Lieutenant Parisa Rykov

Name Parisa Alexandra Rykov DCS

Position Assistant Chief Engineer, Damage Control and Maintenance

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Human / Romulan
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7''
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Parisa Rykov looks more human than she does Romulan, due to her genetic makeup and her heritage being predominately human. Her mother was fully human from what was once Iran while her father is half Romulan, half human from a region of Earth once considered Russia. Parisa is somewhat accepting of the Romulan heritage she inherited from her father's side of the family and does adore her Romulan grandmother. However, due to her own cultural beliefs which lie more closely with her mother, Parisa wears a modest and modern hijab Starfleet variant uniform, the hijab covering her head and chest, but leaving her face fully exposed. Off duty, she wears various gowns and dresses with elegant taste, but her hijabs cover her head and chest. This masks her somewhat peculiarly pointed Romulan ears. Her brows are also somewhat oddly shaped, but still passable for a human. She does not possess any external markings to otherwise identify her as being part Romulan. Her blood, however, is green.

The woman stands roughly five feet and three inches in height, is relatively fit and somewhat muscular. Her physical strength is somewhat above average for that of a full human, but is significantly less than that of a Romulan. She possesses no telepathic or empathic abilities whatsoever, relying simply on sharp wits, good ol' skepticism, and pure determination to manipulate people and situation more into her liking. She has blue eyes, a nearly flawless complexion, and dark eye brows. She takes care of her appearance and looks somewhat well kept and feminine, though her skin is properly of softest thing about her. She often adorns a cold, calculated, and quite serious stare. Her poker face is on at least 90% of the time.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Surrounded by an aura of mystery and an outer shell of coldness, Lieutenant Rykov is not the warm and welcoming soul that one would expect from a Starfleet Nurse which was in fact her original duty and position in Starfleet upon graduating Starfleet Academy's School of Nursing with a well rounded background in medical science and technology. While at the Academy, she took her studies quite seriously, and studied intensively for tests and examinations. Her performance was nothing to scoff about. By the book as she was in nursing, she lacked the people skills and had a bedside manner that made a Cardassian Gul more desirable to treated you than Rykov. Her self-confidence is potentially unmatched, but often viewed by others as downright arrogance rather than confidence.

Socially, she often struggles to make friends, but because she has grown so used to this, she finds it perfect acceptable to have hardly any friends. Being alone is not something that scares her nor concerns her. Finding like minded individuals who she deems worthy of her time or intellectual enough to be her equal is extremely difficult. It is not that other people are stupid or not as intelligent as her; rather, it is simply that they think too differently than her or see things in far more different light. She is also extremely mistrusting of others, but she herself is extraordinarily loyal to Starfleet, her Commanding Officers, and her fellow shipmates, whether or not that trust is returned. Lieutenant Rykov's best friend is her pet cat, Krampus who she has entrusted to guard her quarters when she is not there, keeping her personal belongings and secrets safe.

A proud 'bookworm,' the lieutenant is fairly well read and enjoys various genres of literature, but her favorites remain mystery, philosophy, and unknown to everyone else, Romance holo novels. With her relentless intellectualism, never give up attitude, and chess-like maneuvering, it was little surprise that she would end up switching from working with people to working with computers and technology. Though both machines in the sense, she prefers the coldness of computer's core than the warmth of a human's heart. Somehow, she manages to balance a complex personality of what some would argue is paradoxical and conflicting as the lieutenant is both very starry-eyed optimist and yet downright cyncial with coldly skeptical. In reality, she wishes and hopes for the best, seeing what good can be done, but prepares for the worse and understands failure and worse case scenarios as a very real option.

