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Mission 2 Complete!

Posted on 23 Aug 2014 @ 3:12am by Captain Harvey Geisler

*Exhales deeply...*

Mission 2 is now closed! Thank you to all for your contributions to this mission and to this sim. We may have went through a couple slow patches, but we're recrewed and moving again!

Thank you to Lt. Bridger, Lt. Stuart, and Lt. Trainer who have just come aboard! I'm looking forward to Mission 3 with you all!

I have a little bit of business to conduct, so here I go.

A few of us have been here for a while, namely Lt. Noxa and Lt. Sherman (Kos, you've been with me forever, so something special will come your way soon). To celebrate more than 6 months of service, I hearby bestow the "Old Timer" award to you three.

To all who have helped to complete Mission 2: Pursuit, I hearby bestow the award "Pursuit Evader". This honor is shared by Lt. Cmdr. Kos, Ens. Dash, Lt. Noxa, Lt. Sherman, Lt. Dicon, Lt. Vex, and Lt. Cmdr. Quint.

Ensign Dash, as an added bonus, is immediately promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade

Congratulatons, Lieutenant!

As no one voted for the individual awards, no specialty awards will be given.

As of now, Mission 3: Razmena has begun! A Personal Log or Mission Post by way of Cmdr. Geisler will come over the weekend to lay the foundation for the next mission. In the meantime, please interact with the rest of the crew or pursue some solo posts.


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