Lieutenant JG Noxa

Name Noxa

Position Assistant Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Ferengi
Age 24
Call Sign Sabretooth

Physical Appearance

Height 4'8''
Hair Color None
Eye Color Grey

Personality & Traits

General Overview Noxa is a rather outgoing extroverted individual who is an excellent team player. She takes her position and the duties that come along with it with high regard and quite seriously. Noxa believes in justice and the law, holding rules and regulation in high regard. She does her best to abide by these. However, she understands the need for change and rebellion at times.

Noxa, being a very extroverted young woman does enjoy attending and hosting social events and will often make it an effort to get to know everyone. She is very self aware of her physical appearance and her clothing. She excels in a position of authority if given the chance.

Lieutenant Noxa enjoys being involved in intellectual discussions. She tends to come off as warm, caring, and perceptive. She values safety and security in friendship and relationships which transfers out into her Starfleet career.

Personal History Born in 2363 on the Capitalist planet Ferenginar, the homeworld of the Ferengi and central economic capital planet of the Ferengi Alliance, Noxa was born into a world where she would never amount to anything. Female Ferengi could not own property and were solely employed to cook, clean, wait tables and care for the males of the society, often for little or no profit at all. Single female Ferengi could not earn anything without splitting a majority share with their fathers, or in the absence of a father, their male relative of blood relation. Essentially, this meant you were screwed as a Female on Ferenginar but rarely did anyone revolt or stand up for equal rights because that sort of thinking was only done by those deemed immoral and criminally insane. The Ferengi Government held a staunch philosophical belief that women in position of power was not only inconceivable but also something that would result in a great economic collapse of their economy. Even ancient scrolls from before the time of establish Ferengi economy and the formation of a great Capitalist society warned of the deadly influence of females. Ever since the beginning of time for Ferengi, they kept females as property and they were always viewed as irrational, overly emotional and highly dangerous to the state of the economy.

However, the mid to late 2340s saw the rise of politically driven social movements calling for the equal rights of female Ferengi. These protests lead to mass panic as females were wearing clothes in protest, quitting their jobs as dabo girls, private performers and advertising models for companies like Slugo-O-Cola. They were even boycotting purchasing products from Ferengi businesses. Many Ferengi economic scholars believe that these were the causes that lead to the Great Monetary Collapse of the 2350s. The female Ferengi rights movements were eventually stopped, and all females who obtained power were removed from their respective positions or were imprisoned were being a danger to the economy. Noxa's mother Marista was one such Ferengi feminist who was incarcerated for nine years from 2353-2362. Marista, upon being released from prison married shortly afterwords to a Ferengi relatively wealthy business man.

In 2363 when Noxa was born, she was born a disgrace to her father who wanted a male child, but secretly loved by her mother. Aside from being born the “wrong” sex for her father to have any value in her, she was also born completely blind due to her mother contracting a rare disease that was passed onto the child during pregnancy. On Ferenginar, this meant that Noxa (who's name loosely means 'in the darkness') would forever be blind and could not do much, even for a female. By her later childhood years into early teen years, Noxa was able to use her relatively attractive appearance and 'assets' to acquire employment working on a Ferengi Casino Ship as a Dabo girl from ages twelve to fifteen.

After her fifteenth birthday in 2378, however, her mother had given her a strange surprise. It was a Birthday present that she would never forget. They would be traveling outside Ferengi space to a Federation Starbase where her father was going to be doing some business with associates of his. However, Marista had saved up enough latinum and had pinched some bars from her husband in order to afford optical surgery using advanced Starfleet Medical Technology. For the first time in her life, Noxa could see thanks to ocular implants. With her new technological eyes, new opportunities would open for her. Her family ended up settling down on the Starbase when her father opened up a store.

Whilst living on the starbase for roughly two years (2378-2379), Noxa and Marista became rather close with the Starfleet crew, especially the Commanding Officer of the Starbase who took a special interest in Noxa. It all started to make sense to Noxa around that time that she had the opportunity to do something with her life. It was an opportunity that she capitalized on by asking the Commander to sponsor her application to Starfleet Academy. It was a long process but it paid off. She given examination after examination from 2378 through 2379, only to finally be accepted and begin her career in 2380. Her years at the Academy were rather rough. She was faced with constant scrutiny and discrimination for being one of the very few Ferengi to have been accepted into to Academy, two of whom were Nog and Glorm. Others went through the Academy but most of them washed out, and Noxa was one of the first females of her species to go through and complete the Academy.

She graduated in 2384 and was commission the rank of ensign. However, she wanted to take additional courses immediately after graduation before getting assigned to her first post. She took a lengthy and difficult course called Advanced Tactical Training and a course for Field Medic training. She believed that aside from both being very useful courses, they would also help her career wise. Upon completion of these courses, she was assigned to the USS Chesapeake Bay where she served as a Relief Tactical Officer and sometimes was assigned to Night Watch at the tactical station. She held this posting from 2385 until 2387 when she was reassigned to the USS Black Hawk as Assistant Chief Tactical Officer and Assistant Chief of Security.

Upon the abrupt departure of her superior, Lieutenant Finchley Kerr, Noxa found herself being promoted to Lieutenant junior grade in order to advance in position, assuming the duties and responsibilities of Chief Tactical Officer/Security Chief aboard the USS Blackhawk.
Service Record 2380-2381: Starfleet Academy
2381-2382: Starfleet Academy
2382-2383: Starfleet Academy
2383-2384: Starfleet Academy

2384-2385: Advanced Tactical Training

2385-2387: USS Chesapeake Bay, Relief Tactical Officer (Ensign)

2387-2388: USS Black Hawk, Assistant Chief Tactical Officer/Security Chief (Ensign/Lieutenant JG)

2388-Present: USS Black Hawk, Chief Tactical Officer/Security Chief (Lieutenant JG)

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Lum
Mother Marista

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 2 || Room 0205
Data Access Level 5
Security Clearance Beta Two