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Where Are We?

Posted on 06 Feb 2018 @ 7:13pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Commander Thiago Teixeira & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Gemma Alexander & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Danyl Adan & Lieutenant T'Pai & Lieutenant Avery Stuart Ph.D. & Lieutenant JG Dean Winchester & Ensign Shay Mitchell

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: USS Black Hawk, Various
Timeline: MD35 || 0745 hours


Starships were normally quiet, save for the sounds of circulating plasma and life support systems. Neither of those could be heard, instead, all anyone could hear was the sound of the structural members groaning as the ship slowly rolled in its new home. All power was offline, save for emergency lighting and life support. The Black Hawk had made it, though the damage was severe.

Harvey's eyes slowly opened, filling his gaze with blurred vision composed by two colors, red and black. Slowly, his vision came back into focus. Red and black yielded to other colors and sharp lines, revealing a strange room. Other bodies were on the floor, all seemingly lifeless. Harvey moaned, trying to push himself up.

"Ow," he muttered, realizing all too late that he pressed his hand down on a piece of shrapnel in his attempt to sit up. Where was this place? Why was he here? "Hello?" he tried to say, only to find his voice hoarse and low. It was a strange sound, one that he didn't recognize. Is that what he sounded like? He took in another breath of air, finding his airways were slightly obstructed. He exhaled, then inhaled again, trying to get himself to cough and clear the passageway, only to groan afterwards. Oh, that hurt, he thought. "Hello?" he called out again, this time his voice clearer and louder. "Is everyone okay?"

Joey stirred around without opening her eyes as pain registered in her head, promoting her to bring a hand to the very spot it was most prominent. She didn't feel anything out of the ordinary, which she took as a good sign, but that begged the question... how did she hit her head in the first place? Another quickly followed when it registered she was curled up on a floor somewhere. How did she get here?

As she began to grow more coherent, a voice she didn't recognize began to make its way to her ears. There was someone else near by? Slowly, Joey opened her eyes and looked around. Nothing about her surroundings seemed familiar and a sense of panic and dread began to sink in. "Who's there?" she finally managed after willing her vocal cords to work.

A groan came in response as Camila pushed herself away from the Tactical console that had tried to embed itself in her stomach. She coughed at the taste of something foul in the air and looked around, but all she saw was flashing dim red lights and shadowy figures slowly moving. A hand jerked for something at her side, but she didn't know what she was looking for and stopped. "Hello? What happened?" Another thought went through her mind and it was one she didn't have the answer to. Who am I and who is speaking?

T'Pai heard voices all around her, in various stages of discomfort. She could hear each individual voice, and could almost tell how much pain each person was in by the sounds they were making.

When a voice called out, asking if everyone okay, T'Pai realized her eyes were still closed. As soon as she opened them, T'Pai felt as if her senses were overwhelmed. Especially her sense of smell. She could smell everything, strongly, distinctly. The smoke, the burnt circuitry, blood, sweat...everything.

It took T'Pai a moment to get the sensory overload under control. When she could focus on her surroundings, the first thing she saw was a crewman on the deck, trapped under a large piece of debris. Without thinking, T'Pai leaned down and grabbed the object. With the crewman pushing from underneath, T'Pai was able to free them.

And then she froze. It was obvious she had done most of the lifting, But how? The crewman was obviously twice her mass, but she had handled the weight without any problem.

T'Pai stumbled back against console, again overwhelmed What was she? Who was she?

Harvey was now sitting up, looking around the dimly lit room. He heard the others talk, but he had no answers to provide. Some bodies were stirring, and others weren't. Harvey rolled over to push himself to his feet. Nothing felt broken, but he certainly had pain coming from... well, everywhere. Most of the people in the room looked alike. Some had long hair, others short. Others had dark skin tones, others light. Some had inflated upper parts of their chests, and others not. But, Harvey found himself most interested in the strong individual with the pointed ears. She was different than them all, yet she seemed to be in the same boat as the rest of them. "Anyone know where we are?" he asked. "Or why we all dress alike?"

"It would seem logical that..." T'Pai paused, confused. Her answer was almost instinctive, but she didn't understand why. As she looked around, she found her mind automatically categorizing everything she saw into categories, taking note of every detail around her. Why was it doing that? Was everyone else's brains doing the same thing?

"Our clothing would indicate a common purpose," she began, taking in all the occupants of the room. "But there's a subdivision of some sort. Each of us is wearing one of three different colors underneath. And we have these as well," T'Pai said, fingering the pips on her collar. "You seem to have the most," she told Harvey.