She of course has many redeeming qualities, or at least qualities and attributes that have made her a valuable member of several starship crews over the years. Were she simply a brash cold-hearted bitch who washed up as a nurse, she would have left starfleet long ago. Fortunately, she a lot more than that and has proven herself on countless occasions to be a damn good asset to the team, even if she has been known to put the ass in asset. She is a thinker and observer, noticing patters that others may not so easily notice. She often provides very insightful opinions about her astute observations. Regardless of how alluring an end goal may be to herself or the crew, she will remain as rational about the matter as she humanly can.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
▪ Strategic yet creatively imaginative mind
▪ Extremely dedicated to her duties and works well independently
▪ Very high self-confidence
▪ Somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades
▪ Does not require coddling from her superiors

▪ Sometimes insensitive
▪ Comes off as blunt, rude, and infuriatingly arrogant
▪ May be deemed hostile
▪ Does not always work well with others
▪ Viewed as being coldly skeptical and pessimistic
▪ Lacks a bed side manner and social skills
▪ Overly analysis things at times
▪ Does not cope well with a highly structured environment like a tightly run by the book starship
▪ Bends and breaks rules and regulations to fit her will at any given time
▪ Utterly clueless when it comes to romance
▪ Likes to remove the 'human' from the formula in order to solve the equation
▪ Lacks the gentle hand of human nature it takes for medicine or counseling
▪ Quite strongly opinionated, good at offering advise, and horrible at taking it
▪ Sharp tongue and fiery temper
Languages Spoken ▪ Federation Standard
▪ Rihannsu (Romulan)
▪ Yridish (Yridian)

Personal History Born on the Federation Beta Quadrant colony of Ivor, Lieutenant Parisa Rykov had a hard life growing up. Her father was a Starfleet science officer and her mother a Starfleet physician, both of whom had requested an assignment to the remote colony of Ivor before learning that they would be expecting their first and only child, Parisa. Ivor had a few Federation facilities, and a Starfleet research lab on the planet, but the population of colonist was relatively low and children on Ivor were few and far between. As a child, Parisa had few friends that were not imaginary, and often spent long hours trying to entertain herself as her parents were incredibly busy and did not interact with her as much as they probably should have.

She received the best schooling that she could get on Ivor which all in all was not really that bad. In some ways, it was a lot better than what she would have received on Earth. Her classrooms were always small and it was very one on one with teachers, only ever having about twenty other students in the classroom every so often. In a way, it helped her grow a strong and tough exterior, but caused her to be very closed off the world around her. Her parents pushed her to study science in school as a child, and her mother most certainly was the driving force behind Parisa pursuing a career in medicine to begin with.

They were her parents after all, shouldn't they know what was best for her? Unfortunately, Parisa made the mistake of assuming that her parents knew what was best for her and respected their wishes. She studied science as a child and became quite good at it, especially astrology. The one good thing about Ivor was that it was relatively close to the Romulan Empire, much the colonists' discomfort. Though it did allow the opportunity for Parisa's grandmother to visit her once every dozen months or so. As she matured into a teenager, Parisa had a rather nasty attitude and was full of angst. Believing it would do her good in shaping her out, her parents persuaded her to apply to Starfleet Academy when she was of age. Though she really did not want to go to Starfleet Academy, she saw it as an opportunity to get off Ivor which was what she wanted desperately.

Her grades in school were high enough to merit her taking the entrance exam for the Academy. She may have not really wanted to into Starfleet, but she saw the examination as the authority or establishment trying to tell her that she was not smart enough, and that set her intellectual drive ablaze. She not only completed the entrance examination with good timing, she successfully passed the examination and scored well enough to be accepted. Starfleet was going to take her away from Ivor, and no sooner had she received her acceptance letter had she packed all her belongings and hoped on the next Federation transport bound for Earth.

At Starfleet Academy, she was following in her parents' footsteps with her pursuit of a science and medical path. Primarily, she focused on medical as she entered into Starfleet Academy's School for Nursing. She had the ambition and drive to go Pre-med and perhaps later continue her education to become a Starfleet medical doctor like her mother, but instead she just wanted to finish her four year Academy education, serve Starfleet for a handful of years and ideally get out of it and do something of her own doing. She did, however, declare a double minor in Starship Operations and Astrophysics as a means to become more well rounded for her career and life after Starfleet. She was good at learning to protocol, procedures, terminology, and the technical chunk to nursing. She could definitely assisting in treating a patient by treating the symptoms or illness, but even her Academy Instructors noticed a very cold disinterested bedside manner. However, she passed her tests and examinations that were required for nursing, and earned her Starfleet commissioned rank of Ensign.

