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Non-Essential Round Up

Posted on 06 Apr 2019 @ 2:24am by Ensign Shay Mitchell & Lieutenant JG Myles Toral & Lieutenant Danyl Adan & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Chief Warrant Officer Roosje De Vries & Petty Officer 1st Class Allen Miller

Mission: The Kalisa Conundrum
Location: Various
Timeline: MD 1 || 1700 hours

"Okay," said Allen, looking over to his compadres, "time to ride herd on some cats. Some crazy, insane, lunatic, Starfleet cats. So, we've got Talons, Rec Rooms, Performance Halls, and even Cargo Bays. Where do you hombres want to start packing them?"

Cooper looked up from her PADD with a brief smile at Allen's description of their assignment, "I was thinking 3 main teams. One group can go to Talons and Performance Halls on Deck 8. We..." She gestured to Toral and cast him a questioning look, "Can take that if that works. Another group the Rec and Cargo on Decks 9 and 11, with more Rec and Cargo on Decks 14 and 22. If one group finishes early they bump over to one of the outstanding areas. Thoughts?" She glanced at the assembled, glad her mind was finally sloughing off the bubble wrap.

Shay was grateful to be back to her normal self, or as normal as possible given the circumstances. "Speaking as someone who was on the other side of this, there are definitely strength in numbers," she began, though she did not want to go into any detail about what she'd done. In fact, she half expected the Captain to call her into his office at some point given she'd held him and others at phaser point. "As long as they can be contained until they've been treated, I don't think it matters. We should pick the safest place on each deck and take it from there."

Roosje was being her joyful self. Chatting with everyone who wanted a conversation. For now she was standing at some kind of restaurant or bar. A strange place she tought, all the persons seemed to adhere to one fashion statement. At least there were three Colours. She was currently talking to a young man with some ridges in the middle of his nose. At least he was attractive. Not like some others who seemed to have a blue skin or ridges in other places. What a strange place she was visiting. She should take some pictures to send to her family.
"And how about kids?", she asked the man. "Ever thought about kids. They are soooooo much fun. Not that I have any." She paused. "Not as far as I can remember.", she giggled. "That is until they are into their puberty. Then they are nothing but, ..... ", she searched for the correct word. "Vevelend.", she added. Somehow that sounded wrong. An somehow that sounded right also. Strange. Strange Strange.

Myles had remained silent up until now. It seemed the injection had made his mind clearer again and indeed he did not have the impression of being followed or watched by some strangers all the time. However, he did not like the situation they were in now. He still felt the tension as that feeling of being a pawn in the hands of some strangers was all too familiar thinking back to the Cardassians and the fugitive camps. He eventually turned towards Cooper and Mitchell. " Well I'm ready when you are," he said, watching the Chief Warrant Officer who was standing near to them. As a security officer in that situation he carried the small phaser type 1 with him, that was set a stun, but that was only for real emergencies. He really hoped he would not need it.

Allen cocked his head to the side a bit as he listened to the support craft pilot that was in the room. He wondered what a pilot would be doing rounding up the crazies and then wondered if she was one of them. His hand went to rest on his phaser just in case. He tried to catch the eyes of one of the other Security officers and motion towards the flirty woman and the Bajoran. "I don't think we'll have to search too far for our first guest. At any rate, Mitchell was right when she said the safest place. I expect we could run into some pretty violent people who might not be too compliant even after waking up from a stun. I have a couple of anesthetize grenades if we need them," he said, tapping his security belt. "But should we think about the possibility of venting the gas into the rooms? I mean, if some of these hallucinations are violent with more than a couple of people, it could be a blood bath in there until Medical gets around to them."

Cooper nodded at Mitchell, she hadn't heard what had happened to the other security officer yet but from Shay's tone and words a wealth of experience, not all good, lay behind it. "That works too, ok we approach carefully. Keeping knock out gas a last resort for the more dangerous I would think." She directed the last at Allen. She too carried the standard security belt with its two knock out grenades, she hoped she wouldn't need. Ready to get moving as she watched the non security near them.

"Well, perhaps we should not approach all at once. I would be scared, too, if we came in like a... like a security team." He was not able to think of another term for that. It seemed the injection worked, but he still had the feeling that some words came a bit slow to him.