Instinctively, Harvey reached up to feel his collar. One. Two. Three... Four. Four round things. He then looked at the cuff of his sleeve to note the color, even though the red was hard to see in the low light. What did this all mean?

Joey listened as the others spoke, pushing herself to her feet. Her entire body hurt, but it didn't feel like anything was broken which she was grateful for. What she wasn't grateful for was being in such close proximity with others she had no recollection of. She needed to find a way out... find someplace where she'd feel safe, but given the fact she had no idea where she was made that impossible. Still... safety was key.

And even though the woman with the pointed ears stated they had a common purpose, panic began to set in. Why, though? What was making her feel that way? She didn't know, but getting out was all that mattered.

Gauging the distance between the standing man and the pointed ear woman, she inched herself farther away while surveying her surroundings for anything that might be used for a weapon. Those still on the floor were easy enough obstacles to cross when the time came to make a break for it. "I don't know who any of you are... or why I'm here... but... I can't stay here," Joey said, wondering why she was so paranoid.

Camila looked at the woman inching away from them and frowned. "Where are you going if we don't know where we are?" She brought a hand up and felt something over her left breast and tugged on it, pulling a strange emblem off of her chest. "And why do we all have these...whatever they are?"

Joey didn't have an answer for the device that the yellow collared woman pulled off of her chest, but she did have one for the first question asked. Just as she was about to open her mouth, movement inside her stomach caught her off guard, causing her to go pale. Her paranoid mind conjured up a thousand different scenarios as to what caused it, and none of it was good.

She grabbed hold of something, a panel that had come loose, and put it between herself and the others. "What have you done to me?" she demanded.

"I don't even know who you are," Camila said as she slowly approached the tall brunette with her hands held up in the air. "I have no plans to hurt you and have no idea what anyone did...or who any of you are. Just calm down," she kept her voice low and even as she approached. It was almost like she knew how to calm down an agitated person but didn't know how.

"Calm down!? Calm down!?" Joey repeated in an almost hysterical manner, tightening her grip on her makeshift weapon. "Something inside of me moved, and I'm sure one of you has used me as some kind of incubator for something diabolical. Lizards! I have lizards moving inside if me!" What the hell was a lizard, and why was she so sure that's what it was?

Harvey stepped into the open in order to face the crazy woman. Holding his hands up, he said gently, "I think if one of us was using you for an incubator, we'd remember that. Just calm down, and we'll figure this all out."

"You think so?" Joey asked, lowering her weapon just slightly. "What's your name?"

Harvey opened his mouth, only for nothing to come out. His eyes widened in total surprise, his emotions quickly followed by shock and confusion. "I... don't know."

"I don't know who I am, either," she said, tossing the weapon aside before looking at the others. "What about the rest of you? It's been established we all have something in common based on how we're dressed, and these..." She touched the pips on her collar. "Mean something, but do any of you know your names? Or how we got here? Or where here even is?"

Camila reached up and felt the two pips on her collar but shook her head. "I have no idea who I am or any of you." She looked up and then pointed. "Bigger question. What's that blue light out there, wherever it is?"

"It doesn't appear to be emanating from a single source, but rather from the background," T'Pai mused, staring at the screen, then back at Camilla. "But that's not normal, is it? We know out there shouldn't be blue. Or should it? How do we know that, though? What else do we know?" T'Pai's hand brushed the hair from the right side of her head then froze when it came into contact with the tip of her ear. She gingerly explored the contours of her ear, while her eyes darted between the members of the bridge crew.

"O que está acontecendo?" he asked, pulling himself up from the ground. He looked around the room, trying to figure out where he was. His eyes darted about, taking in the scene; consoles were positioned around in different places. And there were people. "Quem são todos vocês?"

Arjin's world had retracted to one of pain. All he felt was an overwhelming sense of pain in his head. His eyeside was full of an horizon of black with withe spickles. Like space. Why did he think of space now, when he was clearly unwell? Biting his teeth he tried to focus and slowly the pain retracted to a dull kind of beating. His sight adjusting to .... To what exactly he did not know.

He was in some kind of room that seemed to have exploded. We are under attack is what he tought. But by whom and where am I? Looking around he saw a multitude of persons lying and standing around an industrial looking place. But he did not recognise them. Nor the place. They seemed odd. As if something was missing about them. Some were utterly alien looking. They were under attack. His gut feeling was right. I a reflex he lunged for a small but sharp piece of metal that lay close by.
With a hiss he stood on his legs, but stayed close to the ground swaying the makeshift knife before him. A part of him asked why he did this. He did not know why, only that it felt natural.

