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New Bravo Fleet Website Launched!

Posted on 22 Jan 2017 @ 3:46am by Captain Harvey Geisler

The brand new Bravo Fleet Website has launched!

You might say it looks like nothing changed, at least from the onset. What matters is under the hood. For the first time in 10 years, Bravo Fleet has now realized its vision of having a BFMS (Bravo Fleet Management System) that transcends simulations and gives players prominence. Awards, news, character bios, sim information and more... it is now the most powerful fleet website in the simming community.

Why does this matter to you? Before fleet sites were under the control of admiralty and Simm COs. While we may administer the site, you as a player can now have your own profile, a list of characters that belong to you, awards on your profile and so much more. This matters because sims come and go (we won't of course!) but you'll never have to enter info again. Need to transfer a character? No problem! Want to launch your own sim? Easy!

And I'm really just scratching the surface. Head to now to create an account and add your characters and poke around. Or, read the official BF announcement with details on what you can do by clicking here:



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