Truth and Justice

The Frontier is ready to push back.

On Stardate 65790.5, a 100-year old probe emerged from the Finnean Convergence Zone in the Gamma Quadrant. Most of the data it contained was corrupted, save for what remained of an emergency beacon. The message it carried was one of danger and warning, delivered by none other than Captain Harvey Geisler.

Recalled from Shore Leave in the Alpha Quadrant, Captain Geisler summons the best Starfleet has to offer and takes command of the USS Black Hawk-A. Their destination is the mysterious Finnean Convergence Zone where nothing has ever gone in, and whatever has ever emerged, has not emerged alive.

But somewhere, inside the zone, awaits both incredible opportunities for exploration, and perhaps the greatest danger the Federation has ever faced. Can the crew of the USS Black Hawk find this threat before it is too late?


-- Civilian Affairs Liasion
-- Chief Flight Control Officer
-- Chief Counselor
-- Assistant Chief Engineering Officer
-- Assistant Chief Science Officer
-- Junior Officers & Enlisted Personnel
-- Have an idea? Contact the GM!

22nd Fleet Post of the Month
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» Drum Roll Please...

Posted on 17 Aug 2019 @ 12:32pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Sim Announcement

The vote has closed for 22nd's Post of the Month, and the results are in...

22nd Fleet Post of the Month

Woohoo! It was a close call, and I can't thank all of you enough! Congratulations to us all!

You can read the original post here:

» A Trusty Nose...

Posted on 20 May 2019 @ 2:29pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome our newest Operations Officer, Lt. JG Damien Akorem!

» Now Hear This!

Posted on 15 Apr 2019 @ 3:03am by Captain Harvey Geisler in General News

Hello everyone,

Task Force 9 will be holding a public meeting on Discord on Saturday, April 20th at 11pm UTC/GMT (7pm EST) in the #tf9 channel here on the Bravo Fleet Discord. Attendance is not at all mandatory, but it is encouraged, especially if you would like to hear more about what is happening in Task Force 9 and/or the Gamma Quadrant. Hope to see you there!

-Andrew / HG

» Engineering Support

Posted on 01 Apr 2019 @ 11:18am by Captain Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome Ensign Joe Owens, our newest Assistant Chief Engineer!

» Doctor? Doctor.

Posted on 07 Feb 2019 @ 11:14pm by Captain Harvey Geisler in Arrivals

Please welcome back one of the inaugural players of the USS Black Hawk, Lieutenant Landon Milo. He will be rejoining us as the Assistant Chief Medical Officer.

Latest Mission Posts

» Chaos on the Bridge

Mission: Truth and Justice
Posted on 17 Sep 2019 @ 11:00am by Story Teller & Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Commander Arjin Djinx & Lieutenant Joey Geisler & Lieutenant Camila Di Pasquale & Lieutenant JG Damian Akorem & Lieutenant JG Lina Sorensen & Petty Officer 1st Class Allen Miller


Attention all hands, Captain Geisler is working with the enemy and is not to be trusted. Apprehend him immediately!"

What the hell? Joey wondered after she'd heard the Chief of Security's voice. Captain Geisler was working with the enemy? What enemy? Of course, there was the common sense answer,…

» Moment of Truth

Mission: Truth and Justice
Posted on 17 Sep 2019 @ 2:56am by Lieutenant Commander Jayla Kij & Lieutenant Abbey Road & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alexander Rylan

It was now time for Kij to report to Sick Bay. She was not happy about it at all because she was still having trouble getting information from the host. For starters, she still had no idea who this Alex character was or any of the names of any of…

» A Missed Shift

Mission: Truth and Justice
Posted on 14 Sep 2019 @ 4:38am by Senior Chief Petty Officer Alexander Rylan & Captain Harvey Geisler

The doors to sickbay opened, and in staggered a Bolian. Petty Officer Aramm was clad in a typical security uniform, but unlike the officers that patrolled the ship, she sported a utility belt commonly worn by Away Team members. "Help..." she muttered as she staggered towards the front desk. "I...…

» Captain on the Run

Mission: Truth and Justice
Posted on 12 Sep 2019 @ 3:40pm by Captain Harvey Geisler & Lieutenant JG Kemm & Lieutenant JG Charles Carmichael & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh & Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Ensign Shay Mitchell

===[Deck Thirteen]===

Two armed security officers ran down the corridor on their way to secure Auxiliary Control, a standard protocol in the event a senior officer had been declared compromised. Whether that statement was true or not, the ship could not risk falling into enemy hands.

As soon as the…

» Welcome Dolmoqour

Mission: Truth and Justice
Posted on 10 Sep 2019 @ 4:29am by Lieutenant JG Catherine Cooper & Lieutenant Commander Terry Walsh

Cooper was a bit frustrated. The body she had ended up with was sound but the mind within seemed disjointed. Oh the knowledge was there and experiences the alien needed but the paths to get to them did not always follow logical ones. And this 'Cooper' seemed to have idiosyncratic…