"You shall not take me prisoner.", he hissed again. Swaying his weapon from left to right.

Then a dread feeling set in, comming from his gut but envelloping his whole body. "Where are my children?", he screamed. "Give them back to me."

Did she appear that crazed moments ago? Joey would guess the answer to that was yes. She frowned and began to approach the irate man. "Look... we're all in the same predicament right now, and as you can see... there is no one else but us here presently, and, I don't think any of us are these children you speak of. Maybe... if you put your weapon down and help us make sense of what's going, you'll find what you're looking for. Until then... you only prolong an uncomfortable experience we all want to get out of," she said.

Harvey didn't have much time to react to the man who spoke the strange language before one with spots echoed the brown-haired woman's actions. "Look, relax!" Harvey shouted, growing frustrated not just with the reactions he'd seen, but even his own inability to remember anything. "Whatever happened... whoever did this..." Harvey just sighed. "We're all in this together. None of us know who we are, or what we're doing here. The only way you'll get your answers is if we all work together."

T'Pai only half listened to the man in the center room. Most of her attention was focused on the shape of her own ears. T'Pai had noted minor differences in the some of the other's appearances, such as the row of spots on two of the others. But that could be explained as some type of urticaria. Her ears, her strength, the way her mind wanted to focus and organize observances...

As T'Pai's fingers hesitantly began making their way down her face, one of the men with a rash shouted he would not be taken prisoner. With the differences she had observed about herself in contrast to the others, she wondered if she was here to take prisoners, or perhaps she herself had been take prisoner. Rather than openly panicking, T'Pai found her brain trying to deduce what set of events might have brought her here while trying to find clues in her surrounding to supplement her lack of data.

Unperturbed by her surroundings, T'Pai continued to examine her own face.

To the man with the strange language, Harvey asked, "I don't know if you can understand me, but do you know anything about this?"

"Por que não entendi você?" As he spoke, he realized something was different. His words sounded different than those the other man spoke. Falamos o mesmo idioma? he wondered. Eu entendo o que ele está dizendo, mas ele diz que ele não me entende. Devemos estar falando diferentes idiomas. He took a second to gather his thoughts. "How is this?" he asked.

Part of Harvey considered that the gentleman had received a tremendous blow to the head, causing him to speak in an unusual manner. However, the sudden change to the common language everyone spoke was a bit jarring, especially when he observed how quickly he changed his speaking. Raising an eyebrow, he simply said, "That's better."

"I seem to speak more than one language," he asserted. He moved towards the man who'd been speaking to him. "Sorry about that." Looking around, he wondered what all of this was. "Maybe we can use these," he said, pointing at the nearest console. "There has to be information somewhere."

Harvey sighed. "I don't think anything works around here, much less if we know how it worked in the first place. None of us remember anything, at all. Anyone have any ideas on where to start figuring this out?"

Danyl sat up, awaking from a wild dream. In it, he was a woman with spots all over her face being attacked by a male with ridges along his nose and forehead. What a nightmare! He looked around. Didn't know who he was. Didn't know what he was. Didn't know where he was.

Hearing the man in the red and black clothes, he said, "Well, I would suggest trying to calm down as much as possible and trying to go from there."

Camila searched around and found a strange item that had several buttons on it and a meter of some sort that was green with a couple bars of red on it. She turned it over in her hands and looked at the pointed end, then got a feeling she did not want to be looking at that end of it. She reversed her grip on it and pointed it away from her then pressed one of the buttons to see what it was do. A beam of light came from it and hit a terminal which caused a blue electrical arc to come from it. "Woah...."

Children. Did he have children? Where did that thought come from? What were their names then? Arjin thought about this. But he couldn't remember. Heck, it seemed he did not even know his own name. A strange man and woman seemed to adress him. Maybe he was the attacker and not the attacked. Putting the weapon down, work together, making sense of things. It sounded good advise. He started to lower his makeshift weapon. That was until suddenly someone fired a weapon, making a devise explode. Out of sheer imprinted reflex, he rolled over to a what seemed a secure spot. Holding on to his weapon. "Lies, all lies. You are trying to kill me. You will find I'm not an easy victim."

Harvey had spun to find the source of the whine and the explosion. Looking at the blonde in surprise, he asked, "So, are you our captor?" Looking around at the rest of people in the room, noting once more the similar clothing everyone wore. "Or are none of us captives and we're all missing something?"

