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Posted on 02 Nov 2018 @ 3:52pm by Lieutenant JG Jazmin Parks & Lieutenant Danyl Adan & Staff Warrant Officer William Griffin & Ensign Quinn Mackie

Mission: Fractured
Location: Chief Operations Officer's Office - Deck 13
Timeline: MD 2 || 1230 hours


===Chief Operations Officer's Office===

Jazmin entered her office for the first time since the Captain had promoted her. She had a monumental task in front of her, but she knew that with Operations and Engineering working together, they'd get the Hawk in prime condition again. She looked around the office which was sparsely decorated and looked as if a hurricane had blown through.

PADDs lay scattered along with a dozen other things such as isolinear chips, tricorders, to name a few. She took a few minutes to clean up, stacking the PADDs so she could look them over later, the other items she stashed in a drawer. She'd figure it all out later.

She tapped the replicator controls. "Coffee, Kona Blend, recipe Parks five." In seconds a steaming mug appeared and she sipped at the too hot liquid. Sitting at her desk, she accessed the Operations databanks.

"Computer, compile a list of all systems operating below standard operating efficency. Cross reference with materials needed to bring them up to spec and materials we have in supply or can replicate. List in order of priority. Send the data to my status monitor."


She leaned back in her chair. "Well my fitness reports always said I needed to focus. If this job doesn't drill that into me, I don't know what will."

=/\= "Lieutenant Adan, Ensign Mackie, report to the Chief Operation Officer's office." =/\=

She sipped at her coffee some more then turned to face the status display which was rapidly filling with task after task that needed to be done.

=/\= "Staff Warrant Officer Griffin, this is Lieutenant Parks. I'm sending that supply manifest for the power generators to your station. Also, I have a list, probably not as long as yours, of things that need to be done. I'll get my people to start allocating resources as needed. Let me know if you need something bumped up in the que." =/\=

Griffin tapped the comms access panel on his console without looking up from the damage report he was reading. The new rank was cumbersome on the tongue and he was beginning to find it annoying.
=/\= "Just call me chief Griffin, Lieutenant." He grumbled into the comm, "I got a list longer'n both my sleeves tied together an' it just keeps growin'. Priority for engineering right now is structural integrity, tactical systems, and propulsion, in that order, but we're real short-handed. If your people could handle the secondary systems, replicators an' consoles and the like, that'd be great."=/\=

=/\= "Affirmative Chief, I'll get my people on those systems ASAP. I know we're running short on some supplies, if you get me a list of your highest priorities, I'll see if I can't find a way to locate some, perhaps something here in the Zone might substitute nicely. I'm about to have a meeting with my senior people and we'll get on those secondary systems for you. =/\=

=/\= "Thanks, Lieutenant. Every bit of help you can give us is more'n welcome." Griffin grumbled, taking the time to open the supply requirements list for the generators and frowning at it. "I'll keep you updated with priorities. Right now, it's mostly damage control but we're running real short on tritanium alloy." =/\=

=/\="Not a problem, Chief, and I'll see if I can't locate some tritanium or the equivalent. =/\=

=/\= "All right, Lieutenant." Griffin grumbled his reply, "you should know the sensors ain't exactly a hundred percent right now and they're fairly low down on the list of things to do..." He paused, the engineer didn't want to be rude, but he had more important things to be doing than having a friendly chat with the new Ops chief. "If there's nothing else, ma'am? I'm swamped over here."

=/\= "Understood, Chief. Parks out." =/\=

At the tail end of the conversation, the door chime sounded. On the other side was Ensign Quinn Mackie. Like most of the Operations personnel, he was attending to issues as he saw them. Depending on the severity, he referred them to a Engineering or a more experienced officer. None of them bothered him as much as who would be on the other side of the door. Chief Stephens was gone, and it seemed like the position had been filled. Quinn thought the voice was familiar, but he’d been doing something noisy at the time and couldn’t make out who it belonged to. It was time to find out.

Jazmin had just closed the comms with Chief Griffin and had taken a sip of her coffee when the chime sounded. She took a deep breath and sat at her desk. She really hoped this would go well. "Focus Jazmin. Focus."

She set her cup down on the desk and took another dep breath. "Come in!"

