter where we are." She hoped to convince him, otherwise, she'd have to think of another way.

Since the runabout had returned, and the ship redirected to Penduli V, Harvey had spent practically every waking moment pouring over the information downloaded from the archive. By his estimates, the team had only been able to retrieve less than a single percent of the information, and a lot of it seemed meaningless. There was little to no information about their destination, this Great Conflict, or anything else for that matter.

Even now, as they walked down the corridor, Harvey had a padd in his hand, sifting through another section of data. "Sure," he muttered, a natural response from his autopilot. He himself was out of uniform, wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a light blue polo, something Joey had laid out for him earlier. His tunnel vision had eclipsed him other sensory data, including how attractive his wife appeared in the dress she wore, how it draped off her figure and yet closely clung to her slowly expanding belly.

His wife was sure he didn't know what he was agreeing to given that he was occupied with the device in his hand, but he'd agreed nonetheless, which made things easier for her. Now, she wouldn't need to come up with a plan B. Joey would allow him to read over the information the PADD contained, but once they got to their destination, she'd take it and put it in the bag hanging from her shoulder for safe keeping until it was time for them to leave again. "Anything interesting yet?"

"Best I can tell," Harvey replied, his eyes still cast downward, "this place was much like the Alpha Quadrant prior to the formation of the Federation. Technological innovations throughout. Ideological differences. And then, nothing. It's like this whole place is living in a modern dark age."

"Why, though?" Joey found herself asking. "I can't see anyone wanting to willingly live in a dark age no matter how modern it is."

"It doesn't say," Harvey confessed with a sigh. "Any important entry was either deleted or not recorded. I've been reading through other non-associated entries hoping I find something the history-deleters missed or overlooked."

Somehow, Joey doubted the ones responsible for deleting things had missed anything. They hadn't been that lucky since entering the Zone, but there were also small miracles. Maybe, this would be a time for one. "How long have you read that?" she asked. If he'd gone over it more than twice, chances were he wasn't going to find anything. Less than twice, and it was still possible.

"Hmm?" he mumbled. "I... I can't say for sure. Everything feels like random characters on the page anymore."

"You need a distraction," his wife told him, holding her hand out. "Let me hang on to that for now, and I promise I'll give it back to you later."

"Give it back?" he asked, looking over to her for the first time in... when was the last time he'd looked at her. What was it she was wearing? Rico? Pequeno? He looked down at the clothing he wore, realizing for the first time that he was not in uniform. Had he really been that distracted for the last few days?

"Remind me to keep a closer eye on you," he remarked, surrendering the padd. "Especially when I'm half-asleep after the twins arrive."

Joey took it and tucked it away inside the bag she carried where she knew it would be safe. She didn't realize just how much the information consumed him until that moment. "Well, your being preoccupied actually worked in my favor, but I don't plan on saying anything more than that," she said with one of her best and bright, and perhaps a little mischievous, smiles.

Harvey took note of the bag, the way the dogs seemed to be tame yet excited, and even the loose and thin fabric that composed his wife's dress. Despite his tired mind, he still seemed to be able to put a few pieces together. "We're heading to the holodeck, aren't we?"

"We are. I did say you needed a distraction, and the holodeck does offer a wide variety of those," Joey replied, glancing down at the two canines before returning her attention back to him. Part of her had to wonder if he had any idea what was going on. "For a couple hours, at least. You'll have fun, though."

To the truth, Harvey was oblivious. "Fun?" he echoed. He seriously had to wonder if he had any idea what that was anymore. "As much as I hate to say it, I'm certain surfing is out of the equation."

Joey shook her head. As much as she wanted to go surfing, it wasn't worth the risk, even inside the holodeck where things were meant to be safe. "No, we're not surfing today. What I have planned does involve the water, though, and swimming, if you want. I have our suits in here," she said, gesturing to the bag.

Harvey chuckled softly at that. "Plans. You're preparing for everything it seems. Those maternal instincts are starting to kick in, aren't they?"

"I think so," Joey agreed, slipping her hand into his now that it was no longer occupied. "I'm also starting to get a bit anxious, too, but that seems to be pretty normal."

He was certain her anxiety didn't compare well to taking on an entire starship single handed, or even charging into an enemy-controlled starship. Having two little ones to care about certainly cut down on foolhardy missions, though a day might come where she'd rather be on one of those than deal with a baby whose cry saw no end. "So they say, anyway."