"No....I don't think I"m your captor even though we're wearing different colored outfits. I found this thing," Camila said as she held the phaser up. "It appears to be some kind of weapon."

He sighed, and shook his head before continuing, not really wanting to give anyone else time to comment. "It stands to reason that we're all here for a common purpose. We just need to figure out what that is. Maybe then we'll know more about who we are. Let's look around for anything that might give us ideas."

T'Pai put her hands to her sides, forcing herself to stop her self-examination, finding his suggestion logical. But why was that quality of his suggestion one that especially recommended itself to T'Pai?

Nonplussed, T'Pai began looking around the room, Her eyes lit on a plaque near what she assumed were doors of some type. The plaque bore a symbol similar to what she assumed was a piece of jewelry on her chest. T'Pai could read the list of the names on the plaque, wondering if any of them corresponded with her or the other occupants of the room.

It was he sentence at the bottom of the plaque that intrigued her.

"I do not believe any of us are captor or captive, but are...or were...a group working toward a common goal. Read the sentence on the bottom of that plaque. The one that bears the same symbol as the one we wear on our uniform," she added, pointing to the plaque. "Whoever or whatever we are, that is the purpose we were working toward. Working toward a better world."

Joey looked at the plaque that was pointed out and read it over. "Century Class? Starfleet? United Federation of Planets? What the hell does any of that even mean?" she asked, feeling more confused as the seconds ticked by. "We should see where these doors lead. Maybe there are more answers behind them." She moved to one of the doors that lead to the Ready Room, though she didn't know that, and tried to pry it open with little success. "Can someone help me out?"

Harvey considered moving over to help, but he had a feeling he wasn't strong enough to pry open those panels without a bit of leverage. Looking down at the defensive spotted man, Harvey said, "What say you? You can either lay there waiting for someone to do something they won't, or you can put your... whatever that is to use on that door," he said, pointing to where the woman in red struggled.

Arjin's eyes dartet between the man who had spoken of working together and the wolan who had asked help with opening the door. Seeing there were no further attempts at firing, he kept low but ran slowly towards the door. Keeping his back always covered by the furniture or the wall. When he arrived there, he planted the metal piece he was holding between the small line separating both door panels. "On three you push and I pull.", he stated to the attractive female dressed in red. "One, two, three,..." Gathering all his strenghth, he pulled on the metal and used it as a lever.

"Would you like me to try with this?" Camila held a banana-shaped silver thing in her hand with the business end pointed at the door. "It seemed to work pretty well on that thing over there." She gestured towards the terminal she had shot.

"No. We don't know what's on the other side of this door," Joey answered in response to Camila's question. As Arjin pulled, she pushed, and after a few moments, the doors gave way and parted to reveal what looked like an office. "It's open. Thanks for your help." She nodded toward Arjin, then looked toward Harvey. "It looks like an office. I don't know whose, though. Then again, I don't think any of us would know."

"Agreed," Harvey told the woman with the weapon as a strange blue light drew him towards the office. They didn't need any sort of accidents, but who knew if that little device was actually capable of blowing a large enough hole in a wall. "Take a couple people and go that way," he said, pointing to the back end of the room where four doors awaited. "See what's there."

"Certainly," Camila said as she pointed at Teixeira and Djinx. "You two look like big strong men. Let's go open some doors."

"I'm not just here to be 'the muscle,'" he countered. "At least, I don't think I am." It was all too much for him. He looked at the spotted man. "You heard the lady."

Arjin looked at the man. Solething inside him wanted to comply with what sounded as an order of sort. Another part resented being told what to do however.

"I'm not here to be the muscle either.", he replied. "But at least I'm not afraid to make my hands dirty. Besides we should find out what is beyond there." He knew instantly that he meant this last statement with all of his heart. Somehow finding out what was not yet known was imortant to him. Why he did not know. But at least it gave hime some insight about himself. With that he stepped over towards one of the closed doors.

===[Ready Room]===

Harvey entered the office, where everything was cast in a shade of blue from whatever was glowing out the window. "Whoa," he muttered as he stepped up behind it. As far as he could see was glowing blue... was that space? Where were they? It was a fascinating sight, but before Harvey could study it more, something caught his eye below his eyeline. He looked down to see a large stretch of gray. Black and grey lines and holed peppered its surface, as did some red and blue markings, none of which were readable at this angle. "We're definitely on top of something," he said. "At least, I think we're on top of something."

