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Belated Awards

Posted on 02 Jun 2018 @ 12:39pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

With my deepest apologies, here are the crew choice awards for our previous mission, Crossing Over. I had been holding them pending the final post of the mission as many of us had some final JPs that had taken a bit to get out. Now that the mission is officially closed, here we go…

Recognizing a character who is eager, bombastic, and above all hyper and interesting, Energizers On Full goes to Lieutenant Reginald Hawthorn.

By popular vote, Post of the Mission goes to Captain Harvey Geisler, Lt. Commander Terry Walsh, Doctor Jayla Kij, Lt. Commander Arjin Djinx, Lt. Joey Geisler, Lt. Gemma Alexander, Lt. Camila Di Pasquale, Lt. Reginald Hawthorn, Lieutenant JG Jazmin Parks, Warrant Officer William Griffin, and Senior Chief Charles Stephens for “The Best Defense…”

Our Player of the Mission is the one and only Doctor Jayla Kij!

And finally, the Player’s Choice award goes to Lieutenant JG Jazmin Parks!

Congratulations everyone!


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