"Along with the anxiety comes fear, and I'm absolutely terrified," she admitted, and in doing so, it made her feel like she was already failing before even getting started.

"Fear is normal," Harvey added, as he had done on many occasions prior to today. "I'm scared too, but that fear will just drive us to be the best we can."

"You're scared, too?" she couldn't help but ask despite him just saying it. "I had no idea, but you're right. We will be the best parents we can be, and we'll have each other to lean on."

He stopped moving, grabbing onto a free hand in order to stop her beside him. "We're a team, Joelle," he said firmly, yet lovingly. "As long as we have each other, there's nothing to worry about."

She stopped when he stopped, and smiled. "I know, and there's no one else I'd rather be a team with," Joey said, leaning in to kiss him while there wasn't anyone else around to witness it. "And we're going to have each other for a long, long time to come. I promise you that."

Harvey leaned in to meet her kiss, It did not last for long as a pair of doors opened nearby, allowing a couple of blue-collared crewmen to step into the corridor, and back out just as quickly. Harvey did not find himself embarrassed, but he pulled back from the kiss anyway. "Holodeck, right? Going back to Hawaii for a bit are we?"

"You could say that," she stated as she began to walk again, and there was that smile once more. "You'll enjoy yourself. I have no doubt about that."

He reached down to hold her hand as they walked. "If it's one thing I've learned, it's to trust you when it comes to that."

Joey was just a little nervous. After all, it had been a long time since he'd done anything like this. But, she had a feeling he would go with the flow. "I haven't steered you wrong yet, and I have no plans to do so as time progresses, either. Just keep trusting me when it comes to all things fun."

Harvey spotted the holodeck entrance up ahead. The door was closed, as was typical, but the control panel beside the room was illuminated, indicating the room was already in use. "Are we early? Or did Operations double book?"

"We're on time, and Operations didn't double book. We have this one for the next few hours," she told him, wondering if he was getting suspicious now. "I had Mila come by and start the program for us, so you'd be walking directly into paradise." Joey didn't like the little fib she'd just told him, but maybe it was a little believable.

"How much vodka are we going to owe her when we're back in Federation space?" Harvey asked as they approached the large, clunky doors.

"I don't think we're going to owe her anything," she said, coming to a stop just outside the doors. Now the nerves were really starting to set in. Joey spent months working on this surprise, planning everything down to the finest detail. But, had it not been for Mila, and the help she'd provided, Joey didn't know if she would have been able to pull it off. "Are you ready?"

He looked at her strangely, now wondering for the first time if something was truly amiss. "We're... just going to the holodeck. What do I need to be ready for?"

Instead of telling him what he needed to be ready for, she decided showing him would likely be for the best. Joey stepped forward to open the door. They were immediately greeted with the sights of a dock surrounded by the crystal blue waters of Hawaii, and at the end of it was a rather large vessel. There was also a sign on a post just off to one side. "Happy birthday, my love."

Harvey stepped inside the holodeck, rather surprised by the sight of the luxurious yacht that had been created by the computer's talent for manipulating forcefields and light spectrums. He had been so surprised that he not only failed to spot the sign, but was a bit delayed in realizing what Joey had said.

Then it hit him. Harvey stopped in the middle of the open doorway, looking at Joey in surprise, then back to the yacht. He was more than aware that today was his birthday; after all, one did not simply forget the annual anniversary of one's birth, a practice long engrained by parties and celebrations. Except, Harvey had not celebrated the event in several years, save for a single glass of scotch in front of his wedding picture. Much hadn't been worth celebrating for years. The Black Hawk had changed all of that, especially with the crew's and Joey's help.

He turned back to Joey. "You... you did this? For me?"

"I did," Joey said, looking toward him with a smile. Birthdays happened every year, but she knew her husband hadn't celebrated his in a long time, and it was definitely time for that to change. He deserved it, and she wanted to make it something special for him. Something she hoped would make pleasant memories for him as time went by. "Do you like it?"

"Like it?" he practically gasped as he stepped towards her to embrace her. "I love it."

She returned his embrace and pressed a kiss to his cheek with a smile. "I'm glad you do," Joey said. It had taken her months to get everything worked out so it would be perfect for him. "Shall we go see what she has to offer?"

He nodded, reaching down to clasp her hand. "We shall indeed."


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