"I may have found something we could use," T'Pai announced as she followed Harvey into the office a couple of minutes later. She held a small object in her hand. "I was examining the other doors, to see if there was a method of opening the doors without the use of brute force. I believe I can use this." There was a look of confusion on T'Pai's face, as she wasn't quite sure what the device was, or how she could know how to use it, but not know anything about herself.

"Hmm?" Harvey muttered, looking suddenly at the person with the pointed eyebrows and ears. "Anything's worth a shot," he supposed. "Follow the woman with the weapon and make sure she doesn't blow a hole through something."

"Aye, sir," T'Pai said, spinning around. She suddenly froze, wondering where that response had come from, and also marveling at the way her mind automatically categorized her response and "stored it away" for future consideration. Mentally shrugging, T'Pai moved to quickly catch up with the rest of the ad hoc scouting party.

Joey followed inside the office as well and was drawn to the blue glow outside the window. "It's beautiful... whatever it is," she said softly before snapping herself out of it. They were on a mission presently, and staring out of a window was less than productive.

She turned and moved toward the desk, hoping there would be some kind of clue on it. Something caught her attention on the floor and she bent to pick it up, turning it over in her hand. It was a picture, but what the picture of caused more confusion than any help. Joey looked toward Harvey, then back to the picture before going back to him. "I think this office is yours, but why would you have this?" she asked, holding a picture of the two of them together.

Harvey turned to look at what she was referring to, only to be surprised at the item she held. He did, however, suppose that anything and everything should surprise him today. After all, he did not know anything at all. Harvey looked at the picture, then up at the woman holding it. In the picture, she was quite striking. And, it wasn't that she didn't look as striking now... she looked different somehow. Perhaps it was the uniform, or the darkness, but he could not tell. "I..." he stammered. "I just don't know. There's too many questions here, and I don't even know where to start looking for answers.

For now, it was best to dismiss it. There would be time to figure it out later. "I'm sure we'll figure it out, but for now, let's focus on what's in front of us. You have more of these..." She touched the pips on her collar. "Than anyone else. If this is your office, maybe we can find something that might have your name on it."

Harvey nodded, though he thought it might be more prudent to figure out what the hell was going on. There were several flat and wide silver items scattered around the floor. One of them was actually under his foot. Kneeling down, he picked it up and turned it over, only to find that the screen had been shattered. "I don't think this one will be helpful."

He reached over to grab another device that was nearby. This one was face up, and some sort of information was displayed on the screen. "Power consumption report," he read aloud. "At least we know this... this Black Hawk... is supposed to work." He scrolled down looking for any sort of name. "Prepared by a Lieutenant Danyl Adan." The name didn't help at all, nor did he know what a Lieutenant was. Harvey looked over to the woman who was in the picture with him and looked her over once more, wondering if she was this Danyl.

Joey bent over to retrieve something identical to what Harvey was holding and looked it over. It didn't appear damaged, and after a few seconds, she turned it on. "This one has a report on fighter condition addressed to a Captain Harvey Geisler... submitted by a Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh," she said as her brow furrowed. What in the hell was a fighter? For that matter, what was a Captain or Lieutenant Commander? None of this made any sense to her, but hopefully in time it would. "Maybe these things can provide more answers, but a lot of them appear to be damaged."

"Here's another Lieutenant," Harvey remarked, holding up a form from a Lieutenant T'Pai. "Perhaps its some kind of job title or common name. "And a Senior Chief My-la Rasp-putt-ten." Senior sounded rather superior. Perhaps a supervisor of sorts? Maybe that was his name...

While he spoke, Joey looked through some of the other devices scattered about. Everyone she picked up was damaged except for one. She found herself hoping it would contain more information than the previous ones. "This is the last one in here that isn't beyond repair," she said, powering it on. Once the screen can to life, she began to speak again as she read it over. "This one was compiled by a Lieutenant Junior Grade Felix Langston, also addressed to this Captain Geisler and senior staff."

She let her eyes search the words on the screen, looking for anything useful. "It mentions something called the Sel... Selub... assari..." Joey said, knowing she butchered the word and not caring. "Says they've been preparing something and that we are advised to get out of the Gamma Quadrant." She looked back toward him. "I still have no idea what any of this means. Is the Gamma Quadrant that blue stuff out there?"

Harvey shrugged. "This all just feels like bits and pieces of something," he sighed. "Something larger than what these... things can help us picture. I don't think we're going to find what we need in here."

===[Rear of the Bridge]===

"Appearances to the contrary," T'Pai said, trotting up to the trio with a small device in her hand, "I am perhaps the physically strongest individual in our group, and thus best equipped to provide 'the muscle.' That being said, I believe we can use this device," she said, hefting the actuator in her hand, "to open the doors. Though I'm not sure how I possess this knowledge."

