Senior Chief Petty Officer Kalvin Maddox

Name Kalvin James Maddox

Position Chief of Fighter Maintenance

Rank Senior Chief Petty Officer


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31
Call Sign Deck Boss
Birthdate 13 June 2357
Birthplace USS Tribute

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11"
Weight 195 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Tanned
Physical Description Kalvin is rather average in appearance. He is of average height and build, though he uses the gym two or three times a week. He keeps his hair neatly trimmed and off duty he can be considered well dressed.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Because of his childhood of moving from place to place every few years, Kalvin can have difficulty in forming any close, lasting friendship. He found it easier to keep to himself than to make friends as a child only to lose them when his mother moved to her next duty station. In order to keep himself occupied, he began to tinker with broken things around the house and figure out what made them work. He is very close to his mother and sister and is tolerating of his stepfather, though their relationship has improved over the years.
Thanks in part to his difficulty in making more than casual acquaintances growing up, Kalvin has developed a quick intellect and enjoys detail oriented hobbies, or things that he can get out and do on his own. His detail driven mind also enables him to learn quickly when he finds something that piques his interest. Since joining Starfleet, Kalvin has been able to stay in one place for more than a year or two, and as a result is beginning to have an easier time with making friends. He still can take some time to open up to someone, but he still considers it to be a step in the right direction.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Fast Learner
Able to think on his feet and adjust to situations quickly
Thinks outside the box to enable rapid problem solving
Can be reclusive
Has difficulty forging deep friendships or other relationships
Ambitions To eventually reach Master Chief, the Fleet equivalent of his father’s rank of Sergeant Major
Hobbies & Interests Tabletop Gaming, Model Building, Fighter & Shuttle Design, Hiking/Camping
Languages Spoken Fluent: Federation Standard, Spanish
Passable: Klingon

Personal History Kalvin Maddox was born aboard the USS Tribute while it was on patrol. His mother was serving aboard the ship in its science department as an anthropologist, his father in the Marine Detachment. Unfortunately, he has only vague memories of his father, who was killed in action when Kalvin was only three and his sister hadn't been born just yet. She was born two months after their father was killed.

The siblings followed their mother from assignment to assignment, wherever the Federation sent her never staying in one place more than a few years. It made forging any deep or meaningful friendships or romantic relationships difficult. As a result, he's quite close to his sister and mother. Eventually the family moved back to Earth where his mother took a position as an instructor at Starfleet Academy. It was during this time at the Academy that Kalvin's mother met, and later married, Michael Andrews, also a member of the Science faculty.

Kalvin was 13 when they returned to Earth. He had by this time mostly given up on trying to make friends, instead focusing on his school work. His mother hoped he would eventually try for admission into the Academy. His sister had always had a love of science even from a young age, so it was no surprise to anyone when she announced on her 13th birthday she had decided she was going to go into medicine. The part that surprised Kalvin was when she stuck to her word and indeed became a nurse.

For his part, Kalvin was always tinkering with things around the house, taking them apart and putting them back together again, not always successfully. His mother noted his fascination with all things mechanical and encouraged it, often times bringing home broken things for him to try and repair. In the back of her mind she expected him to apply for the Academy and go into the engineering field. Kalvin kept quiet about his own plans for the future.

Much to his mother and stepfather's surprise, and perhaps slight disappointment, upon graduating from high school he announced that he had indeed joined Starfleet, but by way of enlisting rather than going to the Academy. He said that being a noncommissioned officer had been good enough for his father, so it was good enough for him. Two weeks later he was on his way to his basic training.

Kalvin wasn't the most physical person in his training platoon, but he worked hard and constantly. During what downtime they had, he was running, or weight training, or studying whatever manuals he could get his hands on. He didn't graduate at the top of his unit, but he did make the top five. With his technical scores and his love of tinkering, he was a shoe in candidate for the maintenance field. He tried his hand and regular engineering work, repairing systems on starships, tweaking this or that to increase efficiency, but he grew bored there.

So, after a time in the belly of starships, he moved to the shuttlebays and became an auxiliary craft specialist. It was in the shuttle maintenance bays that he really began to shine. He was able to find alternate solutions that others didn't see, or were unwilling to attempt. Why replace a complicated part that was hard to come by if you could just reroute the power through another system as a buffer and into the system it was meant to be received by? All without negatively affecting the buffer system and increasing the efficiency by 1.3 percent!

Kalvin spent several years working on shuttles before he was asked to take a look at a particularly troublesome fighter. The fighter's systems proved more complicated than any shuttle or runabout and it took him several days to look over the fighter, tear it down, and trace every part of the system, including its programming code. The problem turned out to be a combination of one bad line in the programming and a sporadic short in a wiring harness caused by a sliver of metal that had found its way into the cable during the last battle the fighter had been in. The fact that there were so many details to investigate and no two problems were ever exactly alike took Kalvin from shuttle maintenance to the fighter decks.

Despite his experience with shuttles, fighters were another world for him. One that he dove into head first. He spent the first several weeks simply devouring the technical manuals on the fighters assigned to the Wing and then he began picking the brains of the other mechanics. In only a short time he was a crew chief for his own bird rather than just an assistant around the shop floor. He didn't have a photographic memory, but his eye for detail and ability to remember at least what manual to look into for a specific problem and what section of that manual on the fly certainly helped him along.

Another year or eighteen months after that and he was the go to man for the maintenance officer. Since that was a rotating position amongst the flight officer's, Kalvin essentially ran the shop floor for them. It was six months more when he was offered a new assignment. Offered, not ordered, which surprised him greatly. The orders offered him the position of Chief of Fighter Maintenance for not just a handful of fighters, but an entire reinforced squadron stationed onboard the USS Black Hawk. That sort of offer didn't come around very often, he told himself as he accepted it, and he wasn't foolish enough to let an opportunity like that get away from him.
Service Record 2376: Enlists in Starfleet, attends Basic Training (Crewman Recruit)
2377: Attends Advanced Training in Engineering (Crewman Recruit)
----------Completes training and is assigned to USS Wilshire
----------Promoted to Crewman Apprentice
2378: Promoted to Crewman
2380: Becomes an Auxilliary Craft Specialist
----------Promoted to Petty Officer 3rd Class
2382: Assigned to Starbase 118, Shuttle Maintenance Section
--------- Promoted to Petty Officer 2nd Class
2383: Promoted to Petty Officer 1st Class
2385: Transferred to Fighter Maintenance Section
----------Promoted to Chief Petty Officer
2388: Reassigned to USS Black Hawk as Chief of fighter Maintenance
----------Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer

Immediate Family

Significant Other None Listed on Record
Children None Listed on Record

Extended Family

Father SGT. MAJ. Anthony Maddox, deceased
Mother Ashley Marie Andrews, 54, Anthropologist
Brother(s) None Listed on Record
Sister(s) Allison Grace Stevens, 25, Nurse
Other Family Michael David Andrews, PhD, Stepfather, 58

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 9, Room 09|42
Data Access Level 6
Security Clearance Beta One
Duty Shift Alpha