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Posted on 14 Oct 2017 @ 12:05am by Captain Harvey Geisler & Commander Thiago Teixeira & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant Callam Jaxer & Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Gemma Alexander & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant Danyl Adan & Lieutenant JG Jace Crystan

Mission: Crossing Over
Location: Deep Space 15, Reception Hall
Timeline: November 12, 2388

Arjin had put on his gala uniform to attend to todays event. The wedding of their Captain with Lieutenant Corwin. He really like both of them and wished them all the best. In fact he hoped they would have a life together as lovely as his first host had lived. He made sure his uniform was straight when he walked inside the reception hall.

To be perfectly honest, Jayla didn't actually want to go to this thing. Not that she wasn't happy for Harvey- because she was- but she just didn't feel like being around people. She wanted to paint and to be alone with her thoughts.

But, these were her friends and she couldn't very well skip something so important to them. So, she put on her dress whites- the skirt version, of course, because Jayla was all girl- and made her way to D-S15's reception hall. She spotted Jace just ahead and hurried to catch up. Perhaps enduring people with a new friend would help. "Hi," she said cheerfully, but also slightly subdued. "Have you ever been to one of these before?"

Jace meandered along, probably a little too slowly, towards the gathering. He wanted to show his support for his crewmates, but didn't necessarily feel too comfortable going to one of these. They were stuffy. He turned his head when he heard a greeting. "Oh hey. Yeah, but I was a child. I wasn't too fond of the experience." He, of course, referred to the marriage of a distant cousin. He was one of three boys of age to be the ring bearer.

"I've never been to one," she replied. "Trill don't get married. Usually."

"Well, that sounds like a prime topic for another conversation," he said smiling. "Shall we?" The doors parted to reveal the reception hall. Jace politely escorted Jayla to a seat in the middle of the pack and sat down next to her. Strength in numbers, as it were.

Mila entered the reception hall in her best dress enlisted uniform, her hair done back in a long single braid. She wore only the slightest hint of blush to give her cheeks a bit rosy and a small amount of purple eyeshadow. Once she entered, she looked over her shoulder and smiled. "Your uniform is being fine, Aidan. Now come. Let us be getting good seats."

Aidan had been tugging at his dress whites since he'd put them on. Something about them never really fit for him. Then when Mila spoke, he chuckled. "You always seem to know, Mila." He made one final adjustment and left it alone. "I was thinking we might sit near the front of the group. Those would be good seats in my opinion. And it would give you a great view of your Sestra's day." He took her arm in his and started down.

Mila took his arm and smiled as she headed for the front. "Is it being okay if we are to be sitting on Joey's side?" she asked.

"Of course it is," he said. "I wouldn't have it any other way for you." He led her to one of the rows nearer the front and stood to the back of the seating. Holding an arm out, he said, "After you, Miss Rasputin."

The Russian woman smiled as she took his arm and then settled in. "Thank you, Mister Crehan," she said.

Kelly paused at the entrance of the reception hall in her best dress uniform and had the shiny new pip on the collar instead of HG and looked around as she brushed a lock of her brunette hair behind her ear. She saw a few crewmembers that she recognized and smiled. She tugged the top down at the waist in a informally known 'Picard Maneuver 2.0' and waited for her boyfriend to join her.

Quinn had been delayed entering the reception hall for one reason only, the open guestbook just outside the door. It was a fascinating thing, really, the idea of using an actual bound book and quill pen to provide one's autograph. He'd wondered if anyone actually read these more than a week or two after the wedding. Alas, it seemed to be the appropriate custom, so he'd signed it just the same. He entered the hall a moment later, tugging at the sides of his white and blue dress uniform as he joined Kelly at the top of the aisle. "Does it matter where we sit?" he asked.

Kelly shook her head as she took Quinn's hand, but headed towards the bride's side on impulse. "No," she said. "But I've always been a fan of the bride."

