Lieutenant Callam Jaxer

Name Callam Jaxer

Position Bravo Flight Leader

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/Vulcanoid Rigelian
Age 44
Call Sign Jax
Birthdate 4/30/2344
Birthplace Vulcanoid Rigelian Colony on Rigel IV

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 165lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Caucasian
Physical Description Handsome, fit, and youthful looking, more so when he smiles. He looks young at first, but it becomes obvious that he has a bit of experience under his belt in the way he carries himself. His vulcanoid DNA gives him a potential lifespan of more than two hundred years, so he looks like he's in his twenties, and will probably look that way for some time.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Callam is fun, often naturally, but sometimes he has to work at it. He flirts often, regularly turning on the charm but rarely in an offensive way. Rigelians believe that it is both unhealthy and truly unnatural to abstain from sexual intercourse. To Rigelians, sex, along with other forms of vigorous physical exercise, is like logic is to Vulcans. These activities help Rigelians keep their powerful Vulcanoid passions from getting out of hand. Does Callam get around? Sometimes. More often, though, he'll find a woman and start a relationship, sometimes serious, sometimes casual, usually monogamous. He treats his partners well and he's usually well rewarded for it.

When he was younger, he often stuck his nose into situations where someone was being bullied or was outnumbered. He still doesn't like mean or rude people and has been known to get into a fight or two here and there in defense of some principle or another.

Callam has had no formal education beyond secondary school, and that definitely shows here and there. But he is also well read and intelligent, which is evident to almost anyone he interacts with. Sometimes he regrets not going to university or to Starfleet Academy but most days if he wants to learn something, he picks up a book, takes a class on the holodeck, or researches the subspace net.

He has learned to fill many roles as a leader. Parent, Teacher, Clergy, Shrink. He can also be one distinctly scary SOB when he puts his mind to it.

Strengths & Weaknesses STRENGTHS:
Ace Fighter Pilot
Combat Experience
Competent Hand-to-Hand Combatant
Trained in Basic Ground Combat and SERE
Competent Leader

Most Rigelians develop some form of psionic ability. Callam has some telepathic and empathic abilities.

No formal education beyond secondary school
Limited in his options for advancement because he was promoted to specifically work in the field of flying fighters and leading fighter units. As a Limited Duty Officer, Captain is as high as he can reasonably be expected to be promoted.
Ambitions Until recently, Callam was pretty certain that when he retired in a century or so, he’d still be a Flight Warrant Officer. His recent promotion to Lieutenant came as a surprise. He’s still working out what to make of it and what it means for his future.
Hobbies & Interests As a child, Callam enjoyed playing human base string instruments. His human father and grandfather had several and taught him to play. He most often plays the five string electric bass guitar, the five string electric upright bass, and a rare five string double bass. He has also played about with both a six string acoustic bass guitar and a six string electric bass guitar. However, he doesn’t really have room for all of that on a starship. These days he tends to stick to the five-string electric bass guitar and his five-string electric/acoustic upright bass, also known as a baby bass.

Callam is a particular fan of Earth Jazz, Jazz Fusion, Blues, and Funk, but also enjoys Andorian Blues. It was thought at one point that he might become a professional musician, but that didn’t pan out. He continues to play and has been using the holodeck to take lessons ever since they were installed on the carriers he served on.

Callam’s grandfather was a practitioner of Fu Style Wudangquan and taught Callam the style from a young age. Callam was taught both the meditative and exercise elements of the style, and its practical uses. Callam continues to go through the movements regularly, both empty-handed and with weapons, and works on the practical aspects either in ship or base martial arts clubs or on the holodeck.

His human grandfather also taught him Qigong for meditation and breathing exercise, and Yoga for flexibility. He continues to practice these as well.

Callam’s father and grandfather taught him the game of solitaire, teaching him to play solo and then head to head against one or more opponents. Callam continues to love the game. He finds playing alone relaxing and playing against others a thrill.

When it comes to reading, Callam goes through phases. Sometimes he’ll devour a subject or a genre, spending countless hours reading for months at a time. Then he gets tired of reading and occupies his time with something else for a month or so, reading only sporadically.
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcanoid Rigelian, familiarity with both High and Low Orion, Some Cardassian, Bajoran, Klingon, and Romulan, but he’s not fluent in those.

Personal History Sean Jaxer was an agricultural specialist and hydroponics engineer in the mostly human Polar City colony on Rigel IV. While pursuing graduate studies at a local agricultural university, he was sent to participate in a practicum in a nearby vulcanoid rigelian colony. He learned a great deal there, but what really inspired him to arrange to participate in several more practicums with the rigelians was Batira Dal. Batiral was a bit older than him, but with her two hundred year plus lifespan, she didn’t look it at all. She had studied medical botany, specifically the cultivation, harvesting, and production of botanical pharmaceuticals, at one of the prestigious schools on Rigel V. She was originally from Rigel IV and came back to help oversee her home colonies production of botanical medicines. The two hit it off almost instantly and, after completing his education, Sean asked Batira if she would marry him.

