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Special Recognition

Posted on 13 Jun 2016 @ 6:15pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

The Bravo Fleet Hall of Honour awards were released last night on RSB (the Bravo Fleet forums).

It gives me great pleasure to announce that our very own Lieutenant Di Pasquale received TF9's Player of the Month Award! This award has been presented only 6 times to the membership of Task Force 9, and Camila has now become the 4th Player on the Black Hawk who has received this award.

As a CO, I both love and hate making these announcements, only because this simulation boasts so many incredible writers. It is because of this group of players that this sim has not just survived the last two and a half years, but flourished.

Congrats, Camila! You deserve it!

The official announcement can be read HERE.


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Category: Sim Announcement