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Crisis Averted!

Posted on 16 Feb 2016 @ 9:12pm by Captain Harvey Geisler

All I can say is "Wow!"

I know, I know. I'm a terrible liar. I have a lot more to say. When I relaunched the Black Hawk two years ago, I hoped that this sim would be one of the best out there in the interwebs. Today, I can say with confidence that she is indeed everything I hoped for and more.

It is not with sadness, but gladness that I officially declare Mission 6: Rude Awakening complete. I want to especially thank Eric (Lt. Cmdr. del Rosario) for his guest stint. I know this mission wasn't easy, but it really gave the crew a lot to work with and helped set us up for this new and troublesome season of dealing with the Consortium.

As his guest role is now over, Eric will be stepping aside, though he may still be around. Filling the vacancy at tactical will be Lieutenant Di Pasquale, who is officially promoted to both full Lieutenant and the position of Chief Security/Tactical Officer.

As announced in the OOC a while ago, Lieutenant Rykov will be stepping into her new role as Chief Engineer.

Every member of the crew who participated in Mission 6 has had the "Rudely Awakened" award added to their accounts.

By an overwhelming response, you the crew have selected Ben (Lieutenant Bast) to receive both the Honor of Excellence and Player's Choice. Most of the nominations referenced Ben's spectacular writing from the symbiont's perspective, and rightly so. Congrats, Ben.

Nick (Commander Kos) would like to recognize with the XO's Honor: Andrew (Capt. Geisler).

And, lastly, I would like to recognize with the CO's Honor an individual whose writing I simply cannot ignore. Jerrod's (Lt. Cmdr. Walsh) writing has been fantastic from Day 1. I especially enjoyed writing a starship swatting his twenty flies while the Black Hawk struggled to regain power. That is, of course, just one example of his fantastic writing.

Mission 7: Outbreak has now begun. The slates are clean, but the danger level is only going to continue to rise. Just... don't get sick.


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