It had been a while since Allen had gotten to wear his formal dress uniform. It still fit tightly, but the Petty Officer had no qualms about that. He entered the reception hall and did a quick look around to see who had shown up. He would not have missed this for anything. Not for Joey. He saw several people that he recognized, but no Shay yet. Allen walked on in and found an empty seat at the far end of the row on Joey's side.

Catherine Cooper entered in her formal dress uniform and sat with some other security on the brides side. Happy to be there for Joey's special day. She couldn't think of anyone who deserved it more.

Lt. Gemma Alexander walked in wearing her not often worn dress uniform. Her ribbons and wings neatly on her chest. She paused, she didn't know Lt. Corwin well and so sat with some pilots she knew on the grooms side.

Callam entered wearing his dress whites. He didn't really know either either party in this wedding. He'd never met the lieutenant and he'd only really met Captain Geisler once. Sure, he'd talked to Blackhawk Actual over the comms a whole bunch, probably more than Walsh wanted him to, but he'd never really had a real conversation with the man. Nonetheless, he'd decided to try and play well and get along with others. He spotted Gemma sitting with some of the other pilots. Now she was someone he could play well and get along with! He walked over to where she was sitting. There was an empty seat next to her.

"Hello," he said to the lovely pilot. "You wouldn't happen to be saving that seat for me, would you? It would really make my day to sit with a gorgeous and witty redhead. If you you're not saving this seat for me, could you at least point me in the direction of a substitute gorgeous and witty redhead?"

Gemma smiled, he did fill out dress whites nicely, "There is no substitute..." She flipped her hair and struck a brief 'hero pose' before lightly thwaping him on the arm. "Sit before I change my mind." She joked. Glad he was here, she wasn't close to the Captain but he seemed a good guy and it was right to support the Skipper with all he'd done for them.

Callam grinned and took the seat next to Gemma. Discretely, he reached out and gave her hand a gentle squeeze before letting it go before any of the other pilots had a chance to notice or comment on the gesture. Pilots could be first class asshats and he didn't want Gemma taking any grief because the two of them had been spending time together and enjoyed each other's company.

Gemma squeezed back and when he removed his hand was a bit disappointed, she slid her hand so it rested on her leg nearest him, "I'm happy for the Captain but it'll be nice to get out of this monkey suit..." She muttered, her ever ready quips in to save the day.

Callam grinned mischievously and leaned in close to Gemma so only she could hear him.

"I agree," he said. "I'd like to get you out of that monkey suit, too!"

Gemma nudged him in the ribs, enough to notice not enough to seriously hurt. "Come now, company manners. This is the Skipper's wedding, so nothing my Gran wouldn't approve of." She glanced around just to make sure that speaking so didn't conjure her stern looking but kind hearted maternal Grandmother. Gemma could never get away with anything remotely near that woman.

Callam emitted a small grunt and started when Gemma elbowed him.

"Ow," Callam said without really meaning it. He grinned. "That is how I behave around company! Very well. I'll do my best to behave as your Gran...who I've never met...would like me to."

He reached out and gave Gemma's hand another gentle squeeze to show he was sorry and really would try to behave from here on least at the wedding. This time, though, he didn't let go of her hand, instead holding it gently, a further sign of his growing affection for her.

Mollified, Gemma gave a regal nod. "A retired marine Sgt. Major and elementary school teacher" She warned but her voice was full of affection for the as yet unseen Matriarch. She kept her eyes on the front of the room as she waited for the ceremony to start but quietly held his hand between their chairs and if any of the others mocked too hard there were pranks oh yes pranks in her mind for days.

Terry walked in, just as comfortable as ever in his dress uniform. He didn't know the Lieutenant. At all. He felt that he possibly knew the Captain better and walked on in to take a seat on his side of the room. He hadn't been to many weddings before, so all he knew anything about was basic stuff. Like which side belonged to which person, ceremony, and so on. At least for human weddings. He knew that others were much different.