The door opened, allowing Quinn to enter the room. He paused just inside the doorway, surprised to see that Lieutenant Parks was behind the desk. Quinn hadn't anticipated that, and he managed to quickly recollect himself and resume his approach. "It seems we meet again, Lieutenant."

Jazmin smiled as Quinn entered. She caught his look of surprise, even though it had only lasted a second. "Thank you for coming," she gestured to an empty chair, "please, have a seat."

She took a breath. "I'm as surprised as you, Quinn, that I'm behind the desk and not someone else. The Captain only just laid this on me a couple of hours ago."

Quinn nodded at the Lieutenant before sitting down. "I was wondering who'd he'd get to replace Chief Stephens. After all, three departments had been hit rather hard."

"I know, I don't envy the Captain for having to figure out who replaces who. Not only a logistical mess, but I know it can't be easy on him losing such fine officers." She sighed and brushed hair out of her eyes. "But, this is what we've got. Once Adan gets here we can get down to business." She stood and stepped over to the replicator.

"Can I get you anything?"

Thankfully Quinn was not a Captain, but he still had a shred of sympathy for those who were lost. "Some good people we've lost thus far," he remarked aloud. "Just a glass of water will be fine, ma'am. I haven't had much to drink yet today. Been moving too much."

Lieutenant Adan stopped just outside the door tooffice of the Chief of Ops and pressed the door chime.

Entering the office, Adan was surprised to see the Lieutenant behind the desk. He smiled warmly. "Congratulations, Sir, on your promotion."

Jazmin handed Quinn the glass of water that had just appeared in the replicator. She turned to Adan and gestured for him to sit.

"Thank you, Lieutenant." She sat back down with a sigh. "Lord knows it wasn't something I asked for, but if the Captain has confidence in me, then, I'll give it my all." She leaned forward. "I want you both to know that I have the greatest respect for both of you. I'll be relying on you both a lot as we get the Hawk back to her best."

"Adan, with that in mind I would like you to be the Assistant Chief Operations Officer. I've read your records and I would be shooting myself in the foot if I didn't ask this of you."

Adan grinned with pleasure. "Of course," he said, "I accept. Thanks for the offer, Sir."

Quinn smiled, enjoying the moment. He knew one day he'd have a chance for advancement like Lieutenant Adan, but he'd have to work at it for a while. "Congratulations, Lieutenant," he offered.

Jazmin nodded, "This is no way diminishes my opinion of you Quinn. I'm going to be relying on you almost as much as Adan." She paused and brought up the list of needed repairs provided by Chief Griffin. "As you can see, we've got our work cut out for us. Engineering is up to their eyeballs repairing major systems, such as structural integrity, weapons, warp, and so on. We're going to focus on secondary systems, getting everything else up and running."

She tapped a few commands on her console and then handed each of them a PADD. "This is the list. Put together several teams, and get on the list. Red tasks are priority, yellow next, green third, and blue fourth. Quinn, I know you can handle this, so I'm having you moving from team to team. If any of the teams runs into a problem they can't seem to get handled, your my ace to get in there and help them out."

She smiled. "Don't hog it all, but if a team needs help, I know you can get things on track. Otherwise, Adan will have the assignments for your team."

Jazmin stood and accessed the systems display on the wall behind her, lines of code began crawling across the screen. "I've got about a million lines of LCARS code to trace down. We're having computer glitches that have no hardware malfunctions to explain. Adan, get me a couple of our best programmers to give me a hand."

She turned back to the others. "Any questions?"

The ensign sat for a moment, searching through the tasks at hand. He had already been jumping from project to project and it came to no surprise to him that he hadn't even scratched the surface of what needed to be done. "I don't have any questions," Quinn said. "At least nothing other than asking for a deadline on the priority tasks. I know ASAP, but are we needing these tomorrow or by the end of the week?"

Jazmin nodded thoughtfully. She scanned back over the priority tasks and did some mental math. The critical repairs were not that numerous, but would still take some time. "Seventy two hours, we need to make sure that the critical system repairs won't impact on Engineering's repairs."

Quinn nodded, thinking that seventy-two hours would be plenty of time to get it done. He'd strive to do it quickly, but he wouldn't promise anything about shaving some time off of that. "Aye, Lieutenant."

Jazmin nodded. "I think we're done here. I want to let you both know that I appreciate your expertise and I think we'll make a great team. Now let's get this ship in the green."


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