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Season 2 Complete

Posted on 01 Apr 2017 @ 1:26pm by Captain Harvey Geisler


It is my pleasure to announce that Mission 10: Endgame, and Season 2 as a whole, has come to an end. For me, this has been an incredible journey. When I first reactivated the Black Hawk a little more than three years ago, I did not know that I would be crash landing her on New Bajor. More importantly, I did not know that I would be simming with all of you to chronicle the many stories this sim would explore.

Thank you.

Per our traditions, I have a few awards to announce:

The Full Circle Award will be granted to all crew. This will be your testament of your participation in this mission. (It's not on the sim yet, so bear with me.)

The Player of the Mission, as voted by you, is Captain Harvey Geisler.

Likewise, the Post of the Month goes to "Saying Goodbye" written by Harvey Geisler.

(I sense a conspiracy among the crew voting for their captain...)

Finally, I wish to recognize a specific player from among the crew. I did not get the chance to announce this earlier, but our very own Christina (Lt. JG Gemma Alexander) was awarded Bravo Fleet's Player of the Month Award for February 2017. It was an honor to nominate her for this, especially since she has been a very active part of the game for more than a year. She may be overzealous at time with her tags, but her contributions have certainly been well received.

In addition to this recognition, Gemma will also be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. Congratulations, Lieutenant.

Now, it is time to move on. Mission 11: Shore Leave is our focus. This is giving me time to reformat the site and the wiki for the new Century Class. In fact, the Wiki overhaul is nearly complete! You can start learning about our new ship HERE! If you look carefully at even the front page of the wiki, you might get a clue or two about our next mission!

And now, some housekeeping. There are two VERY important things I need to bring to everyone's attention. As your CO, I have learned a lot while working with you all. Because of this, I have had to update our RULES. Among them are two major changes:

- All players are expected to publish a post every two weeks. This does not mean to log in once every two weeks and hit tags. We also understand that real life can change on an instant with each and every one of us. If, for some reason, this requirement cannot be met, please contact the CO and we will be more than happy to waive requirements or make other arrangements for you.

- Several new guidelines are in place for Player-Connected NPCs (PNPCs). Among them is now a limit. Players are allotted a maximum of THREE PNPCs. Please choose wisely.

Please review the rules at your convenience, but be aware that they will be in full effect beginning Friday, April 7th.

As I prepare to convert the site to the new Century Class, I will be pruning and modifying the manifest. As such, those of you who have PNPCs, please alert me to who you wish the keep and if you wish to add. Those of you who had a PNPC on the Cochrane, let me know if you want to keep that character. If I don't hear by April 7th, I will be purging the character from the system.

Finally, I wish to thank ALL of you for a fantastic mission and season. Season 3 will be a vast departure from everything we just went through and will be a return to the core of what Star Trek is. I am looking forward to it, and I hope you are too!

Happy Simming!

-Andrew / Captain Geisler


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