"I think our best bet would be to split up into teams of two. Going alone isn't the best way to handle things, especially with those who have potential to be violent," Shay stated.

Allen sighed, wondering how officers ever got anything done. He looked at the senior-most security officer who also happened to be the Assistant Security Chief and then the rest of the group. "Okay, sounds like teams of two, then. Knock-out gas as a last resort for the most violent. And caution is the name of the game. At least that's what I'm taking from this. So who gets to escort Mary and Nancy over there?"

Cooper glanced at Myles, he was senior officer, "Shall we?" She was ready to move but paused waiting for her partner.

"I'm willing to team up with whoever wants to go with me," the young Ensign said, though Shay would go alone if she needed to. There wasn't much that would surprise her after holding the Captain and other personnel at phaser point.

Allen threw his hand up. "Looks like you're stuck with me, Ensign. Let's go herd some StarCats. Yeehaw!"

Shay looked toward Allen and smiled. She definitely didn't mind teaming up with him. "We'll check in with you two in an hour," she said to Cooper and Toral. "If you need us before that, get in touch."

“Okay,“ Myles answered, then he looked at Cooper and nodded. “Let`s get going. If we stand here for much longer, our injection will lose its effect again,“, he added in a slightly sarcastic undertone. He did not really like the situation he was in. Slowly losing control over his senses really worried him, though he would not show that openly.

From there on out, the two teams split up to try to round up as many of the crew as possible. The Century class was huge and they had their work cut out for them. But it could be had to be done.

[Team Shallen]

Allen had jogged up beside Shay and headed out the door. "One hour. I wonder how many we can catch in an hour and not get hurt?" he asked. "Oh, by the way, slick move getting out of there before flirty escort duty fell to us."

"I held the Captain and some of the medical team at phaser point," she said with a frown. Shay still didn't know if anything would come of that, but she'd been doing her level best to mentally prepare herself for it just in case. "So, I would say the chances for getting hurt are pretty good. And, thanks."

"Oh, that doesn't sound good at all. But you weren't yourself. So maybe they'll be understanding about it all. I mean, none of us have been ourselves lately," said Allen. "Well, let's see if we can't beat the odds. For getting hurt that is. I suppose we can just talk to whoever we meet in the corridors to start with?"

"That sounds like a good plan to me," she agreed as they began to round the corridor. Shay stopped when she heard what she thought was arguing up ahead. Her gaze moved to Allen just as she moved to take a peek at what was going on. Her voice dropped to a whisper. "Looks like talking isn't in our cards this go around. There's three of them, and they're throwing punches. Looks like at least one of them is bleeding pretty good."

"Well let's see if we can't get this done the old boring way, without anymore blood loss." He smiled and winked at Shay and then turned toward the skirmish. "Hey! You knuckleheads wanna cut that out right now! And I don't care who started it! Stop it, or I'll put all of ya'll's noses in a corner!"

Shay closed her eyes. It wasn't exactly how she would have handled things, but it got their attention, and it was clear they weren't happy with the newcomers. In fact, the three individuals forgot about fighting one another and charged the two Security officers. "Chances are... this is about to get ugly."

"Mmhmm," replied Allen, as he watched the charging people. Allen secured his stance and bent his knees, slightly leaning forward. The first man to reach him, wearing the colors of the science department, swung with his left. Allen ducked and caught the charging man in the gut with his shoulder. He lifted him up and threw him over his back. The science officer hit the bulkhead and landed on the floor. "One nose, one corner. Next."

"So," she said, dodging a fist that came her way and grabbing the wrist of the offending arm to twist it, which dropped her assailant to his knees with a cry of pain. "Should I let you handle this?"

Allen watched as she made the grown man fall to his knees, crying. He chuckled and then answered, "Oh no, you don't have to do that. Not from the looks of him. Enjoy yourself and have some fun. Speaking of, what do you say we tag team this third one?" The muscular security officer turned to face the last man that had suddenly stopped and was staring at them and the ones on the floor.

Shay looked toward the guy who stopped. "I think he might be a bit more willing to cooperate now, but if not, I don't mind a little tag team action," she said, keeping her eyes locked on him just in case he made any sudden movement.

