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Truffle Shuffle

Posted on 11 Mar 2014 @ 12:50pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

To those of you who are not Goonies fans, I apologize. I've only seen the movie once myself...

But I digress. Today I must share news both good and bad. The bad first...

Due to real life circumstances, Lieutenant Dane will be leaving us. I was (still am) saddened by this news, but I too am no stranger to real life. The Black Hawk is my first command after a nearly 4-year hiatus. Or is it 5? I believe real life always comes first, yet as a Game Manager and CO, I have a responsibility to the players here to keep the game afloat and moving, which is something I do not take lightly. I have expressed to Lt. Dane, who was most receptive of this, that she is welcome back aboard the Black Hawk any time.

Lt. Cmdr. Beh'ruken reached out to me recently also with news of Real Life also dealing him a bad hand of cards. He is a former CO himself and is no stranger to the responsibilities that job entails. Beh'ruken has committed to completing this mission, and will likely be taking some sort of action when the mission is complete. In the middle of his strife, however, he had a very, very good idea.

That's my obvious transition to the good news, by the way.

It is with great pleasure (all the thanks goes to Beh'ruken for making this happen) that I welcome back Lt. Commander Jason DeVries to the Black Hawk! Real life has settled down enough for him to make his return, and the timing really could not have been better.

So here's how this will work...

Effective immediately, Jason will be assuming the position of "Mission Advisor" and will be joining the Away Team. He will likely be taking the lead there, but I will leave that to how it plays out in character. Beh'ruken will continue to contribute for however long he is able. Jason and I are working on a JP to establish this role and he'll 'magically' appear on the Away Team, using the unwritten interlude between the most recent JP on the planet and the one we are writing now. That will be released shortly.

The command structure of the Black Hawk will be left intact for the remainder of the mission, and adjustments to it will be addressed at the end.

On another note, the Chief Science Officer position is on reserved status as I've spent the last week talking to a potential player. Hopefully that person will be joining us soon.

As always, spread the word of the Black Hawk. More players means more fun! I've got an exciting plan for our 2nd mission, which will certainly be quite fun and challenging for everyone.

-Cmdr. Geisler


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