She spent several years doing what her education had taught her, and though she had come to really find a calling with Starfleet as a career for herself, nursing was a whole other matter. Doctors and her fellow nurses commended her on her extensive medical knowledge and her ability to truly be helpful in treating illnesses and diseases as well as the common everyday injuries, but patience rarely wanted her to be assigned to them as their nurse, and Doctors became more aware of her lack of good bedside manner. She was a nurse who cared less about the patient and more about the patient's medical problems.

Rykov had been in Starfleet for a handful of years as a nurse, learning the ropes, but suffering when it came to having what it took to connect with patients and provide the gentle care that was often asked of her. She achieved promotions in rank and position due to her experience and dedication, but most certainly not on merit of her bedside manner. She had already made Lieutenant and was serving as Head Nurse aboard a starship when the Chief Medical Officer pulled her aside one evening and gave her a stern talking to about her poor bedside manner and how the Doctor questioned if she was truly cut out for a career in medicine and nursing.

Deep down, Rykov knew that the doctor was correct. She was not cut out for nursing because what she loved about it was not helping people or care for them until they healed, it was the challenge of solving medical mysteries and deciphering the complexities. That was the rewarding part. She enjoyed putting her technical skills to use and fixing damaged and broken medical machines before someone from Operations or Engineering could. She realized that she made a mistake when at Starfleet Academy and immediately wanted to fix it.

She applied to further her education, wishing to pursue a doctorate's degree. However, in medicine it most certainly would not be. Parisa Rykov spent several more years, going back to school and righting her wrongs, taking her fate into her own hands and studying something that she did truly enjoy with a passion, computers and technology. She pursued an advanced degree in Computer Science at the Daystrom Institute of Technology. She later graduated with a DCS (Doctors of Computer Science) and returned to active duty with Starfleet. Her newly acquired degree earned her a lot of respect and admiration, but also put Starfleet Command in a bit of a struggle as to what to do with her. Taking her education and rank into consideration, Starfleet Command took some time to determine where to assign her. She immediately was given a departmental transfer out of science/medicine.

Parisa Rykov had the rank and more than certainly had the beyond the education necessary for her to serve as the head of Engineering or Operations somewhere. However, what she had in rank and education offset by her lack of experience as far as Starfleet saw. They were not ready to assign her to a starship or starbase to serve as a Department Head of, but they felt comfortable with granting her transfer from Medical to Engineering and in an effort to provide her with the necessary experience to perhaps one day move up into a more authoritative and senior position, they assigned her the USS Black Hawk's Engineering Department as Damage Control and Maintenance Specialist. After several weeks aboard, a reshuffling in the Engineering Department saw Doctor Rykov being named Chief Engineer.
Service Record 2372-2376: Starfleet Academy [Nursing Program]
▪ Nursing Major
▪ Specialized in Emergency Medicine and Trauma
▪ Double Minor in Starship Operations & Astrophysics
2376-2378: USS Repulse - Nurse - Ensign
▪ Part of CMO's Medical Emergency Response Team (M.E.R.T.)
▪ Promoted to Lieutenant JG in 2378
2378-2384: USS Barton - Nurse - Lieutenant JG / Lieutenant
▪ Accompanied Doctors on several away teams
▪ Promoted to Lieutenant in 2383
2384 - 2385: USS Barton - Head Nurse - Lieutenant
▪ Served as Head Nurse before returning to school
2385-2387: Daystrom Institute of Technology [Computer Science]
▪ Pursued a Doctorate in Computer Science
2387-2388: USS Alabaster - Engineer / Diagnostic Officer - Lieutenant
▪ Worked during 'Night Watch'
2388-2388: USS Black Hawk - Engineer / Damage Control & Maintenance Officer - Lieutenant
2388-xxxx: USS Black Hawk - Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant

Immediate Family

Significant Other Merrick Ransom (Ex fiancé)
Children None

Extended Family

Father Dr. Nikola Rykov
Mother Dr. Hoda Rykov

Relationship Detail

Duty Information

Quarters Deck 2 | Room 0206