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June Award Winners

Posted on 08 Jul 2016 @ 7:52pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

Hi everyone,

The results are in, and I want to thank those of you who voted. Per the small amount of nominations, I have elected to approve each one. So, without further ado:

Lieutenant Joey Corwin & Captain Harvey Geisler for "Night, Cap."

Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Captain Harvey Geisler

On Dr. Kij- "I would like to nominate Christie writer of Lieutenant Commander Kij for including me in the storyline right from the get-go, despite me being new to the simulation. This is exactly the sort of behaviour that makes this hobby enjoyable."

On Capt. Geisler- "I nominate Andrew, aka Greenfelt22 for being a fantastic writer and making great strides with his character, Captain Harvey Elmer Geisler, who despite a tragic past, is now overcoming it slowly...and is a great sport about being the victim of practical jokes."

I plan on doing this every month. Please nominate your fellow players throughout the month when you see something incredible!

I would also like to present a contest. The challenge is to write an incredible off-duty post. This can be alone or with another players. The winning player (as determined by the CO), will be able to write an exclusive JP with the Captain in an... inconvenient situation determined by the winner. This contest is completely optional, but submissions must include at the bottom of the post: "July Off-Duty Writing Challenge Entry."


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