Lieutenant Jonathan Kilmartin

Name Jonathan "Sunbeam" Kilmartin

Position Deputy Squadron Commander

Second Position Bravo Flight Leader

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 38
Call Sign Sunbeam

Physical Appearance

Height 6’ 1”
Weight 183 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jonathan Kilmartin is a tall, handsome man of athletic build. He has medium length blonde hair and green eyes. When not in uniform and on duty, Jonny is fond of looking smart and can be seen wearing smart black trousers and shirts or even suits when off duty.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jonathan Kilmartin, aka Jonny K or “Sunbeam” to his friends is an enlightened and engaging Terran male. He is easy to get on with and loves to make new friends. He is very much a ladies' man and is known to flirt outrageously with women he is attracted to. He loves to socialise and is a light drinker, however he is not afraid to go on all night benders in a bid to win over potential mates. One downside to this popular guy is his lack of faith in anyone but himself.

Career wise, Jonny is a down to Earth individual with a strict Military upbringing. Jonny K, unlike in his earlier years, now has a great respect for those in positions senior to his, knowing the difficulties of the job they do and how difficult they can become with troublesome underlings. He is an authoritarian and hates unprofessionalism when at work. Chitter chatter in serious situations is a pet hate of his and he isn’t afraid to stamp it out and can often be seen clattering colleagues around the head to get them to shut up. A talented pilot, Jonny has been involved in no less than 34 different combat engagements since he started his first tour of duty during the Dominion War, but despite this, he is still learning and takes advice from colleagues seriously and constantly endeavours to improve his skills.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Combat Flight Maneuvers
+Small Craft Tactics
+Search and Rescue Operations
-Medical Missions
-"Us against them" attitude

Personal History The son of Malakey and Keira Kilmartin, one former Marine Soldier and a Marine Pilot from New Jersey, Jonathan Kilmartin was a bouncing baby boy that weighed almost 10lbs at birth. Upon the birth of their child, both parents withdrew from active service and set up home in San Francisco and transferring to Starfleet Command Headquarters, with both working as Adjutants to senior officials in their specific areas. During his early life Jonny flew with his mother as often as he could and was clearly destined to become a pilot.

In 2368, at the age of 18, Jonny K joined Starfleet Academy and began basic flight and military training, much to the delight of his parents, who had now returned to active service within the fleet. Through almost three years of tuition at the Academy, including numerous extended training exercises in the field and logging over two thousand hours in flight training aboard various Starfighters and Runabouts, Jonny K began his final year by transferring to the Nebula Class USS Roehampton. Once there, he joined the Roehampton's Air Group as one of six Cadet's (or Nuggets) in the unit. Under the command of the ships CAG, Major Clinton Morrison, Jonny and his cadet colleagues would log many more hours of flight time in the older Rogue Class Fighters as he was put through a series of rigorous tests, including navigating the dangerous Belkan's Drift asteroid field. The Roehampton was due to put back to Earth later that year, but plans were changed as the Klingon Empire attacked Cardassia and a short conflict between the Federation and the Klingons ensued.

It was aboard the Roehampton that Jonny was given his new callsign of Sunbeam. During a stopover at Starbase 375, the Air Group were celebrating the wedding of two of their more experienced pilots. Jonny, had been spotted by an older woman who had approached him and asked him to dance. Jonny danced with the woman, who called herself Mia and entertained her for most of the night. As the night wore on and Mia get ready to leave, she kissed him on the cheek and said that his smile was like a ray of sunlight and that she would call him Sunbeam. As she left, and Jonny wistfully watched her leave, his friends jumped on the bandwagon and ribbed him for his encounter. Upon returning to the Roehampton for duty the following morning, he found his locker, his helmet and even his Starfighter had been adorned with his new callsign.

He would always remember Mia.

During a training exercise just a month later, in which the entire Air Group were embarked in a war games scenario to crown a new "Top Gun", the ship was ambushed by three Klingon Birds of Prey. The Air Group was ordered to halt their war game and everyone, including the Cadet's were ordered to go weapons free and engage their Klingon aggressors. Whilst several Starfighter's were lost, Jonny and three other Cadet's made it back to the Roehampton, but not before taking out two of the enemy vessels alongside the Roehampton. For their part in the mission, Major Morrison applied for special dispensation to graduate the Cadet's and have them join his Air Group to make up for the losses. Dispensation was granted and Jonny K was given the rank of Second Lieutenant and was permanently assigned to the Air Group. With his new rank and position, Sunbeam was upgraded to pilot one of the newer Valkyrie class Fighters. Jonny spent a lot of time on the Holodeck getting accustomed to the newer Fighter, but it was no substitute for getting behind the controls of the real thing and would spend many hours training and conducting support missions in his bird.

Upon the outbreak of the Dominion War, Roehampton's Air Group was transferred to the USS Kensington, an Akira Class Carrier. As the number of the Air Groups Squadron's and Pilots doubled, there was tension between the merging groups. That was all forgotten after the ships first engagement of the War. The Kensington was part of the Seventh Fleet that engaged the Dominion in the Tyra System. The battle there raged for a little over an hour as 112 Federation ships combated a much larger Dominion fleet. Almost two hundred Starfighter's from various vessels were involved, including the Kensington's Air Group. In Major Morrison's Squadron, Sunbeam and the other pilots were tasked with taking out the Heideki class Cardassian vessels. In between bombing runs on Galor class ships and strafing runs against Dominion Cruisers, the Squadron were weapons free and targeting any Heideki or small craft they came up against, including the Dominion Fighter's. Several times over, Sunbeam, Morrison and others had to abandon attacks to fight off Jem'Hadar Fighter's and get them off their tails. Eventually, the retreat was signalled and with combat landings approved, the Air Group (or what was left of it) returned to the Kensington. Whilst the Kensington was one of only fourteen Federation ships to survive, the Kensington was left counting her own losses. Of almost fifty Starfighters, a mere nineteen returned.