"Let's find out," said Allen. "I have a feeling you don't want to end up like these two down here," he said to the third man. "So why don't you calm down so we can all talk."

"What's to talk about?" the enlisted officer demanded, looking between the two of them. "You're just like they are! Out to get me!"

Shay raised her hands as if in surrender. "I can assure you that we aren't out to get you. We're here to help. You need medical attention."

Allen held his arms up, following Shay's example. "She's right," he said, "medical attention. Everyone needs to see the Doc. Besides, maybe you can count this as your annual physical and you won't have to go back for a whole year. Unless of course you have your eyes on someone in Sickbay. Then this is one of those times to go see them. Wink, wink," he added with a smirk. She

A brow arched. "And I'm supposed to trust you? Just like that?"

"Well, your choice. Trust us or wind up like them," answered Allen. "And you only have a few more seconds to make it. So what's it gonna be?"she

He looked to the two individuals he'd been fighting with only moments ago and started to speak, but stopped himself. In fact, the only sound he gave was a cry of rage as he rushed Allen, his shoulder looking to connect with the Security officer's midsection.

The man was close enough to Allen that the Security officer's reaction time was cut drastically. As such, Allen doubled over the man as he made contact with his midsection. There was an 'oomph' as the brawny man was hit and pushed back against the bulkhead. Allen clasped his hands together and brought them down hard on the man's kidney's. Twice.

Shay watched as the guy crumbled to the floor. "Well, he was given every opportunity to go quietly," she reasoned. "Let's get them to the round-up area and move on. Something tells me we're going to be at this for a while."

"Yep, for a while," said Allen. "But I planned ahead with an idea that would make getting them to a round-up area easier." He reached into one of the pouches on his security belt and pulled out three isolinear tags. He then removed a tricorder, scanned the tags, and programmed them with Cargo Bay One as their transport location. After stowing the tricorder, he stabbed one of the tags into the arm of the first man who'd rushed them and watched him beam away. "Beam away, beam away, beam away. From corridor to cargo bay, cargo bay, cargo bay." He smirked at Shay and held one out. "How about it? Wanna stab one 'em? Get out some frustration?"

Shay shook her head. She didn't want to seriously injure anyone, but would defend herself without shedding blood if the need arose. "I'll take my frustrations out off the clock," she said, nodding to three Security officers that came to round up the crew they'd gotten already. "Let's get this done so we can move on." With that, she began to make her way down the corridor once again.

[Team Cooporal]

Cooper acknowledged Shay and Allan then turned to Myles, "Best to be about it I guess. If you could check tricorder every so often to make sure we're not about to get jumped by a crazed biologist I'd appreciate it." She said, there was a joke in her voice but she was only half kidding. This disease was pretty serious, "But first..." She gestured to the two characters in the room, then walked part way over. She kept her body language relaxed and she smiled broadly, "Hello you two."

Myles carefully watched the two persons in the room. He was trying not to look overly alert although he was ready to react if necessary.

Roosje was just going to ask the man with the nose ridge if he had any children, when someone seemed to call out. It was a dark haired woman from the yellow tribe. She quickly glanced at her clothes. They were red all right. Maybe she was from another tribe. Not like her and the handsome creature she was talking to. Did she really call him a creature? She giggled again. Being cautious she waved her hand. "Hello yellow. Whats up? Are you here for .... ", She frowned again. "Avondmaal?" Whoops that sounded wrong again.

Cooper's smile was friendly and open, body language relax but alert. "Not sure what that is but maybe you can tell me about it. I'm Cat and this is my friend Myles..." She gestured to Myles, her voice not unlike a cop approaching an unknown drunk. As she tried to figure out what the heck Avondmaal was supposed to be and if anyone was home.

Ja Rell felt like his head ached a thousand times over. He noticed that one of the new visitors, a handsome gentleman, had a nose like his and an earring. He, however, had red on so they were different somehow. The woman with him was beautiful, gorgeous and, yes, even sexy with or without the nose ridges.

"What the hell isgoing on here?" he grumbled. "And who the hell are you people?"

Roosje saw the woman put on a smile. So she smiled back. Then she pretended to be a cat. Was she trying to mock her, or was she crazy? And what was a Myles? Then the man wearing red standing beside her shouted at the yellows. Maybe they were tribes at war with each other. She decided to put it to a test. "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty.", she called towards the woman who pretended to be a cat. Then she stepped a bit backwards. Holding her hand out for the cat to follow. She waited if the feline would take the bait.

