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Couple Announcements

Posted on 21 Sep 2015 @ 3:31am by Captain Harvey Geisler

Hi all,

We may not be doing much with a mission quite yet, but I've been pretty active behind the scenes. Just a couple quick things...

1) Our good doctor is going to open a bar! I don't have too much more there, but expect something really cool, along with one unique barkeep.

2) In light of the direction we're going, and the growing roster, a collective decision has been made to reactivate the 325th Starfighter Squadron. Lieutenant Walsh, as the character had a history with fighters, will be assuming the role of Squadron Commander.

Now, for the caveat...

Until either of these happen IC, neither one will exist. The bar will open at our doctor's discretion, and the "restoration" of the squadron after a critical post is published.

And neither will this...

In recognition of excellent writing, character interaction, involvement with the sim, and agreeing to take on a major department, I hereby promote Terry Walsh to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, with all rights and privileges therein.

Congrats, Commander! And, remember, the promotion will happen soon IC.

Carry on!

-Andrew aka HG


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