It was incredibly possible to overlook the petite blonde woman as she walked in behind the bald Squadron Commander, especially since her dress uniform had her blending in with everyone else. Dani couldn't help but smile as she came to settle down on the groom's side next to Terry. She'd been to a few weddings in her life, but this was the first Starfleet one, and that made it a bit more special in her eyes.

A lone female with ombre hair wandered in wearing a dress uniform and looking very uncomfortable. She looked around at the people assembled, recognizing a few of them but was uncertain if she should approach them or try to be inconspicuous as possible. Finally, she looked at the seating and was undecided which side she should sit on; one had given her a chance at her own department and one was a dear friend. As she wondered what side she should sit on, she stayed by the back wall and decided to wait to see which side filled up quicker.

One of his least favorite things about being in Starfleet was the need for dress uniforms at formal functions instead of a tuxedo. Thiago looked stunning in a tux. In a dress uniform....he looked like pretty much everyone else in a dress uniform. The things we do for friends, he thought as he walked into the Reception Hall. He saw that several other members of the crew were already present. He was about to start down to a seat towards the front of the groom's side when he noticed a familiar face. "Lieutenant Di Pasquale?" he asked, approaching the woman.

Camila started when she heard the male voice address her, surprised that she had been recognized so quickly. Months had passed since she last saw anyone from the Black Hawk and she had lost weight since then. She turned and mustered a smile before she recognized the Brazilian Executive Officer of the ship and a fleeting memory of her bursting into his office with a phaser passed through her mind. It would be hard to forget someone who did that, she mentally thought. "Commander Teixeira," she said, inclining her head to him. "It's good to see you again."

"You too, Lieutenant," he replied with a smile. They hadn't worked together for very long, but in their time as shipmates, Teixeira had found the Security Chief to be both capable and dedicated. "Keeping busy?" he asked. She he wasn't about to push the conversation down that path. Not given the current setting.

"I've been on Deep Space Eleven helping with repairs, Sir," Camila said. "I was pleased to see a new Black Hawk was offered so quickly and that Captain Geisler managed to get most of his crew back. How's my replacement working out?"

"A montanha?" he asked with a laugh. "He's performed well so far. He hasn't pulled a phaser on me yet, but there's still time." He looked away for a moment, checking the time on the chronometer. "I'm surprised Starfleet hasn't found another ship assignment for you. I can reach out to some people, if you'd like."

Camila laughed as the translation her universal translator gave her. "Shall we find a place to sit if you aren't waiting for someone?"

He offered an arm to her. "I'd be honored. Groom's side? Or bride's?"

Camila took the offered arm with a smile. "Let's sit on Harvey's side," she said. "I owe him that."

Thiago escorted the attractive Di Pasquale to a row of seats near the front. "Third row okay?" he asked.

"That's fine," Camila said as she headed with him to their seats. "Thank you."

Lieutenant Danyl Adan arrived in the reception lounge aboard Deep Space 15 just in the nick of time. Attired in his dress uniform, he was a handsome man. He had known both the Bride and the Groom for sometime now, but opted to sit on the Groom's side since his relationship with the Captain went further back to his previous host. The room was packed and, much to his chagrin, Jarith was there. They would have to avoid each other as much as possible.

Weaing her dress uniform as everyone else was, Ensign Shay Mitchell slipped into the reception hall and took a quick look around, taking note of how quickly the place was filling up. She wasn't the least bit surprised by that, either. After all, it wasn't every day your Commanding Officer and Chief of Intelligence and former Assistant Chief of Security) tied the knot. This was a huge deal, and the young woman wasn't going to miss it for the world.

It didn't take long before she spotted Allen sitting on the bride's side, which had her making a beeline that way. As quietly as she came in, she took a seat next to the Petty Officer and offered him a smile.

Not too far behind Shay, Lucas made his way inside and began to give the large room a once over. The last time he'd seen so many people wearing their dress uniforms was his graduation some years back, but this was a very different occasion. One he had no idea was even a possibility until they'd all found out about it just days ago. In fact, the large man was willing to bet the majority of those present had no idea. Still, though, he was quite happy for the bride and groom, and wished them a lifetime of happiness.

