Lieutenant JG Amanda Bell

Name Amanda T'Veran Bell

Position Assistant Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG

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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 31 Terran Years
Call Sign ? [Not sure what is meant by this question.]
Birthdate 2 March, 2358
Birthplace Earth, Terran System, United Federation of Planets

Physical Appearance

Height 1.8 meters; 5 feet, 11 inches, old Earth measure
Weight 68.04 kg; 150 lbs, old Earth measure
Hair Color Light brown; blonde in certain light
Eye Color Hazel
Skin Color Pale, though on the darker side of such
Physical Description Tall and with long limbs, Amanda has been described as beautiful. She prefers to think of herself as somewhat atheletic, particularly when someone has to go crawling through Jeffries tubes. She keeps her hair short and usually pulled back.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Though displaying the green complexion and pointed ears of her species, Amanda displays almost none of the typical Vulcan traits. Raised by humans, she expresses emotions very readily, particularly laughter. She is usually quite joyous, smiles springing easily to her face--although she does know how to be serious, and is the image of professionalism when called upon. This has, at times, been unsettling to other Vulcans she has served with.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Highly intelligent
Will sometimes work herself to near-exhaustion
Occasionally cracks jokes at the worst of times
Has a bit of a temper, particularly when she believes she has been treated unfairly
Ambitions Amanda would like to both teach at Starfleet Academy and command a starship/research team one day. She has no designs on the admiralty, although one of her instructors noted that she just might get to that point. (How he judged this has always alluded her, and she felt it would be impolite to ask).
Hobbies & Interests Music--particularly little-known Terran, Vulcan, Bajoran, and Trill composers; plays Bajoran clavion with moderate skill
Logic/mathematics puzzles--more as a passing interest than anything
Rock climbing
Long-distance running
Tennis--passing interest
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon (passable), Jem'Hadar (proficient), Bajoran (written only)

Personal History Born in 2358, Amanda did not know for several years why her mother gave her up for adoption, nor why she did not even know her father's name. Finally, she was told that her mother had been a member of the crew of the USS Pegasus, an ill-fated starship destroyed in 2357. [I can't recall how much of the Pegasus story was known to the general public; can be modified if need be.] Her parents, Henry and Kathryn Bell, provided a good home for the child they had adopted; it was not entirely easy for Amanda growing up as the only Vulcan with two human parents, but the Bells showed her unconditional love.

Graduating first in her secondary school class, Amanda entered Starfleet somewhat against her parents wishes. She felt that she should honor her birth mother by this decision, and it proved fortunate for her. Quite by accident, she encountered her biological mother as one of her first professors, and the two of them began to forge the close relationship they have today. Indeed, it was because of this that Amanda decided to pursue Engineering with a supplemental focus in Starship Operations.

Graduating in 2380, Amanda was first posted to the USS Baldwin, then three years later transferred to the USS Undset. In 2385, she transferred to Deep Space Nine, serving four somewhat uneventful years there. She now serves aboard the USS Blackhawk as Assistant Chief Engineer.

Service Record Born: 2358, Alexandria, Virginia, North American Continent, Earth.
2376: Graduates Jonathan Archer Secondary School, San Fransisco, California, North American Continent, Earth; enters Starfleet Academy.
Late 2378-early 79: Cadet tour, USS Julian, Intrepid-class.
2380: Graduates Starfleet Academy; posted to USS Baldwin, Nova-class.
2383: Transfers to USS Undset, Norway-class.
2385: Transfers to Starbase Deep Space 9, Nor-class.
2389: Transfers to USS Blackhawk, Century-class.

Immediate Family

Significant Other Tessa Marie Bell; civilian, novelist/literary critic, living on Earth
Children None as of present date

Extended Family

Father Henry Bell [adopted]--professor of archaeology; Unknown Vulcan
Mother Kathryn bell [adopted]--noted psychologist and former Starfleet counselor, if briefly; T'luan, currently serving as Executive Officer on the Sovereign-class USS Cormorant
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) One--Joelle Bell, chef
Other Family Various cousins, aunts/uncles, and in-laws

Relationship Detail

Relationships Amanda's only significant relationship developed during her third year at the Academy. While on her cadet training tour aboard the USS Julian, she met a civilian who had won a scholarship to study/write about daily life in Starfleet. The two progressed their relationship relatively slowly, although they were both certain from early on that it would last. They have been married for eight years as of 21 March, 2389, and despite Amanda's protests, Tessa changed her last name upon marriage. They have no children, although are discussing the possibility.

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 10, Room 10|35
Data Access Level Five
Security Clearance Beta One