Lieutenant JG Michael Griffin

Name Michael Tolian Griffin

Position Chief Engineer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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18 Jun 2017 @ 11:28pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human/El-Aurian Hybrid
Age 24
Birthdate September 28, 2364
Birthplace Paris, Earth

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 160 lbs.
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color White
Physical Description Michael is a tall man with an athletic build, he has short black hair and brown eyes.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Michael is a generally calm person who is considered easy to approach by his peers. He can however get frustrated when something does not go exactly as he has planned. He has a strong sense of duty and will consider any lawful order as sacred.
Hobbies & Interests Tinkering with alien technologies, classical literature, philosophy.

Personal History Michael Tolian Griffin was born to the Federation Ambassador Joe Griffin and the retired Starfleet Commodore Lauren A. Archer. His early years could primarily be considered protected and nearly perfect. His parents took great interest in him and his sister, Alice, too took great care of him. While he did not excel at the more theoretical parts in his education It quickly became clear he had a great interest in technology and figuring out how things worked. Rather than suppressing these desires his parents arranged for a family friend with a background in Engineering to mentor the young boy as he expanded his knowledge. Later on performance at school would improve but his focus remained with technology. The first real shock in the family structure came when his mother decided to return to Starfleet when he was 9. Michael did not take this well at all and started rebelling and slacking in his educational pursuits. If not for his sister’s help at this critical point he would most likely have not ended out well. As the years went on he learned to respect the decision his mother had made and especially with the end of the Dominion War was less concerned about it. When his sister too left in 2376 to join Starfleet Michael had a much calmer response, after all by this time he was 12 himself and had seen just how valuable fighting for a cause was, it was then that he already decided he wanted to join Starfleet once he was old enough. In his high school period he also developed an interest in both philosophy and classical literature in general which he found oddly calming.

With recommendations in hand from the Engineer had mentored him as well as his teachers and some prodding by his mother he was given the ability to try out to enter the Academy at age 17 where he passed with flying colours. Due to his interests he was quickly pushed along the Engineering track and managed to perform admirably in it. The Academy took some getting used to but he quickly learned how it worked and managed to make friends among his peers as well as some of his first romantic interests. At age 21 he successfully graduated and was made an Ensign and assigned to the Ronin Class USS Akihito as an Engineering Officer in the Gamma Quadrant. He settled in quite easily within the crew and made himself noticed within the Engineering department as a competent Engineer. After two years of service on the Akihito he was promoted to Lieutenant JG and while maintaining the same position given more responsibilities. In 2388 following the staff shortages experienced due to the Consortium attacks he was reassigned to the USS Black Hawk to serve as Assistant Chief Engineering.

Due to his shown proficiency in the arts of Engineering as well as his leadership in the attack that would eventually lead to the destruction of the USS Black Hawk, Michael was promoted to Chief Engineering Officer on the new USS Black Hawk.
Service Record 2381-2385: Starfleet Academy, Engineering Track
2385-2388: Engineering Officer, USS Akihito - Ensign
-2387: Promoted to Lieutenant JG
2388-2388: Assistant Chief Engineer, USS Black Hawk - Lieutenant JG
2388-Present: Chief Engineer, USS Black Hawk - Lieutenant JG

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Ambassador Joe Griffin
Mother Vice Admiral Lauren A. Archer
Sister(s) Captain Alice C. Griffin

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 9, Room 09|05
Data Access Level 6
Security Clearance Beta Two
Duty Shift Alpha