Lieutenant JG Jace Crystan

Name Jace Crystan

Position Assistant Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 34
Call Sign N/A
Birthdate March 4, 2356
Birthplace Ann Arbor, Michigan, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10''
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Tanned

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jace is a man of many interests. Simply put, he's a nerd, through and through. He's been working on it, given that he tries to keep abreast even of things that don't interest him, namely violent, "fighty" type things like being a security officer for Starfleet. Academically, he's a well rounded individual with a broad knowledgebase, meaning he has at least a working knowledge of a variety of subjects. He's tops however in his specialty fields, and he knows it.

Socially, he's grown a lot as he's gotten older. As a child, he was a loner, not spending time with anyone or anything not his studies. It wasn't until he went to college that he was forced to develop interpersonal skills. He was awkward at first, but eventually grew to a point where he could pass as what he would consider a "normal" person. Thankfully, he's at least not as cynical as that.
Strengths & Weaknesses As intelligent as he is, Jace can get cocky when it comes to academics. He's certainly a know-it-all, but he tries to keep it to himself (tries....). He's only as physically fit as he has to be, and he won't be running any marathons any time soon.
Ambitions He's gotten a Ph.D. He's become a Starfleet Officer. At this point, he hopes to be apart of as many first contacts as he can be and to discover new stellar phenomena.
Hobbies & Interests He's a scientist for sure, meaning that just about any science topic interests him to some degree. He also dabbles in culinary arts
Languages Spoken Federation Standard

Personal History Jace was born on March 4, 2354 to his parents, two junior professors at the Ann Arbor Branch of the University of Michigan. His father, Dr. Lucas Crystan, was a theoretical physics expert and his mother, Dr. Charlotte Ortega, delved into the field of xenobiology. Both were fantastic teachers and taught multiple classes in their fields, but Dr. Crystan found he most enjoyed teaching first and second year undergraduates. While the subject matter was certainly trivial to him, he believed that having a strong foundation was the beginning of true academic success. Of course, Dr. Ortega believed that as well, but her interests led her to the upper echelons of xenobiological study.

From an early age, Jace's parents introduced him to academia of all sorts. Initially, he didn't take to the idea as well as his parents had hoped, but as he progressed through primary school, Jace began to show a lot of promise, especially in the sciences, which certainly pleased his parents. What was more, he thoroughly enjoyed all of his science courses and mathematics courses. As he pushed onward through the throws of adolescence, Jace also found an interest in
history, particularly archaeology. Though he considered it more as a hobby, it didn't mean that he spent any less time with it than he did with his frontline studies. Through high school, he studied Calculus and Elementary Physics, which was where he found a particular positive feeling. He was so interested in it that he decided that Physics, particularly Astrophysics, was the direction he wanted to take his studies.

With his parents, now senior professors, still at the University, Jace had easy access to dual enrollment programs, since he always earned high marks. So, with that in mind, he entered into the program at University of Michigan and completed the first three semesters of his post-secondary school by the time he graduated high school. In college, he began to combine his interests as he started learning advanced physics and astronomy. As part of the astrophysics program, he took two trips with his classmates and professors to study stellar phenomena. It was an exhilarating experience, but also a crucial one. This was his first true contact with Starfleet. They certainly had been around, but this was more along the lines of one on one contact. The members of the group had been assigned to a Starfleet Officer or Enlistedman to shadow and learn how Starfleet puts their knowledge of astrophysics to use. This experience would later prove vital to a decision he would make in his future.

At age twenty, Jace graduated from University of Michigan and took the summer off to take some time for himself and decide what he wanted the next step to be. He spent some time with his ailing great-grandfather, Juan Ortega, a long retired Starfleet Admiral who was in the last years of his life. He heard a lot of stories from the Admiral, a science officer himself, about life in Starfleet and the many adventures he went on as a Starfleet Officer. After the summer, Jace entered into a Doctoral program at the University of Michigan, studying Advanced Astrophysics. He spent four years doing graduate work and performed well, however, the most important event of this time was his great grandfather passing away. Jace dedicated his dissertation to the Admiral and received his Ph. D. after his successful dissertation defense.

In honor of his Great Grandfather, and to satisfy his own curiosity, Jace applied for Starfleet academy at age twenty-four. After passing the entrance exams, he was admitted into the Science program. As he was already well versed in astrophysics, one of the specializations offered at the Academy, he was encouraged to take the certification exams (which he passed) and select another specialization. He thought it was high time he give his hobby a shot, and chose archaeology and anthropology. As was to be expected, he thoroughly enjoyed his time at the academy and even took up a minor, a specialization he had little interest in: security and tactical studies. At the encouragement of his father, who believed in a very well-rounded education, Jace took the opportunity to learn the basics of being a Starfleet tactical and security officer. He wasn't a professional, by any means, but he rated a little better than your standard non-security cadet. In his final four terms, Jace took a course each term in the sec/tac department, covering the basics. After all, he needed to make sure he'd had a good education....

Upon graduation in 2382, Jace earned his commission and began his Starfleet Career.
Service Record USS Tristan, Nova Class: May 2382-Dec 2383
Astrophysicist and Archaeologist

USS Marigold, Intrepid Class: Dec 2383-October 2384

USS Vintage, Galaxy Class: Oct 2384-March 2388
Chief of Stellar Sciences

Immediate Family

Significant Other None
Children None

Extended Family

Father Dr. Lucas Crystan
Mother Dr. Charlotte Ortega
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Extended: Rear Admiral Juan Ortega (deceased) - maternal Great-Grandfather

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 5 || Room 05|03
Data Access Level 5
Security Clearance Delta Two