Camila looked at the object and gave it a moment of thought. "It does seem familiar, but as far as you being the strongest, we don't know that. Let's give that thing a try and if not," she said as she held up the item she had in her hand. "There's always this."

He watched the to women discuss the device the pointy-eared one was holding. He reached out and grabbed for it. "Enough talking."

T'Pai deftly moved the device out of the reach of the other man, noting both the speed of her reflexes and the manner in which her brain recorded and categorized the data. "Perhaps it would be best to begin acting," T'Pai allowed. She placed the flat side of the device near the center of the door, just below eye level. The device seemed to attach itself to the door. She gave it a small twist, and easily pulled the door open.

"Interresting.", Arjin said. "Well done." "See, no need for muscle.", he added towards the other man in their group. "I'm dying to find out what's out there."

On the opposite corner of the bridge, a brunette, whose once neatly bunned hair had started to explode, fussed with a hatch covered labeled "Locker." Somehow, she managed to force it open, revealing a multitude of things inside. "Medical kit," she read, taking a look at a small case. She also found two small weapons like the blonde had used a short while ago, and a long silver device. It had an interesting grip, a light on the top, and buttons like the small weapons. She surmised that it was a heavier weapon, both by its length and weight. There were also a couple cylinder like objects with straps. Fiddling with one of them, she activated the device, shining light on Harvey, who was just coming out of the ready room.

"What'd you find there?" Harvey asked, crossing the bridge.

"Some sort of light," the woman replied. "More weapons, a medical kit, and a few other things." She showed Harvey the items, though she was a little unsure how he'd respond.

Harvey looked at them closely, then at the group that was gathering around them. "We're not going to find much up here," he said. "All we know right now is that we're on, or in, something gigantic. We're going to have to leave this room and see what we can find. We found a... well, we know that this... thing... Black Hawk... whatever it is. It's supposed to have power. If we can find it, or someone that can help us find it, we might be able to put some more pieces back together."

"Something like a main power switch then.", Arjin answered. "We could try pushing all the buttons we encounter on our voyage then. But somehow that seems imprudent. Maybe the answer lies out there.", he said. Waving towards the door the pointy eared woman had opened.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if it were that simple? Harvey thought. He had a feeling that that certainly wasn't going to be so easy. "We should exercise caution though," Harvey warned. "Who knows if there are traps waiting for us? But we have to try."

"Hey!" came a voice from the back of the room, down the hallway that had been opened earlier. "This goes down to lower levels!"

"Then that's our way down," Harvey said. "You and you," he said, pointing to Joey and Camila. "Go down... five or six levels or so. See what you can find. You two," he said, pointing to Thiago and Djinx, "head down another five or six after that. Pointy ears," he said, looking to T'Pai, "You and I will go down as far as it goes. Let's see who else is here, and if we can find ways to turn things back on. As for the rest of you, explore the level underneath this room, but let's never leave this place vacant. I have a feeling this place is important, and we need to make sure someone's around in case people come looking. Each team take a weapon."

Joey looked toward Camila. Would she be safe with her? That was something she didn't really have an answer to, but felt she'd be able to protect herself if the need came. Since the other woman seemed to have the weapon covered, she made her way over. "Let's see what we can find."

Camila looked for a place to tuck the weapon she carried, but her outfit didn't seem to have any pockets or a belt. "Why does these things seem like they're for wearing to bed?" she asked as she headed for the shaft that led down. "I hope you aren't afraid of heights," she told the taller woman as she moved over the edge and started down a ladder with the phaser held under her right armpit.

"Let's regroup here as soon as we've scouted our areas!" Harvey called out after the two that already took off. Right now, there was no other way to communicate except to be in the same room. Nothing else would matter anyway, especially since they had no names to work with."

===[Flight Deck]===

Terry woke up, leaning against a bulkhead. He rubbed his face several times in attempt to fully come to. Then he took a deep breath and pushed himself up to a kneeling position and looked around. He was in some sort of large alcove. Or was it a mini-hanger of some kind? There was a vessel or ship parked there. There were also instruments and parts strewn all over the floor. But there was something missing. No, a bunch of somethings. He had no idea who he was or what he was doing there. "Um, hey. Hey! Anyone else around here?"

