Lieutenant JG Zahn Robie

Name Zahn Robie

Position Assistant Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Last Post

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Betazoid / Delta
Age 25
Birthplace Betazoid

Physical Appearance

Height 5'4"
Weight 107 lbs
Hair Color Black (Waist Length - very straight)
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Light
Physical Description Slender and in good physical condition. If you can get her to sit still, she tends to sit in unorthodox positions. She carries bits of things in her pockets - for example, a tie for her hair, a tool she forget to put back, a bit of metal that has no particular use, two stones (one from each home world). Her eyes gleam with intelligence and an irrepressible sense of humor. She's highly curious and thrives on challenge.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Like many Deltans, she can seem intellectual and aloof at first glance - but more than a superficial look will tell you that she has a strong sense of humor to go with an above average brain. On a personal level, she enjoys the exploration of both emotion and sensation. On a professional level, she wants to explore, to see what's out there. She enjoys problem solving and finds relief sometimes in the quiet workings of a ship. That and, she likes to be doing rather than sitting, and there's nearly always something to fix or maintain on board a ship. She's worked through many a problem sitting in a Jeffries tube doing a preventative maintenance routine. She's altruistic, will act for the greater good, but doesn't back down easily. She's honest because its too easy for a telepath to suss out the truth so why bother? Lies surprise her. She'll retreat if she's upset - and that's when she heads for a remote maintenance call so that she can do something constructive while she figures things out.
While not considered "dangerous" with regard to human interaction, owing to being only half-Deltan, she does have a decidedly Deltan point of view at times.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
- Curious, an explorer at heart
- Creative, highly intuitive
- Not squeamish or overly fearful, good under pressure
- New experiences don't frighten her; neither does the unknown
- Intelligent - good at complex mathematics
- Altruistic - will act for the greater good
- From the Deltan side, highly developed senses (well beyond human norm)
- Telepathic (Limited to Telepathic Species) / Empathic
- With touch, can take away pain (for a time) but can't heal anyone

+ Can be overwhelmed sometimes by negative emotions (the anger of a mob, for example)
+ Tends to lose sleep when she's working through a problem - can lead to bouts of insomnia
+ Forgets to eat (for the same reason)
+ Can find it hard to sit still - it was a problem in lectures and long briefings. She solved the problem by carrying around small puzzles that she could work on (usually by touch). The split focus helped her concentrate.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies:
+ Anything water-related - swimming, free diving especially
+ Running
+ Live Theater or Music
+ Loves horror movies (something she discovered at the Academy) and live-action horror on the holodeck. Used to stage movie nights with her quad-mates at the Academy. Misses those evenings.
+ Reading
+ Loves to sing
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Deltan, Betazoid, Vulcan, and is learning Ferengi (just for fun)

Personal History Her father, Kaiden Robie, is full Deltan; her mother, Dyani Robie, is Betazoid. Her parents are musicians and met during a concert series that was moving from planet to planet. They were on tour for nearly a year and by the end of that year, were in love. With six brothers, Zahn has always been more of an unofficial brother than a sister and became famous (or would that be infamous) in the family for the escapades that she and her brother Killian would orchestrate. While the family lived on Betazoid, there were frequent trips to the Deltan home world and Zahn considers both to be home. Her childhood was a happy one. To accommodate their tour schedule, all seven were home-schooled by a series of private tutors and it was through one of her later tutors that Zahn discovered Starfleet and the idea of space exploration. With a strong aptitude for technology and mathematics, she was able to pass the entrance exam without much difficulty. The harder part was explaining to her artistic parents why Starfleet was the right choice for her. Much harder.
Service Record Zahn enjoyed her time at the Academy. The work was challenging and everything was a new experience - something she treasured. She made friends easily. Her study group founded the Friday Night Horror Experience - at first, horror movies from many worlds and then later, holodeck horror experiences. Fun to program and more fun to experience - she and her friends continue to work on such programs and exchange them for help in troubleshooting or play-testing. She was surprised with the number of beings she met who lied easily and more surprised by those that were fearful of her Deltan side. Still, she loved the experience. When she graduated, her entire family was there.

2383: Upon graduation, assigned to the USS Ark Royal as Engineer
2384: Promoted to Gamma Shift Supervisor
2384: Promoted to Assistant Chief Engineer
2385: Transferred to the USS Black Hawk upon decommissioning of the USS Ark Royal

Immediate Family

Significant Other None at present
Children None

Extended Family

Father Kaiden Robie
Mother Dyani Robie
Brother(s) Avel, Mekhi, Ren, Santi, Killian, and Bren
Sister(s) None
Other Family Grandparents - both Deltan and Betazoid

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 5, Room 05|06
Data Access Level 5
Security Clearance Beta One
Duty Shift Alpha