Lieutenant Commander Thaddeus Quint

Name Thaddeus Octavius Quint M.D.

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 39

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 190
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description An unimposing individual, often wearing a white lab coat regardless of if he's in uniform or not. He has azure eyes and light brown hair, and often has several days worth of stubble on his cheeks. He usually walks in an unimposing slouch, and often has a world weary demeanor.

Personality & Traits

General Overview A true cynic, Thaddeus Quint is not shy to voice his opinions and they are generally negative. He'll deny he wishes for bad things to happen(in fact he hopes for the best), just that he expects them to. He can be argumentative and unpleasant to be around, as he often really doesn't think forging any meaningful relationships is a positive thing given they'll end anyways.
Strengths & Weaknesses A skilled physician and medical practitioner, he can say truly he has saved many lives, though he can be his own worst enemy as he tends to focus on the negative. He can name the exact number of death certificates he has filled out during his career for example. He works hard and is dedicated and even means well in his own twisted way, but he is anti-social in the extreme and often makes himself unpleasant to be around when forced into social situations.
Ambitions Quint once wrote an essay, when he was applying to Starfleet Academy, about how he wanted to be a medical practitioner to relieve people's suffering, save lives and make the universe a better and safer place. He recently made very cynical comments about how his sole duty is to prolong people's suffering as he watches the galaxy burn.
Hobbies & Interests When asked, Quint comments his hobbies are anything he can do alone.

Personal History Thaddeus Octavius Quint was born in 2349 on the Utopia colony of Mars. In 2354 his younger sister, Cleopatra was born. Their father, Aristotle Quint, was a historian, while their mother worked on the Mars Power grid. It was a pleasant childhood as they only had to look to the sky to see the latest generation of exploration starships emerging from Utopia Planetia Shipyard any given day to imagine the best. It was small wonder that both siblings wanted to join Starfleet upon reaching age.

Thaddeus joined Starfleet at the age of 18 in 2367. His father wanted him to be a historian, but he excelled in the sciences and Thaddeus decided he wanted to become a doctor, declaring on principled grounds that he wanted something to show for his life, that he mattered to the galaxy. Thaddeus' time at the Academy was "the time of his life." While the workload was strenuous, he excelled in the pranks, being with his fellow cadets and the future looked so bright.

By 2371 he had graduated the Academy and moved on to Starfleet Medical to get his doctorate. If anything the workload was even harder, but by that time his sister had joined the Academy and her presence was a welcome comfort. In 2372 Quint met fellow classmate Alicia Harrison and they soon fell in love. A surprise pregnancy later that year was followed by a quick wedding and in 2373 she gave birth to a son, who they decided to name Marcus Aurelius Quint. Later the Dominion War dragged the entire quadrant into war, and classes were immediately accelerated and Quint ended up getting his full doctorate by 2374 and was assigned to the Excelsior class USS Cairo along with his wife, who was a pilot. Marcus was sent back to Mars to be with his grandparents.

Being an older ship, the Cairo was assigned to the rear areas and interior of the Federation, often moving troops, supplies and the wounded to and from more critical areas. The ship's first action in the war would turn out to be it's last as it was ambushed and destroyed by Jem'Hadar warships while patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone. The Jem'Hadar had violated Romulan space to ambush the Cairo, but the Romulans hadn't seemed to mind or care. One of the casualties during the attack was his wife, Alicia as the bridge had taken a direct hit.

Quint was reassigned to the USS Grissom, another Excelsior class ship. By this time his mother had signed up as an engineer on a cargo ship, and his sister was told she'd be nearing graduation even though she'd barely been in the Academy two years. It did seem the whole family was behind the war effort, despite the loss of Quint's wife. The only reason his father hadn't tried to enlist was because of Marcus. Late in that year, the cargo ship that his mother worked on was destroyed by a Cardassian raider and she was lost.

