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Mission Accomplished

Posted on 04 Sep 2015 @ 7:12pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

With that, ladies and gentlemen, our first season has come to a close after 20 months of incredible writing and interaction! Thank you all for making this a memorable experience on the USS Black Hawk.

Our next mission, "Rude Awakening" is now open, though it will not officially start until Monday. A few details:

- We are at Deep Space 11, still in the Gamma Quadrant.
- The timeline is June 2388, three months after our last mission.
- The Black Hawk is finishing repairs, and the crew is tending to shore leave on the planet surface.

Information about Deep Space 11 can be found here:

I will be releasing a write-up on some mission overviews and background early next week, and I think I have a guest writer lined up for the "villian."

Thank you all once again! I look forward to season two with you all!

-Andrew AKA Capt. Harvey Geisler


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