At first Gemma didn't move. All she knew was pain, aches and bruises all over she carefully climbed to her feet. The back of her head throbbing as she looked around in confusion. It was a bit like when someone woke up suddenly and it took time for the brain to provide important info like "Who am I?"And "Why am I awake?". Only in this case there were no answers and her mind remained stubbornly unhelpful. She stood there a moment fruitlessly trying to get her bearings, looking down herself at the flight suit she wore for clues, when she heard the voice.

"Over here!" She called, in a British accent and headed for the source of the voice.

The muscular bald man carefully made his way around the bodies on the floor. To those that were waking, he gave a pat on the shoulder and a nod. As he exited the alcove, he saw a short redhead approaching. That must have been the source of the 'over here' that he heard earlier. He changed direction and moved towards her.

Gemma caught sight of a tall, bald man in a similar uniform to hers only more shiny round dots on his collar. For some reason she wasn't sure of that was comforting as she met him half way, he looked familiar but she couldn't place him, at least he looked like he wasn't hurt, "I don't suppose you know whats happening? I think I hit my head, it's all a bit fuzzy." She said somewhat hopefully, her own mind still stubbornly blank on details as she rubbed at the small knot on the back of her head from where she'd hit the fighter.

"Not a clue," he said. He hadn't even taken care to notice anything on his clothes. "I know I hit my head; it hurts like crazy. He started looking around at the vastness of their surrounding area. Whatever it is, this place is huge."

Gemma nodded an acknowledgment a bit disappointed with his answer, "Yes it is..." She replied and glanced around realizing for the first time she didn't actually see an exit from where they were standing, it was that big. She started speak again when she heard a groan off to the side, she looked back at the bald man, "Perhaps we should go over this place? See who and what else we can find?" Hopefully someone without a head injury who who could tell them what was happening, regardless leaving someone in need didn't sit well with her.

"Good plan. Let's go." The bald man started walking and looking around. Others were milling about and talking. Two with spots were sitting in corners, seemingly be lost in there in their own thoughts. He came around one of the small crafts and stopped. "Uh, Red," he said to the redheaded woman, "what in the hell is that?" He pointed down a long open area and to the blueness beyond. Parts seemed to swirl at times, but he still didn't know anything about it. "Where are we?"

Gemma paused confused since she didn't see her own hair, I have red hair she thought inanely as she turned to look at what he was as they paused on their search of the area. She stared at it a few moments, "I don't know." She tried to think but her own mind was a murky as the blue swirls out there in space. She sounded quite frustrated about that fact as she tried to think, then continued, "We seem ok for the moment..." No alarms, or lack of air etc. She said glancing concernedly at the window to space, "let's continue to look around maybe we'll find something helpful."

"Agreed," he said. She was sounding very practical and that made him wonder what she did in this room. He looked back over his shoulder at the hole in the wall into...what did she call Yeah that was it. He shuddered. Thing almost made him nervous. "Hey, let's see what's behind some of those doors." Anything to get him out of sight of the blue swirls that showed through the big hole.

Gemma nodded pleased to have decided on an action when she caught sight of a tall, black haired man with a wrinkled nose looking confused and a little lost. Gemma went over to him, "Hey, you ok?" She asked. He nodded slowly, "I think so, do you..." and Gemma shook her head, "I don't know who I am, where we are or what this place is. I'm gathering you don't either. I do know that there might be people here that need help, maybe you could go around and gather people up? Check on them? We're all in the same uniform so I think we're all in the same boat as it were..." He nodded pleased to have something to focus on and went away.

Gemma turned to the bald man, "Ok Baldy let's see if we can get that door open." She said with more confidence than before but getting things done always made her feel better. She went and placed herself on one side of it, preparing.

Terry rubbed his head with left hand. "Well what do you know, bald." He chuckled and then moved to the other side. "I'm not sure if this will work, but let's give it a try. Maybe we can get open a little bit...just enough maybe for you to get inside and see what's around."

Gemma nodded and braced herself on the other side, "On the count of three..." She said.

When she reached 'three,' he pulled from his side. The door didn't all. "Well so much for that," he said. "Maybe there's something around here we could use." The large bald man gestured to everything that was strewn all over the floors. "Let's give it a look around."


Groaning, Winchester pulled himself upright against a wall, rubbing the back of his head. Wherever he was was dark, with only a dim red light off into the distance. Come to think of it, as he searched his memory, he couldn’t remember a damn thing, who he was nor how he had gotten here. He could however hear voices around him, and this angered as much as scared him. Stumbling to his feet he called out, “Who’s there, what the hell have you done to me?”

