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The Ship is Ours!

Posted on 16 May 2015 @ 11:11pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

We did it!

Thank you all for your excellent writing and interaction that helped make this mission the biggest in the history of the Black Hawk!

This is by far the biggest and most active crew the ship has ever seen and I cannot wait to see what happens just around the corner. (Yes, I do have more devious plans a foot! *maniacal laugh*)

As I have done with every mission, I have a few things to announce:

All players who participated in Mission 4: Boarded will receive a commendation for keeping the Black Hawk in Federation hands. Photoshop and I are currently standing apart, so when we have been reunited, I'll come up with a fancy award image and give it to everyone.

During the mission, the Old Timer Award was granted to Lieutenant Stuart and Ancient One was awarded to Lt. Commander Kos in recognition of time served.

And, the crew has awards to give as well!

Honor of Excellence
As voted by our crew, the Honor of Excellence is dutifully awarded to Lt. JG Perei! Congratulations!

Player's Choice
Also voted by our crew, the Player's Choice award is dutifully awarded to Lt. JG Perei! Double Congrats!

This concludes the Awards portion of this announcement. I do have one final item on this agenda...

Lieutenant Commander Kos.

Oh, you poor soul. Not only have you put up with me for years, you have also managed to stay by my side during your darkest days and have helped this ship where I could have not. In recognition of your service and performance, with the blessing of the Task Force Commanding Officer, I hereby promote you to the rank of Commander with all rights and privileges therein. Congrats, good sir!

With that, Mission 4: Boarded is now officially complete. The Mission has been closed. We will begin our next official mission in a week. In the meantime, there is still plenty to do. Feel free to focus on the cleanup, interact with each other, and stand ready for the next phase of our simulation.


Harvey Geisler, Commanding Officer


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