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A Day in the Life

Posted on 30 Dec 2018 @ 7:09pm by Ensign Kelly Khan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Mila Rasputin

Mission: The Kalisa Conundrum
Location: Administration
Timeline: February 7th, 2389 (Backpost)

The Captain's words When you're not piloting the ship during alpha shift, you'll be spending time with Senior Chief Rasputin, performing whatever tasks she deems necessary for the next three days echoed in Kelly's mind as she finished Alpha Shift for her first full shift and headed for Administration. She had no idea what the Captain's Yeoman would have for her to do because she didn't have a high enough data clearance or security to see even a fraction of the stuff that would be going to Captain Geisler.

When she arrived in the Administration Complex, she saw several signs on doors, but one door was open and had a clear wraparound window that gave the person occupying it a full view of the offices and crewmen assigned there. She saw Senior Chief Rasputin handling PADDs out to personnel and waited until the last one left the office before she stepped up to the door.

"Excuse me, Senior Chief Rasputin. Do you have a moment?" She asked politely.

"Da, one," Mila said as she turned and wondered what new crisis was popping up now that had a worried, tired looking Ensign standing at her door.

"I'm Ensign Kelly Khan and Captain Geisler assigned me to you for the next three days for anything you may need done," Kelly said.

"Ah, so you are being eager Ensign I am hearing about," Mila said with a sage nod. "Is not often I am having personal helper. You and I are to be having fun."

Kelly winced inwardly as it appeared the Captain had already spoken to the Yeoman. Of course he would. She's his Yeoman, she belatedly thought. "Fun?"

"Da, fun," the Russian told her with a gleam in her eyes. "Fun. You will be learning Administration until you are quoting regulations in sleep."

"That...sounds like fun," the shorter woman said but was definitely sure that her idea of fun and the Russian's idea of fun were in separate quadrants.

"Are you knowing what we are doing here?" Mila asked as she gestured around the Administration office.

"Maintaining all the communications and...."

"Nyet. Operations is to be doing that," the Yeoman responded. "We are being nerve center of ship. We are keeping things moving and getting to where they are supposed to be doing. Are you seeing that stack of PADDs?" she pointed at a stack on her desk.

"Yes," Kelly responded.

"Today, you will be learning where they will be going, how they are to be prepared, and order of importance." Mila told the young woman.

"Why not just load up everything into the ships computer and send them that way?" the shorter brunette asked.

Mila gave a laugh and leaned in closer to the Ensign. "Because," she said. "I am enjoying it this way. Now come. Is being busy ship and we are not to be falling behind."

With a inwardly resigned sigh, Kelly picked up the stack of PADDs and settled down to listen to what the Captain's Yeoman had to tell her. Some of it made sense, some of it didn't, but she supposed it was a day in the life of personnel in Admin and she would do it because she had messed up.

At the end of the day, Mila collected all the PADDs that had came in from all the other departments and looked at the young woman who now looked like she had been hung out to dry and smiled. "Now you are seeing importance of order and chain of command, da?"

"Da," Kelly said. "I really am. Same time tomorrow?"

"Nyet," Mila said. "Fifteen minutes early. In Starfleet, you are having to get up early to beat rush, but all in all, is being a day in the life."


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