Shay heard the voice, but had no idea who it belonged to. The young woman slowly opened her eyes and looked around. Things were dark, but there were red lights that offered a little illumination. Her head hurt, and now that she was able to focus, so did the rest of her, but nothing felt broken. At least not yet.

"I don't think anyone did anything to you," she called back, leaning against the wall with a wince. "And if anyone did, then they got me, too. Do you know where we are?"

Groaning, Winchester said, “No, I wish did know, but what in the hell is going on?”

"I... I don't know," the young woman said trying to fight through the haze that still clouded her mind. "Can you move?"

Rubbing his head, Dean said, "I think so, got a pretty good gash on my head, but thats it". Moving his extremities just to make sure, he called back out, "What about you, are you hurt and can you move?".

"There's not a part of me that doesn't hurt, but I can move," she replied with a wince. "Maybe we should look around a bit? See if anything looks familiar?"

Pulling himself slowly to his feet, Winchester groaned. Like the other person, there was not part of his body that did not hurt also, and the wound on his head was still trickling blood. Slowly making his way over to the other person, and fighting the urge to throw up, he extended his hand to help her up and said, "Yeah, lets go see what we can see". Winchester was trying very hard, both to maintain his balance and not puke all over the place.

===Sick Bay===

Meanwhile, down in Sick Bay, Jayla found herself on the floor, staring around at everything around her. She felt the cool steel of a wall behind her and vaguely wondered how she knew it was steel. How did she know that when she wasn't even sure where she was? Curious.

But, that would have to wait. Not too far from where she was, she saw a dark skinned woman lying unconscious on the floor, a small gash on her forehead. She didn't know who it was, but she had to do something. Instinctively, she reached into her pocket and pulled out her tricorder as she carefully crawled the short distance to the woman. “Ma'am,” she said as she scanned her. “Ma'am, are you okay? Can you hear me?”

Abbey stirred and her brow wrinkled. “Who you callin' ma'am?” she asked groggily.

“You've got a small cut, but nothing's broken,” Jayla said by way of reply as she turned the tricorder on the rest of her. “You seem okay, otherwise.” Then she suddenly stopped and examined the device in her hand. She couldn't, for the life of her, remember what this thing was called. She shook her head. That would also have to wait. “What's your name?”

The other woman started to reply, but found she had no idea. “I dunno,” she replied. “Yours?”

And that is how Jayla discovered that she also did not know who she was. “Strange,” she said. “I don't know who I am, but I know what this is” she held up the tricorder, “or at least what it does and how to use it. I also know what to do for that cut, but it's pretty minor. We should see if anyone else needs help. You feel up to sitting up?”

With a bit of assistance, Abbey managed to pull herself to a seated position. “There's a girl over there,” she said, spotting a tiny blond pulling herself off the floor.

“You all right?” Jayla called to the girl.

“Fine,” came Penny's sweet soprano voice back to them. “A bit dizzy, but I don't think anything's broken. Any clue where we are, though?”

Jayla and Abbey both looked around. “Some sort of hospital, I think,” replied Abbey. “There's... there's... well, medical equipment. I can't think of what they're called, but I know what they do. At least generally. How do I know that, but not who I am?”

“You don't know who you are?” asked Penny, then she blinked. “Wait.... wait. I don't know who I am, either.” She gasped. “Oh, that's weird. I should be far more alarmed than I am.”

“Same,” said Abbey. “Is there anyone else around here?”

All in all, they found five other people in the 'hospital' with them. Four were wearing the same blue uniform that the three of them wore and the fifth was in gold. None of them know who they were either, though they noted that Jayla was the only one with spots and that the woman in gold had blue skin.

“Well,” Jayla said once they were all gathered. “I suppose we can start by fixing each other's wounds. Then we can figure out what to do next. That wrist is very swollen,” she said to a very tall man. “I think I know what to do about it.”

And so, they spent the next few minutes attempting to heal one another's wounds while the woman in gold attempted to assist.

Fighting wave after wave of panic, Avery tried to find comfort in knowing she was surrounded by people who were having the same memory difficulties as she was, and she supposed she needed to focus on the fact that compared to some others, the only real injury she had was a bloody nose. Still, as most of the people around her begin to heal each other's wounds, it was obvious to Avery that in addition to not knowing who she was or what had happened, she didn't seem to have the same degree of medical knowledge as the rest of them. That only increased her sense of panic because if she didn't understand that, there was a good chance this wasn't where she belonged.

Still, she found herself trying to offer comfort to everyone else and trying to smile even though it was the last thing she felt like doing.

~to be continued...~


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