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Mission 3 Complete!

Posted on 06 Jan 2015 @ 10:25am by Captain Harvey Geisler

And... it's a photo finish!

Mission 3 is now closed. Thank you all for your dedication, especially in the rough patches. Ever been in a plane that stalls and you wonder if you'll ever get it flying again?


Me either. We made it, and that's all that matters.

We lost a few people on the way, but we've gained some new faces and hopefully new friends, and we'll keep going. Our work isn't done yet.

We have a few awards to bestow, so let's get to that.

In recognition of 6 months of service, the Old Timer award is now given to Lt. Cmdr. Kos and Lt. JG Dicon.

In recognition of 1 Year of service, the Ancient One award is now given to Cmdr. Geisler, Lt. JG Noxa, and Lt. JG Sherman.

Everyone who was active and instrumental in completion of Mission 3: Razmena hereby receive the Black Market Expert Award. Those honored are Cmdr. Geisler, Lt. Cmdr. Kos, Lt. Bridger, Dr. Stuart, Lt. JG Noxa, and Lt. JG Dicon.

We have a new award, the CO's Honor. I will be giving this to an individual who, in spite of whatever difficulty that befell this simulation, kept active involvement in the simulation. This person is Lt. JG Dicon.

Lt. JG Dicon is also promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Congratulations!

I will also be assuming the rank of Captain, per the promotion information I shared a few weeks ago.

And, finally, I have a couple updates, this one crew-related. Several months ago, I received the resignation of Lieutenant JG Noxa. Ray has decided to move on from the Black Hawk for RL reasons, and we wish him the best.

Also, we will be closing the Starfighter Squadrons we have on board. This is due for a lot of reasons. As such, Andrew, who plays Lt. Bridger, will be assuming the role of our Chief Security/Tactical Officer under the guise of a new character. Welcome (still) aboard, Andrew!

Mission 4 is now officially open! These changes will be reflected IC in my next post. All new crew, welcome aboard! I advise everyone check in with the doctor and intermingle a bit. We'll get underway soon.



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