Season 4

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With the Consortium and Dolmoqour now behind them, the USS Black Hawk is assigned to deep space exploration. What they'll find could change life as we all know it...

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A new year brings new adventures. The USS Black Hawk, fully repaired and extensively refit following her near-fatal mission in the Convergence Zone, is launched from Gamma Command to perform a light shakedown cruise in order for her crew to become comfortable with the changes aboard the starship. Holographic interfaces and avatars, new technology, uniforms, and even procedures to help maintain safety aboard the legendary vessel.

However, the Golden Stars… the Consortium… the Dolmoqour… none of them could have ever prepared the crew for a set of perfect conditions and an ion storm, and the birth of a new Artificial Intelligence that sees the nearly nine hundred souls aboard as an invading virus.

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The shakedown cruise brings the Black Hawk to a nebula where it can test the improvements on the sensors. When the lifeless hull of a Federation starship is detected inside, Captain Geisler orders the Black Hawk to enter and investigate.

Little does he know that the ship is walking into a trap...