"Oh good lord..." Cooper thought, she smiled politely, "Cat short for Catherine" She said gently at Rosie then glanced at the other person, as she spoke outloud again, "We protect this place and those who live here like you. There's a sickness going around messing up peoples memory..." Among other things but she wasn't going to get into detail here. "So we set up a place in another deck so people can get help." She tried to be a sincere and open as she could, hoping the honesty in her tone would help their case she did not want to have to stun and carry. "I'm sure you may have noticed the effects?" She asked Gently.

"Oh yes. For sure.", Roosje replied. "If you think you are a cat called Therine, your memory could be pretty messed up." She walked backward away from the crazy yellow clan woman. Somehow dodging obstacles in doing this felt like it came natural to her. "Catch me if you can.", she called out with a big beaming smile on her face. Before disappearing in the bar's crowd. "Follow up close.", she added to the handsome man belonging to her red clan.

“Whoa,“ was all Myles was able to say as the Chief Warrant Officer suddenly tried to do a vanishing trick. Tht was not really what he had expected. He glanced at Cooper for a second then stepped towards the other Bajoran. “You do not have to run away. We are no threat,“ he said trying to convince him not to follow the other one - as well as getting near him to stop him if he tried.

Cooper nodded an acknowledgement and moved she kept Myles in sight and close enough to support but moved trying to play spot the weirdo, trying to track Rosie.

Ja Rell hesitated. He wanted to believe the beautiful woman, but he just couldn't. He charged them to try and confiscate their weapons.

Cooper side stepped as he came closer and smoothly attempted a standard security hold, trusting Myles to watch her back as she shifted her hip with the phaser opposite Ja Rell in her stance.

Roosje had kept her eyes on the handsome man in red. Keeping watch if he could keep up with her. She was disappointed when he could not. it seemed as if the yellow clan persons were encircling him. Ready to take him captive. She could not let that happen. So she started to talk to other red clan members in the room. Pointing towards the scene. Apparently the blue clan was a peaceful one. But the yellows were agressive. So she felt it her duty to try to defend the poor clan member. She started giving orders to some other reds and together they tried to enclose the agressive yellow clan warriors.

Cooper caught movement out of the corner of her eyes as she held the Bajoran man, "We're on the same team..." She nodded to Myles delta shield comm badge. The same one they all wore, "We're trying to help..." She said a bit frustrated now. This was going to be a long day as they worked to try to get the all the impaired to safety

Roosje looked at the piece of jewelry the woman was pointing to. Then to her shirt, where she saw the same piece of jewelry. Then noticing it on all others inside the room. Maybe she was right and they needed help. Being a peoples person, she decided to give her the benefit of the doubt and let her guard down.

Several others in the room followed suit and began to stand down. They looked at one another, wondering what was happening to them and if the others were correct. Was there an illness that was messing up memory? What else could it be doing? Or would do? Perhaps the only option was to do as they were instructed and trust the others. Trust. The apparent 'word of the day.'

Cooper had a feeling of disbelief at first as they actually began to get less aggressive. Mentally thanking every deity she knew she nodded, "Yes, we're on the same side. We just want to get to the doctors in blue like you, so they can help you." She said in a gentle tone. She glanced at the Bajoran Officer she held to make sure he was calm as well then carefully released him, watching for actions, before stepping back.

Smoothing the wrinkles from his red tunic, Ja Rell cleared his throat. "Sorry," he said placatinly. "Maybe you are here to help us. I feel...confused."

Cooper nodded, "You're not alone, see there's this virus that affected all of us. My friend here..." She gestured to Torel "and I got the cure just in time. Now we're here to assist others get help before they get worse." She said simply unsure how much they would understand but wanting to give them something.

Ja Rell stepped forward. "I want this cure. Give it to me."

Cooper nodded, "Alright that I can help with, if everyone would just follow me..." She gestured to Torel to take the rear, "We'll take you to the Doctors who can help you. No more confusion or fuzzy brain." And most importantly no death but Cooper left that part out, no need when they were already being cooperative.


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