With that in mind, he made his way to the back row on the bride's side and took a seat in the end. The last thing Luc wanted to do was obstruct the view of anyone else attending.

Aurilia came in behind Luc in her dress uniform and looked distinctly uncomfortable it. When Luc took a seat on the bride's side, she went over and sat beside of him and reached to take his hand with a smile.

David Moreau entered the room and cast a trained eye over the attendees, taking note of various Security personnel discreetly stationed in their dress uniforms just as he was. Only he and a handful of others had Type I holdout phasers hidden on themselves and he hoped that they would not have to use them on this joyful occasion. If someone does make me use them, I'm going to make them regret it forever in the worst prison Starfleet has, he thought as he moved to take a seat on the Captain's side.

* * *

In an anteroom, Harvey stood beside the viewport looking out to the troubled planet below. It had been six days since the crisis had ended, and recovery was well underway. Or, at least as well as one could expect. The damage rendered by the Selubassari was extensive.

As much as Harvey wanted or needed to focus on that so he could leave the relief efforts and get to his true mission, Harvey’s mind needed to be here. Among performing the ceremony, Vice Admiral Zachary O’Connell had made up his mind to ensure that Harvey remained in the moment, to enjoy and celebrate this new milestone in his life. “Drink?” he asked Harvey as he stepped up to the window.

Harvey turned to see Zachary standing there with two glasses, each containing just a few millimeters of a bright blue liquid. “Don’t worry,” Zach said, extending one of the glasses to Harvey. “I left your wedding gift sealed tight in its package. This is from my personal assortment.”

Captain Geisler smirked and grunted as he reached to accept the glass. He held it up to his nose first to smell the forbidden elixir. He was pleasantly surprised by its lack of aroma. Just to be sure he didn’t spill it on his dress uniform, Harvey placed a hand under his chin before throwing back, swallowing the ale in a smooth motion. He felt it smoothly slide down his throat, leaving no burns behind. “Incredible,” he said, twirling the glass in his hand, watching a remaining drop slide around the glass.

“And you get no more than that until after the wedding,” Zachary said, having knocked back his portion as well. “The last thing your crewmates need is to witness their Captain enjoying himself all too much at his own wedding.”

“That’d be the day,” Harvey said as Zachary took the glass and set them both on the windowsill. He chuckled just thinking about it. “You know,” he said. “I never got the chance to thank you.”

Zachary shook his head. He and Harvey had been through a lot together. Between the Academy, the Logos, their decades-long feud, and fighting side-by-side with the Consortium, there wasn’t much left to say. “It’s my pleasure, Harvey. Aside from the ale, you can consider my leaving the quadrant part of the wedding gift.”

Harvey laughed this time, hardly under the influence of the Romulan drink. “You get to go play nice with the Cardassians and the Breen. Should be a walk in the park after our spats.”

“That’s what Jillian said,” Zachary replied, laughing as well. At that moment, the band, positioned just outside the door, finished its gentle music and began to play a louder piece. Though neither Harvey or Zach could distinguish it, they knew that the tone was meant as a cue.

“Unto the breach,” Harvey muttered. He planted a hand on Zachary’s shoulder and nodded. As soon as Zachary returned the gesture, both men exited the anteroom and took their positions on the raised platform in the front. Admiral O’Connell took center stage, holding a PADD in his hand, and Harvey stood just to the man’s left, both hands clasped in front of him as he waited for his bride to walk down the aisle as soon as the band again changed its tune to the classic Hawaiian wedding song complete with Ukulele and Steel Guitar.

This is it, Joey thought as she heard the music start to play. Days ago, she'd been looking forward to this moment, and she still was, but a serious case of nerves began to set in. She took a deep, steady breath and made an attempt to calm her racing heart. A drink would do wonders right now, but she couldn't... no, wouldn't... have one. There would be time for that at some point in the future.

She closed her eyes and took a couple more breaths before she looked toward the door that lead to her future. A future with a man who would be her husband. A future she couldn't wait to start.

