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Direction for 2015

Posted on 11 Jan 2015 @ 11:30pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

A quick update. Well, a few quick updates really.

Fleet News
There's been a lot of changes in Bravo Fleet, none of which that really affect us. There's a refreshed website that's been released, and a few other changes that are inbound.

Also, there is an Official Bravo Fleet map, which can be found here. I'll be making one for our particular set of missions soon.

There is also an official Task Force 9 Canon that is due any day. It will eventually affect us, and I'm already working on ways we can tie it into our plots. It's certainly nothing to worry about and will be a lot of fun.

Black Hawk News
As for 2015, we will be spending the year dealing with the Golden Stars. The ship will be going into deep space and will not rendezvous with anything Starfleet anytime soon. We're going to get into some trouble (yay!) and there are plenty of planned surprises along the way.

I have a "general" theme for what we're about to do, and it is very much open for alteration. Any ideas you have can easily determine how this develops, and this mission "Boarded" will do a lot to help us determine who the Golden Stars are. More information will be revealed in the Mission Briefing.

To help us out, I'm fleshing out some material on our Database More will be added as we go along, but I definitely want to keep all necessary information handy.

Final Note
I want to say again how much I appreciate all of you. You all are why I enjoy keeping the ship flying and why I enjoy writing our stories. I honestly can't wait to see how the year goes.

There's always room for a few more hands, so anyone reading this online is more than welcome to join!

Happy (Belated) New Year and Happy Simming!

-Andrew aka HG


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