By all rights, Batira could have taken on several more husbands, but she chose the more progressive route and, as the matriarch of a new family, took on not only another couple of husbands, but a couple of other wives as well. This meant that she wasn’t solely responsible for the sexual needs of all of her spouses, something that had definitely led to problems in the old days before her people joined the Federation. Together the group raised their children, tended their crops, and most importantly loved each other. Sean was not sure at first how he would feel about a polygamous relationship, but he settled in well once he got over the initial awkwardness.

Sean and Batira’s son Callam was raised in a loving environment. He had half-siblings (Batira loved her son and her other spouses’ children, but had no desire to repeat the ‘miracle of childbirth’ after Callam was born) and several parents who loved him dearly. Extra parents could be a real pain at times as Callam found out when he missed behaved, but he couldn’t have asked for a more supportive family. Life got even better when his human grandfather got permission to settle in the rigelian colony in order to spend more time with his grandson.

Callam was always looking out for the little guy, whether they were his younger siblings or just someone in need of protection. Children will be children meaning they can be cruel, mean, nasty, and vindictive. Some of them bully people smaller than them. Callam’s human grandfather had begun teaching him martial arts from the time the boy had taken his first step. By the time Callam was in elementary school, he was already able to handle whatever the other kids threw at him. By secondary school he could drive off a bully with a look. When these confrontations took a violent turn, Callam often found himself in trouble with his school masters and sometimes even the local constabulary. Some of his parents worried that he was too violent, but his biological father and mother believed that when all was said and done, Callam was doing the right thing. Callam’s grandfather did his best to make sure that the boy chose violence only as a last resort, but neither the old man nor the boy’s biological parents told him to stop doing what was right. Since Batira was the family matriarch, her word was law, so that was that.

With his parents’ backgrounds and the opportunities the life they provided for him offered, it was thought that Callam would go to university somewhere. There had even been talk of Starfleet Academy. Callam certainly had the brains for it. But he was impatient. When he was very young, word of the Cardassian Border Wars came to Rigel IV. Ever since he was old enough to even remotely understand what was going on, he would listen to FNS reports of battles and skirmishes, of stunning victories and bloody massacres. He wanted to do something to help and he didn’t want to have to suffer through four years of school to do it. So one day he went to see a Starfleet recruiter while visiting Polar City. After talking with the recruiter, it was arranged for Callam to take some aptitude tests. He did very well on these tests. The recruiter could tell how impatient the boy was to get into the action, but he wanted to find him something to do that would take advantage of his high intelligence and quick mind. He considered directing the boy to Starfleet Intelligence, but they’d only start him at the very bottom of the enlisted ranks. There was something else. He asked the boy if he’d ever considered becoming a pilot, and not just any pilot, but a fighter pilot. Starfleet needed more of those quickly, so they had created a Flight Warrant Officer program. All that was needed to enter was a secondary school diploma, good test scores, and to pass the physical and psychological exams. Callam couldn’t possibly have been more interested or excited about doing anything…well, almost anything…he is rigelian after all.

Callam underwent the physical and psychological tests and passed them with flying colors. His parents were skeptical and not to mention worried about their son, but they could tell this was what he wanted, or at least what he thought he wanted. They were going to have to let him see this through. So they did.

Shortly after graduation from secondary school, Callam packed a few personal belongings into a bag and left for Warrant Officer Candidacy School. After completing the course and receiving his warrant, Callam was sent to SERE-C school, after which he went on to flight school on Mars. A year later he was in the pilot’s seat in the cockpit of a Peregrine class fighter, dogfighting with Cardassian fighters and providing close air support to Marine Corps forces planet side.

Between 2364 and 2370, Callam aced out several times and was awarded a Bronze Star, a Silver Star, and the Starfleet Aerospace Cross. He was shot down twice over hostile territory while providing close air support and had to walk out through enemy lines.

Callam’s first assignment was to the Normandy Class Carrier Wendy Lawrence. Soon after he arrived aboard the Lawrence, she joined an operation called Restore Genorious III. Genorious III was a planet rich in resources, particularly mineral resources. The Cardassians had annexed it early in the war. The Federation launched an operation that eventually liberated the colony from Cardassian rule…until the Cardassians launched an attack that drove off Starfleet forces. Starfleet returned and took the colony back. The Cardassians, not to be outdone, returned and kicked Starfleet out again. The pilots in Callam’s squadron were cracking jokes about whether the ‘III’ in Restore Genorious III stood for the planet being the third one in the Genorious system, for the fact that this was the third time Starfleet was planning to liberate the colony, or whether it stood for ‘third times the charm’. Callam was nervous but also excited. This is what he had trained for.

The shooting started just as the fleet came out of warp in the outer part of the system. The skirmish there lasted long enough for Cardassian reinforcements to arrive. After a protracted battle in orbit over Genorious III, the Cardassian fleet was driven out of the system. If Starfleet had wanted to, they could have bombarded all enemy positions on the planet with photon torpedoes, leveling the enemy bases and decimating enemy forces…and irradiating the surface of the planet for the foreseeable future. This wasn’t an option and the Cardassian forces on the ground knew it. This meant that the marines, with close air support from the fighter wings, would have to defeat all of the enemy forces on the planet the hard way.