Joey smoothed a hand over her dress and moved toward the door. When they opened, she took note of all the dress uniforms present. Perhaps, she should have opted to wear hers, but as the bride, wasn't it customary to stand out?

As the music played, she began to make her way down the aisle toward... there he was. He was waiting for her. A large part of her nerves were due in part to an irrational fear he wouldn't be here, but he was. This was really happening. A smile formed on her lips as she began to move toward him... a mantra continued to play her head to keep moving one foot in front of the other so she didn't fall on her face.

Harvey smiled, watching Joey approaching the center platform. He'd thought, in this moment, he'd be able to nod or otherwise make an acknowledgement to the camera strategically placed around the room as a way to welcome their parents who'd be watching the wedding via the delayed holorecordings. Harvey was simply unprepared for how this moment stole his breath. In fact, even with the blue courage, he felt his heart pounding in his chest. This moment had transformed his life forever, and it was one of the last in a life spent alone.

Alone, he thought. Never again shall I be alone.

It didn't take long before Joey made it to the platform where Harvey and Vice Admiral O'Connell were standing, and when she came to a stop, she said a silent prayer in thanks for not falling flat on her face. Although, she had a bit more grace than Lieutenant Moreau did when it came to his up close and personal meeting with the ship's floor some days back. Still, though, as amusing as that moment was, her focus needed to be on what was happening in the present.

Joey cast a glance at Harvey and smiled. Her life had changed so much since joining the crew of the Black Hawk... in ways she never would have ever imagined, but given everything... she wouldn't change a single moment of it for anything.

The music finished as Harvey reached over to take her right hand in his left, smiling as he did.

In front of everyone, Zachary fought the urge to clear his throat, as he’d done many times before to make sure he had everyone’s attention. This was, after all, a wedding, and the crowd had gathered for the same reason, rendering his habit completely unnecessary. “We are gathered here today to show our love and support for Harvey and Joey. Starfleet’s mission has always been to explore the great unknown. Just as in life, mankind is not meant to undertake this grand task alone.

“Harvey’s and Joey’s decision to join together in this holy union will be their greatest challenge of their lives, even though Harvey may argue that the center chair of a starship bridge provides something greater.” Zachary paused a moment to allow his terrible joke to settle before continuing, “This is a joyous occasion, where two individuals cast off their individuality to become united as one; teammates to back, encourage, and strengthen each other in the great journey of life afforded to all.”

Looking to Harvey, Zach said, “It is your duty, Harvey, to be to Joey, a considerate, tender, faithful, loving husband. To support her, guide her, and cherish her in times of happiness and sorrow. To shelter her from danger, and to love her with unalterable affection.”

Zach turned to Joey. “It is your duty, Joelle, to be to Harvey, a considerate, tender, faithful, loving wife. To support him, guide him, and cherish him in times of happiness and sorrow. To shelter him from danger, and to love him with unalterable affection.

“Let me encourage you both to remember that your future happiness to be found in mutual consideration of each other, with patience, kindness, confidence and affection. It is your solemn duty to find in each other the greatest joy as you continue the adventure of life in your new union.”

Joey gave Harvey's hand a gentle, yet reassuring squeeze. Being a private person wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but with all of the people behind them, it definitely made things a bit overwhelming. Even for someone who didn't mind being around large groups. In fact, a big part of her wanted to take Zach's hand with her free one and drag him and Harvey off somewhere where there weren't so many onlookers, but that wasn't a possibility... not now. Instead, she focused on the man standing next to her while the Vice Admiral spoke.

Catherine quietly wiped an eye. For once her body calm as she watched the beautiful ceremony and two of the people she respected most in the world tied their lives together. She was happy for them even as she ignored a minor personal ache at the lack of that special someone in her own life.

Alexander smiled quietly to herself, she knew neither well but you'd have to be three days dead not to feel the love they had for each other that seemed reflected in every look, gesture, and word. They certainly knew how to plan a ceremony.

