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A Special Recognition

Posted on 06 Jul 2017 @ 9:01pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

Good afternoon, everyone!

Today, Bravo Fleet announced over 25 awards to its ever-growing community. It is my pleasure to inform you all that the USS Black Hawk has won one of the most coveted and rare awards, the Admiralty Unit Citation. This Citation is awarded to a simm (and its members) for demonstrating excellence and setting a good example to all in the Fleet.

I take no credit for this award, and it's something each and every one of you helped to accomplish. Thank you all for your unwavering support to the USS Black Hawk, and for your incredible writing. I look forward to many more adventures with all of you!

You can read the original announcement HERE.

-Andrew / Capt. Geisler


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Category: Sim Announcement