Unlike the Cairo, the Grissom was sent to the front repeatedly despite being an older vessel. Quint became quite practiced at field surgery during his tour on this ship, as the casualty rates were quite literally appalling. Along with dozens of minor skirmishes, the Grissom participated in the 1st Battle of Chin'toka, which was successful despite heavy losses. In 2375, during the Battle of Ricktor Prime, the Grissom was destroyed and Quint was one of only six survivors out of over a thousand, which was a devastating loss.

Quint was assigned to Starbase 375 for some lighter duty, after that, though his primary role there was to treat the long term injuries instead. Quint became quite withdrawn, but still did his job with his usual competence. By this time his sister had graduated Starfleet Academy as they were still accelerating classes to replace losses. As the war finally wore down, it looked like they'd both made it, but his sister's ship was damaged during the final battle of Cardassia and she was lost in a cruel trick of fate.

It was 2376 before Quint finally made it back home, a visibly broken man from the war, and a man who barely even knew his son. He was assigned a job teaching at Starfleet Medical, which suited his family's academic background, and let him have a stable routine in which to raise his son. By 2378 however, he was transferred to Spacedock 1 in orbit. It wasn't a dismissial, but it was due to complaints from the student body by his often graphic teaching methods as he would often horrify the classes about brutal methods the Jem'Hadar and Cardassians used to inflict casualties.

Quint pretty much spent the next few years drifting, doing his job, going home to his son, and avoiding all other contact. He was getting more and more confrontational with his co-workers and generally not liked to be around. It got to the point where his commanding officer insisted on his transfer. Quint, turned down starship duty again and again. He adamantly refused to take his son aboard a starship. He was about to resign his commission when they finally decided to send him back to Starbase 375 as Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Not only was he a bad co-worker to be around, but now he was a supervisor for many, which led to many personal conflicts during his tenure on Starbase 375, but while Quint flirted with it, he never did quite cross the line. But when a job as a researcher on Earth came open in 2386, Quint applied and his CO, wanting to get rid of him, gave him a glowing recommendation just to get rid of him.

Having worked at Starfleet Medical, most of his colleagues knew what Quint was about by now. The perpetual nag, complainer, cynic and gloomiest person to be around. Most of Quint's research was solo, and did produce excellent work, but not being a team player he did drag the team down. By 2388 he was flat out ordered by the Director of Starfleet Medical to be assigned to the USS Black Hawk as Chief Medical Officer. Quint complained, fought the transfer, appealed it twice, but nonetheless it went through.

Again leaving his son without his father, Quint departed for starship duty for the first time in 13 years, though instead of being a young idealistic officer, he was a world weary cynic who knew what the world was about.
Service Record 2349: Born, Utopia colony, Mars
2367: Entered Starfleet Academy, 4 year program
2368: Cadet Cruise, USS Republic
2371: Graduated Starfleet Academy
Entered Starfleet Medical, 4 year program
2373: Dominion War Starts
2374: Graduation from Starfleet Medical Accelerated
Awarded full doctorate
Commissioned as a Lieutenant junior grade
Assigned to USS Cairo, Excelsior class, Medical Officer
USS Cairo Destroyed
Assigned to USS Grissom, Excelsior class, Medical Officer
Participated in the 1st Battle of Chin'toka
2375: Participated in the Battle of Ricktor Prime
USS Grissom Destroyed
Assigned to Starbase 375, Medical Officer
Dominion War Ends
2376: Instructor at Starfleet Medical
Promoted to Lieutenant
2378: Assigned to Spacedock 1, Medical Officer
2382: Assigned to Starbase 375, Assistant Chief Medical Officer
2384: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2386: Assigned to Starfleet Medical, Biological Research
2388: Assigned to USS Black Hawk, Chief Medical Officer

Immediate Family

Significant Other Alicia Harrison Quint (deceased, 2374)
Children Marcus Aurelius Quint, born 2373 (age 15)

Extended Family

Father Aristotle Ceasar Quint (age 72)
Mother Marcella Quint (deceased 2374, age 42)
Sister(s) Cleopatra Pompeia Quint (deceased 2375, age 21)
Other Family Some distant relatives, aunts, uncles and cousins, none he is particularly close to.

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 4 || Room 0402
Data Access Level 7
Security Clearance Beta One