Eventually, Cardassian reinforcements arrived and turned the tables Starfleet, forcing the fleet to withdraw temporarily and leaving the marines and whatever pilots and fighters as they had left on their own until the fleet could return. Callam flew sortie after sortie. He flew till he couldn’t see straight and to this day he knows there were missions he flew so close to unconsciousness that he doesn’t even remember flying them. Eventually the fleet returned and drove off the Cardassian ships. More Marines and fighters were sent down to the planet and months later things were mostly under control. When Callam finally landed his fighter back on the Lawrence and deplaned, he collapsed on the flight deck and spent a week in Sick Bay. Callam’s work on Genorious III was done. He would be moving on. Genorious III changed hands a few more times before the war ended, costing many lives. When Callam read about the happenings on Genorious III, he sometimes wondered if would all be worth it in the end. In 2370, when the final treaties were signed, Genorious III was handed back to the Cardassians.

When the final treaties were signed, Callam was convinced that the Federation had dishonored the memory of everyone who had died in the conflict and abandoned the border colonies they had handed over to the Cardassians. He felt ashamed to wear a Starfleet uniform. So he took it off and joined the Maquis. Callam flew for them for nearly three years. It wasn’t all he thought it was going to be, but he stuck it out till the very end, when the Dominion invaded the DMZ and the Badlands and routed the Maquis, killing most of them. Callam was able to escape the Jem’Hadar, but he was captured by Starfleet. Callam was sitting in his cell, thinking his life was truly over, when he was brought to an interview room. A JAG lawyer came in and set a PaDD on the table and told him his choices were simple. If he didn’t want to spent the rest of his life in a penal colony making big rocks into little rocks, he would sign on the dotted line and rejoin Starfleet. If he served out the duration of the war, all charges would be dropped and, if his service had been satisfactory, he could remain in the fleet. Callam didn’t take very long to think it over. After a shower, a meal, and a good night’s sleep, he was on his way to the front. He fought in many battles of the war, but missed the Battle for Cardassia. After fighting in the First Battle of Chin’Toka, Callam was garrisoned on the planet. Then the Breen attacked. He stayed atmospheric to help defend the ground forces, thinking the fleet would either pull them out or at least provide orbital fire support. Then came the reports that the Breen were disabling starships with one shot. The forces on the planet were on their own. Callam was eventually shot down but survived. He joined a group of marines who spent the next three months fighting a guerilla war against Breen and Jem’Hadar forces, until the war ended and Starfleet finally came to see if there were any survivors.

After the Dominion War, Callam continued to serve as a Flight Warrant Officer, eventually making Chief Warrant Officer and commanding a flight made up solely of Flight Warrant Officers. In 2388 he was promoted to Lieutenant through the Warrant Officer to Lieutenant program and assigned to the USS Black Hawk A as Bravo Flight Leader. He did find this promotion odd, since he never applied for the Warrant Officer to Lieutenant program. This means someone influential did it for him. If Callam every finds out who it was, he’s not sure if he’ll thank them. He’s holding off on that until he sees how things go.
Service Record ==EDUCATION HISTORY==
Starfleet Warrant Officer Candidacy School
Starfleet Flight School
Starfleet Fighter Combat School
SERE School (Three Week Aerospace Crew Course)
Starfleet Expeditionary Warfare School (Small Arms, Small Unit Tactics, Tactical Combat Casualty Care, Land Navigation, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Knife Skills)

2362-2363 Warrant Officer Candidacy School + SERE
2363-2364Flight Warrant Officer Training
2364-2365 Flight Warrant Officer/Fighter Pilot, USS Wendy Lawrence, Cardassian Border Wars
2365-2370 Staff Flight Warrant Officer/Fighter Pilot, USS Wendy Lawrence, Cardassian Border Wars
2370-2373 Maquis Pilot
2373-2375 Staff Flight Warrant Officer/Fighter Pilot, USS Halsey, Dominion War
2375-2382 Master Flight Warrant Officer/Fighter Pilot, USS Potemkin
2382-2387 Chief Flight Warrant Officer/Flight Leader, USS Horatio Nelson
2387-2388 Trains on the new Gryphon multi-role fighter. Completes check ride.
2388-2388 Warrant Officer to Lieutenant Program, Promoted to Lieutenant/Limited Duty Officer
2388-2388 Assigned USS Black Hawk A as Bravo Flight Leader

Immediate Family

Significant Other Not Yet
Children TBD

Extended Family

Father Sean Jaxer
Mother Batira Dal
Brother(s) Jareth, Desmon
Sister(s) Ayana, Ilana, Haellen
Other Family Colrin Jaxer (Grandfather, now in his 90s but still spry), his parents' other spouses, other grandparents, clan relations.

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 11, Room 11|06
Data Access Level Six
Security Clearance Beta One
Duty Shift Beta