Lieutenant Commander Adam Casey

Name Adam James Casey

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40

Physical Appearance

Height 6"4
Weight 223lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Adam keeps his hair relatively short, and keeps in very good shape. He makes sure he works out every day, which shows in his muscles and his good health. His blue eyes are very bright and piercing, and he has a look that can make most people go cold.

However, he also has been described as having a warm smile.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Adam is friendly, cares about his job and the Federation, but will always do the right thing, even if the right thing is the wrong thing. Whilst he has the build, the skill and the ideals for security, Adam's true passion has, and always will be, science. He began studying chemistry when he was five, and his passion simply grew from there.

He refuses to talk about his brother, and in fact tells people that he doesn't have a brother because he is ashamed of him, especially that he caught his brother, who was a murderer, and put him behind bars.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Top marks in his classes
+ Determined to never give up on anything. Once he sees a puzzle, he doesn't put it down until it's complete.
+Dedicated to his friends
+Innovative and Creative

- Lack of patience with diplomacy
- His family history
- Willing to break the rules if he thinks it's right
- Doesn't back down
Ambitions To have a family, and to one day command his own research facility
Hobbies & Interests Music, Writing, Playing the Violin, Cooking, Working out
Languages Spoken Federation Standard, Vulcan, Klingon, Romulan, Bajoran

Personal History 2348:
Adam born to a Starfleet Commander and Marine Captain. He has an older brother, Jeff, who watches over Adam as much as possible.

Gemma Casey born. At five years old, Adam dotes on his little sister, and listens to his older brother on making sure he always watches over his family. Adam starts Chemistry classes, and develops a love of science. His brother also convinces him to start self defence classes, and body building.

At ten years old, Adam is already in good shape, and wins an award for young scientist. Deciding to keep his interests alive, his parents help give him a small lab area for his own use, which he uses every day.

Applying for Starfleet Academy, Adam is accepted, and welcomed, where he begins studying to become a science officer. He minors in security at the request of his instructors, who want to use all of his skills

Graduating from Starfleet Academy, Adam is assigned to the USS Andromeda as a science officer. He works in solitude, mostly, but also works well with a team who helps discover a way to improve warp communications.

Adam Promoted to Lt. JG

Jeff, Adam's brother, is found to be a murderer, but escapes from custody. Adam, feeling it as an affront, takes a leave of absence and tracks him down. They fight, and Jeff tells Adam that family is everything, and they need to stand together. Adam refuses, and captures him. Jeff is sent to a maximum security prison, and Adam returns to duty, this time aboard the USS Lagos.

Adam meets Jessica Williams, and marries her aboard the Lagos.

Chief Medical Officer Harvey Geisler is on a shuttle back to the ship when an accident causes his shuttle to crash on a pre industrial world. Starfleet refuses to allow a rescue attempt to take place after they find out he is captured by the locals. Adam takes a shuttle and rescues him, breaking the prime directive. The XO of the ship has a go at Adam, and the two of them get into a fight. Adam wins, but is forced to resign by Starfleet Command.

Jessica resigns as she gives birth to a daughter, Amy, and they set up home on Earth.

Jessica gives birth to another daughter, Maria

Jessica is pregnant again. However, during childbirth, there are complications, and both Andrea (Their child), and Jessica pass away.

Adam convinced to return to duty by Harvey Geiser, and takes a position as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Black Hawk.
Service Record 2366 - 2370: Starfleet Academy
2370 - 2372: USS Andromeda, Science Officer, Ensign
2372 - 2375: USS Andromeda, Assistant Chief Science Officer, Lt. JG
2375 - 2377: USS Lagos, Chief Science Officer, Lieutenant
2377 - 2379: USS Lagos, Chief Science Officer, Lt. Commander
2379 - 2388: Civilian Life
2388 - Present: USS Black Hawk, Chief Science Officer, Lt. Commander

Immediate Family

Significant Other Jessica Casey (Deceased)
Children Amy Casey (8 Years old)
Maria Casey (6 Years old)
Andrea Casey (Deceased at Childbirth)

Extended Family

Father Major General William Casey, Starbase 325
Mother Admiral Vanessa Casey, Starbase 325
Brother(s) Jeff Casey (Imprisoned in Maximum Security Prison for Multiple Murders - Apprehended by Adam)
Sister(s) Gemma Casey (Chief Medical Officer, USS Amazon)

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 4 || Room 0413
Data Access Level 7
Security Clearance Beta Two
Duty Shift Alpha