The Air Group was replenished at Starbase 375 and Sunbeam and several others found themselves being tasked with training newer pilots despite being relatively new themselves. Times were bad when just five combat missions made you experienced. It was at this point that Sunbeam was promoted to First Lieutenant.

The Kensington's final mission came during Operation Return, the mission to retake DS9 from the Dominion. The Air Group were part of a massive Fighter Wing tasked with ignoring the Dominion ships and probing the Cardassian front lines. Using cover fire from several destroyer wings, the fighter pilots were instructed to ignore the Jem'Hadar ships in favor of striking the Cardassian ships with pulsed phaser fire, and then to break off and disengage; The Fleet Commander, Captain Benjamin Sisko hoped to provoke the Cardassians into giving chase and opening a hole in the formation that Starfleet could exploit. After several attempts and after successfully destroying two Heideki class vessels, the Cardassian's began to chase the Fighter's. As groups began to break off into Squadron's, Sunbeam and his Squadron worked in conjunction with Major Morrison and his group. Morrison's squadron would pick a target and bomb significant locations on the ship. Sunbeam's squadron would follow up with attack after attack of phaser fire, targeting engines and weapons array's.

After a while, the attack took a twist as the Defiant broke through enemy lines and made for DS9, whilst the rest of the combined Federation-Klingon fleet remained and started to make progress against their enemies. As the fighting continued, some 200 allied ships broke through the Dominion lines and made for DS9. The Starfighter's and nearly two hundred other vessels remained behind to take out what enemy vessels they could.

Several hours later and having endured many losses, the last of the allied fleet returned to DS9, the enemy vessels retreating to Dominion space. The Kensington had been lost in the early stages of the attack and her Air Group had been folded into the Air Group of the USS Kearsarge, another Akirs Class vessel.

With the Dominion gone from DS9 and Bajor, Sunbeam, his Squadron and the rest of the Starfighter pilots were granted downtime on Bajor.

Life aboard the Kearsarge with different to aboard the Kensington and her CAG, Lieutenant Colonel William Anders, was a strict, ruthless man that got on with few under his command. He and Sunbeam clashed on many an occasion, with Sunbeam being grounded a total of three times, only to be saved by major engagements such as the First and Second Battles of Chin'toka.

During the second battle, Sunbeam was shot down and was rescued by a Warhammer class Runabout. An injury to his left knee forced him to sit out of the Squadron's part in the Battle of Cardassia, a bittersweet end to the war for a now highly decorated Pilot.

After the war ended in 2375, some fifteen major engagements since the beginning of the war, Sunbeam was granted some shore leave and he returned to Earth for 265 days of rest and relaxation, but at a price – he would have to accept reassignment elsewhere.

Within the time granted to him for shore leave, Sunbeam negotiated reassignment to Starfleet Academy where he would become an instructor in Basic Flight and Combat Manoeuvring. From 2377 until 2380, Sunbeam worked as an Instructor and Lecturer at the Academy, passing on his experience of the war to the pilots under his training.

In 2382, with a promotion to Captain, Sunbeam opted against renewing his status as an Instructor at the Academy and opted instead to return to Starbase 375 for the first time since the war had ended. There, Sunbeam was given his own Squadron and was Deputy Commander, Air Group. Sunbeam and the Station's CAG, Major Daniel Winterburn, were the only two members of the Air Group with real war time experience. They spent months taking the Air Group on various exercises, even engaging in war games scenarios with other Air Groups from visiting ships.

In late 2383, the Air Group would travel to Belkan's Drift, an unpredictable and very dense Asteroid field. The Air Group would traverse the field, putting their piloting skills to the test. It was a dangerous task that many feared, but each ship, led by Sunbeam and Winterburn, successfully navigated the field, not without a scare or two along the way.

Sunbeam remained as Deputy CAG aboard the Station until he was granted reassignment in 2387, transferring to Deep Space 10 and the USS Christopher Reeve as CAG of the 47th Starfighter Air Group. A short while later, the USS Ticonderoga transferred to the Task Force and the 47th Starfighter Air Group was transferred to the Akira Class starship, again under Kilmartin's command.

A brief while later, Kilmartin was offered the chance to transfer to the USS Black Hawk, another Akira class starship that was embarking on missions in the Gamma Quadrant. To do so, he had to give up his Marine commission and transfer to the Starfleet ranks. Deciding to go ahead with the transfer, the Captain/Lieutenant traveled to Yolvanda II (the Risa of the Gamma Quadrant), where he would meet with the Black Hawk.

Immediate Family

Extended Family

Father Malakey Kilmartin
Mother Keira Kilmartin

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 4 || Room 0409
Data Access Level 6
Security Clearance Beta-One
Duty Shift Alpha Shift, Flight Deck