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Meeting the New Guy

Posted on 02 Apr 2019 @ 1:55am by Ensign Joe Owens & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: The Kalisa Conundrum
Location: Engineering
Timeline: MD 1 || 0900 Hours [Backpost]

Joe was pacing around Main Engineering, double checking the various panels making sure the readouts were correct. Once he was satisfied that they were working perfectly, he began to go over the warp core. Checking on the matter-antimatter not wanting an incident this early into his career as a Starfleet officer. Once he finished his inspection Joe took a moment to relax.

A brunette wearing Command red on her collar came around the corner carrying a stack of PADDs in her left hand and stopped when she saw a tall bearded man in a gold uniform checking out the warp core. He only had a single pip on his collar, but it wasn't someone that she had met before, so she headed his way.

"I am saying good morning," Mila said in her usual Russian accent. "I am being Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin, Captain's Yeoman."

The green-eyed man turns downwards at the much shorter woman, a bit confused as to why she was here. He took a mental note of her rank pin. "Good morning, I'm Ensign Joe Owens. The Assistant Chief of Engineering, what can I do for you?"

"I am being here to collect morning reports from Chief Griffin, but am pleased to be making your acquaintance," Mila said with a smile. "How are you to be finding everything?"

"Not sure where the Boss is, but I'm sure you will find him soon. It's nice to meet you as well." Joe smiled, "Well once I stop checking every system daily I think I will take the time to meet more people." He laughed softly.

"Is being good time as any," the Yeoman said. "Unless you are being in danger of turned into paste by the Chief."

"I don't think he has any plans of pounding me into a paste, at least not yet." Joe moved to the panel that had the status of the power grid. "Levels are within the norm."

"Then you are being safe for now," Mila said with a nod even though she knew very little about the ship's engines. "I am being in charge of keeping administration within norm."

"That's an important task, without someone doing that people may not know what the others are doing. Would hate to take apart something and then get complained too from someone who needs it."

"Da, I am being in agreement with that," she said. "Main part of my job is keeping Captain informed of everything that is going on on ship. Without that information, he is not being able to run ship effectively."

"True and someone needs to keep this ship on track." Joe nods his head as he looks back to Mila. "So tell me something about yourself Chief."

"Hmm," Mila mused for a moment. "I have been serving Starfleet for thirteen years, I am having Capuchin monkey named Chow, and I am dating man who is being one hundred and seventy years older than me. I am also one of few humans to have won championship match in Betazoid poker game. What about you?"

"That is quite eventful, well I only just got out of the Academy a short time ago. This is my first tour of duty, grew up the son of a mechanic so it was second nature for me to go into engineering. Not dating anyone but I have an adorable niece."

"I have been serving under Captain Geisler for little over year now, but he is being very fair man," the brunette responded. "I was being on old Black Hawk before it went down on New Bajor, but there is being no place that I would rather be. How long has it been since you are seeing niece?"

"Well, I got plenty of pictures of her, my older brother, and his wife so I know what she looks like. But it's been I think nearly two years since I last saw her. Why join up on the new Black Hawk if you don't mind me ask?"

"Is being where I was sent after my tour on USS Typhoon was coming to end," Mila said. "Black Hawk is having best Captain I am ever serving under, and I had some small influence in him marrying his second wife, who is like sister to me. Now she is carrying my krestnikov....godchildren," she said after a moment when she realized she had said it in Russian even though the Universal Translator took care of it for her.

"I can see why you would want to come here, I guess if I was close to the Captain and his wife I think I would do everything I could to be assigned under him." Joe scratches the back of his neck. "I guess I would need to first meet a Captain who is friendly with me. Don't think I mean Captain Geisler, I haven't met him yet so I'm not judging him. I'm just saying in general."

"He is being good man and great Captain," the Senior Chief said. "I would go to great lengths to be making sure he is okay in whatever way he is needing. Is why I am having leeway is being able to call him on carpet if he is needing such. In main, I am supplying him with pulse of ship and making certain he is having all information at his fingertips when he is needing it most. He is being approachable, but not very sociable. Yet."

Joe smiled at her response, "Well then to do my part, if you can't find Boss I will try to get a report for you so you don't need to tear the ship apart looking for him."

"Am not needing to be tearing ship apart," Mila said. "Chief Griffin is being good, hardworking man and will get report in. If not, then I am suggesting things to Captain in efficiency report and he is looking bad. But I would not be doing that if it is not being needed."

"Alright, I will leave all that to you Chief. Anything else you need from me?"

"Nyet, but if you are to be needing anything and Chief cannot be laying giant hands on it, be coming to Administration and I will be seeing if I am being able to grease cookie sheet."

"I will hold you to that Senior Chief Petty Officer." Joe smiled.

"Then I will be seeing you another time," Mila said and returned the smile before she headed off to find the Chief Engineer while making notes on one of the PADDs she had. All in all, Owens seemed like a good guy, but time would tell.

Owens turned his focus back to the impulse engines after Mila had left, for his first meeting with her he thought that it went pretty well.


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