The Admiral produced a set of rings from a concealed pocket, something not normally found on dress uniforms. “These rings are the outward and visible sign of the bond which is uniting these two hearts. Let these rings, tokens of that which is unending, serve as a reminder to you both the symbol of the purity and constancy of the vows in which you both pledge your most sacred honor.”

He handed one to Harvey, who promptly reached out to hold her left hand. Harvey slipped the ring over the first digit of her ring finger, and held it there, waiting to continue the rest of the way when instructed.

“Do you, Harvey, standing in the presence of these witnesses, solemnly pledge your faith and trust to Joelle? Do you promise to live with her in the holy estate of matrimony? And, do you promise to love and comfort her, honor and keep her, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, keeping yourself only unto her, promising to be to her a faithful, loving husband for as long as you both shall live?”

Harvey fought the urge to tense at the mention of the word trust but that was something he would deal with later. Looking Joey in her gorgeous brown eyes, he smiled as he said, “I do.” He slipped the ring fully onto her finger.

Joey swallowed back a lump in her throat and held his gaze as he slipped the ring onto her finger. It wouldn't be much longer until they were officially declared husband and wife, but with her luck, someone would pinch her just before the declaration was made, and she'd find herself standing in her office realizing this was all just a result of her daydreaming. Still, the Starfleet Lieutenant planned to enjoy every second of it, and proved that by returning Harvey's smile.

Zachary handed Joey the ring meant for Harvey to bear for the duration of their marriage.

She accepted the ring from Zachary and took in a slow breath as she took Harvey's left hand. Joey began to slip it over his finger, pausing momentarily while she waited for the Vice Admiral to speak again.

“Do you, Joey,” Zachary began, “standing in the presence of these witnesses, solemnly pledge your faith and trust to Harvey? Do you promise to live with him in the holy estate of matrimony? And, do you promise to love and comfort him, honor and keep him, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, keeping yourself only unto him, promising to be to him a faithful, loving wife for as long as you both shall live?”

"I do," Joey answered as she gently pushed the ring onto Harvey's finger as she continued to hold his gaze. Her nerves seemed to melt away, leaving a giddiness in its wake that she'd never quite felt before.

Harvey smiled as the metal band was affixed to his finger. The point of no return was passed, and this was it. His gaze locked with hers, and his smile grew, even though it seemed physically impossible for it to do so.

"By the power vested in me by the United Federation of Planets," Zachary said, raising his voice just slightly. "I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Harvey, still holding her hand, pulled her close as he leaned in for their first kiss as a married couple.

Joey slipped a hand around the back of his neck with a bright smile and returned the kiss. They were now officially husband and wife, and she knew without a shadow of doubt that this was indeed real. The giddiness she felt quickly turned to excitement as the realization hit her. She had just become Mrs. Geisler.

He could have continued the kiss, but Harvey had to remember that there were far too many onlookers. After all, there was a time and place for such things. Harvey pulled back, smiling into her brown eyes once more.

As soon as he could, Zachary stepped to the side so that he would appear unobstructed. "Everyone is welcome to stay for refreshments. I believe there will be cake, and an open bar. Thank you all for coming." With that, the band started to play, striking a celebratory tone.

Joey looked toward Zach and grinned. "You said the magic word, and it wasn't open bar, either," she said, moving over to the Vice Admiral and leaning in to press a kiss to his cheek. One thing she was was bold... something that had been displayed time and time again. "Thank you for doing this."

Mila pulled a small bosun's whistle from its hiding spot inside of her uniform sleeve and blew three notes on it before she stopped. "I am wishing you both long life and happiness," she called out. "Congratulations to Harvey and Joelle Geisler!"

Kelly whistled and began to applaud as did Aurilia, Camila and even Moreau. The ceremony had been beautiful and the thunder of applause and congratulations began to pour in from all the other assembled guests.

An officer came up to the bride and groom and handed the Captain an isolinear chip. "A full recording of your ceremony, Sir," the young woman said. "Congratulations to you and your wife, Sir."

Arjin walked over towards the newly wedded couple. He had brougt three drinks with him. French Champagne. "Congratulations to both of you. You definately look radiant. Now lets drink to this happy occasion. To Mr and Mrs Geisler. A gazillion years of happy moments."

Harvey reached out to accept one of the glasses of champagne from the Trill Scientist. Under normal circumstances, he would have picked up both and handed one to Joey, and even though it was her wedding night and they had cause to celebrate, they both knew that even the slightest amount would be drastic for the twins growing in her womb.

Thankfully, an aide was prepared for the occasion, quickly swooping in to hand the bride a glass of sparkling grape juice. It might not be alcoholic, but it was bubbly and passable.

"Thank you, Mister Djinx," Harvey said with a smile, raising his glass as a toast.

"Thank you," Joey said, offering Arjin a smile as she accepted her glass from the aide that appeared. She looked toward the officer who had passed Harvey the isolinear chip and smiled at the young woman. "Thank you as well."

Afer letting several others give their congratulations to the happy couple, Thiago approached. "Captain, Lieutenant Captain," he said with a cheerful smile. "Parabens!"

"Obrigado!" Harvey replied to his trusted Executive Officer. "When, pray tell, might we see you up here, Commander?"

His smile faded. "At the alter?" Teixeira questioned. "Alas, I am but one man alone....." He paused as his mind drifted to thinking about Jayla. "Let's just say," he continued, flashing his pearly smile yet again, "that my future is open." He chuckled, hoping to have covered any noticable faltering of his upbeat personality.

'Well... I'll be expecting an invite when the time does come," Joey said with a smile.

“All in good time, I’m sure,” Harvey added with a smile.


Camila approached Joey and Harvey and gave them both a warm smile. "Thank you for inviting me," she said. "I hope you both enjoy many years of happiness together. It's really good to see you again."

"I'm glad you were able to make it," Joey said, stepping forward to give Camila a hug. "I'm so glad you came. It really means a lot. Does this mean you're going to stay now?" She looked hopeful, and if the answer was anything other than what she wanted to hear, she'd lay things on as thick as she felt she had to.

"Maybe one day," Camila said noncommittally. "I have a lot to do on Deep Space 11, but you know I'll stay in touch with you."

"You have more to do here," Joey said, stepping back to look at Camila. "Deep Space 11 will be fine without you, but there are people here that miss you. Do you really want to deny our children the opportunity to know someone as amazing as you are?" she asked. It was time to bring out the big guns.

"There'll be....children? As in more than one?" Camila asked with a blink.

“Twins,” Harvey said. “I suppose it’ll be a couple more weeks before it’s totally obvious, but it’s true.”

"That's fantastic news!" Camila said. "Congratulations to both of you!"

Why had so many people been crying during the ceremony? Jayla didn't quite understand. Were they not happy for Harvey and Joey? Jayla herself had been grinning like a kid in a candy store. She found the wedding to be a very quaint, yet significant declaration of love. She vaguely wondered why Trill didn't have them.

As soon as it was her turn in the reception line, she immediately hugged them both in turn. "Congratulations!" she told them, eyes sparkling. "I've never been to a wedding before. It was lovely!"

“Thank you!” Replied Harvey, hugging Jayla back in turn. “And seeing you smile again is an excellent present,” he added.

"Thank you," Joey said as she returned Jayla's hug with a smile. "This was a first for me, too. I'm glad you came. We should get together sometime in the near future if you feel up to it." After all, she did consider the Trill woman a friend, and they didn't get together nearly enough.

Automatically, Jayla opened her mouth to make an excuse. You want to care, but you don't want anyone else to return that care. That's not the way it works. Even if he was just a hologram, the Doctor had given her some wise words. She stopped herself immediately and instead grinned. "Absolutely," she replied cheerfully.

With the reception line complete, the celebration moved into a night of refreshments (including cake) and dancing. Everyone seemed to do their best to enjoy the night. After all, who knew what awaited them in the Convergence Zone....



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